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  • Benjamin Brewer (1755-1834) Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, Jefferson Co., Kentucky, Washington Co., Indiana
  • Elias Brewer (1755-1842) Fayette Co., Pennsylvania to Washington Co., Indiana
  • David Brewer (1762-1853) Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, Tyler Co., Virginia, Jennings Co., Indiana
  • Henry Brewer (1765-1829) Berkeley Co., Virginia to Adams Co., Ohio
  • Henry Brewer (b.1763?) Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
  • Henry Brewer (b.1750-1760) Pennsylvania to Clark Co., and Owen Co., Indiana
  • Henry Bruer (1843-1887) Prussia to Putnam Co., Illinois
  • Jacob Brewer (d. ca. 1824) Chatham, Lower Canada (Quebec)
  • Jacob Brewer (b. bef 1755) Unity, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania
  • John Brewer (1761-1848) Perry, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
  • John Brewer (1830-1902) Peoria and Marshall Cos., Illinois
  • John Brower (b.1760-1770), at Cass Co., IN in 1840. Assumed father of Jeremiah John Brower who is a genetic descendent of Adam Brouwer of Gowanus, L.I.
  • Mark Brewer (b. 1760-1770) Maryland to Hardin Co., Kentucky
  • Peter Brewer (d. 1840/41) Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania to Hardin Co., Kentucky
  • Richard Brouwer Brower, Brewer (d. bef 1830) Duanesburg, Albany Co. and Delaware Co., New York
  • Samuel Brewer (ca. 1775-1849) Perry, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Brewer (ca. 1757-1835) Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania to Mercer Co., Kentucky
  • William Brewer (d. 1867) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania