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David Brown/Orpha
David S Brown was born in Granville, Washington Co. NY in 1797, and died in 1868 Center, Rock Co., Wisconsin. He is buried in the plot next to his son James H Brown. He was married to Orphilia Duell and they had at least 9 children. David and Orpha lived their life migrating from Hebron, Washington County, NY, to Delhi, Delaware Co. NY. Orpha lived with her daughter Mary E Brown Baker in Clinton, Hunterdon, New Jersey after the death of David, then re-located to Center WI, finally leaving to live with her daughter Maria in Ashland, Nebraska.

Child Birth/Death Born Spouse Birth/Death Born Child. Spouse Father Born Spouse Mother From Child.
Nancy A Brown 1819/1880's Hebron, New York Josiah N Hunt Sr 1820/1895 Delhi, New York List 4 ? ? ? ?
Allen Brown 1822/1879 Hebron, New York Hellen McFarland 1826/1900 None List ? ? ? ? ?
James Henry Brown 1824/1892 Hebron, New York Jenette Thorburn 1832/1901 Bovinia, New York List George Thorburn Roxburgh, Scotland Margaret Glendinning Bovinia, New York List
Maria J Brown 1829/1921 Columbia, New York George Thompson 1831/1907 Bovinia, NY 7 ?   ?   List
Ferdiand Brown 1830?/? Hamden, New York ? ?/? ? List ?   ?   List
Winslow Brown 1832/1855 Hamden, New York None NA/NA None None None   None   None
John D Brown 1834/? Delhi, New York 5 ?/? ? List ?   ?   ?
Emily O Brown 1839/1858 Delhi, New York N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mary E Brown 1842/1884 Delhi, New York William H Baker 1839/? 2 List ?   ?   List

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