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John White   see FAMILY TREE
Married: before 22 May 1722

John White and Sarah his wife are selling land in Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ on May 22, 1722
(Deed BK G pg. 87 Monmouth Co., NJ)
Died: Bef 24/Oct/1759 Frederick Co., MD    


Peter White




1st Sarah Leonard

2nd Martha Jones Martha Jones was the widow of John Stull.  After her second husband, John White, died, she married again to Hugh Torrence.
In 1772 Martha Torrence was "of Cumberland Co. PA"
1772 Frederick Co., MD Deed BK P pg 410

CHILDREN with Sarah Leonard

1. John White

2. Abigail White

3. Peter White

4. Sarah White

5. Leonard White

6. Catharine White

7. James White

8. Ruth White b. 28/Feb/1738-39

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According to the writings of John Geary, John White was one of four children.  His brothers, Peter and William remained bachelors and his sister, Abigail, married Edmund Bainbridge. (1)

On Jan 30, 1718/9 John White is one of the witnesses to the will of James Hubbard, of Middletown, Monmouth, NJ. (Lib. A. p. 284) The wife of James Hubbard was Elizabeth Bayles, sister to the Damaris Bayles who had married John's grandfather, William White, about 1691.  This puts John in Monmouth County by at least 1719.  He may have been living with or near his uncle, William White, and working at the Iron Works.  Sarah Leonard lived very near.  In 1722 John and his wife Sarah are selling land Sarah had inherited from her parents, Thomas Leonard and Hester. He is listed as "late of Wentipenkneck in Shrewsbury.  John White obviously had married Sarah Leonard sometime before May 22, 1722 and he signs that deed as John White, Capt.  He has moved from Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., to Middlesex Co. NJ. (2)

It is possible that he and maybe one or two of his brothers had gone to Monmouth County to work in the iron ore business with the Leonards.  Since he signed the deed in 1722 as Captain John White, possibly John was involved in the transporting of the iron ore, or more likely in the militia.  However, this is all speculation.  What we do know is that in 1722 he was back in Middlesex County.  And, in 1725 when a neighbor's land was being surveyed, the surveyor referred to markers showing the boundaries of the cleared land of Peter White and John White. (3) (4)  These markers are only a quarter mile from each other.  Most likely their lands were originally part of one large tract.  Peter White was his father.  John and Sarah probably had moved back to his father's land and his father had given him a part to farm and live on.

 John was in partnership with Sarah's cousin, John Leonard, in a saw mill located at Spotswood. In 1727 John Leonard was shot by an Indian chief named Weequehela  for having cheated him out of his lands. In less than a week at a special court  held in Perth Amboy, Weequehela was found guilty in one day, and sentenced to death one week later.  Margaret, the widow of John Leonard, remarried to John Johnston, a blacksmith of South River.  Margaret was the executrix of her late husband's estate and in 1731 the Estate of John Leonard sold back one-half share of the saw mill to John White.  Then on April 21, 1731 John White transferred the whole property to John Johnston and Andrew Johnston.  From this point on, it becomes known as Johnston's Mills.  (5)

On April 9th of the same year, 1731 John paid 500 pounds for some land in the same area from Samuel Leonard. (6) When this same land is sold in 1735 it is listed as being near Edmund Bainbridge and there is also a mention of land in the tract with the "former" timber rights of Peter White, Junr.  So, it seems likely that in 1731 both John White and Peter White, Jr. were in South River.

Referencing the map of Raritan Lots of 1685 as shown at right, Peter Sr. and John White's location in 1725 was on a plot south of the Raritan River along Lawrence Brook and on George's Road.   In 1731 John White and Peter White, Junr. were living on land where the Manalapan River vents into South River.

Raritan Lots Map of 1685


There are several notations of a John White in the Middlesex County Minute Bks. of the Court of Common Pleas and Court of General Quarter Sessions.  However, there was another John White also in Middlesex County at this time.  This other John White was the grandson of one of the original Proprietors, John White.  He lived in Perth Amboy.  He died intestate in 1739.  The court cases found in the minutes are: John Browne vs John White in 1730.  Lewis Moore vs John White for debt also in 1730.  John White vs George Webb for debt.  There was also a John White who was Justice of the Peace from 1730 to 1735.  John White and Gabriel Stelle received a bond from Daniel Lawrence for 50 pounds in 1735 and a John White hired Philip Kearny as his attorney in 1735 in a suit against Edward Pierce.    All of these could refer to either John White.

However, the John White being sued by Edmond Bainbridge in 1734 is definitely our John White.  John White of South River was being sued by Edmond Bainbridge to answer unto Edmond Bainbridge of a plea of trespass for 108 pounds, 8 shillings, 8 pence of debt and was summoned to court on March 26, 1735 (7) .  It is also interesting to note that John White had received a bond for thirty three pounds from Daniel White, who we presume to be his brother, in January 1734/5 (8)  Also, In May of 1734 John White and Sarah his wife sold part of their land to James Hude. (9)

John White and Sarah had been living in South River near Edmund Bainbridge and Peter White, Jr.  Another name mentioned in the land records has having land bounding their property is a John Jolly.  This leads me to think that the New Jersey Supreme Court Case of 1739 of John Jolly vs. John White, Esq. of the city of Perth Amboy, for trespassing pertains to our John White. John White was being accused of trespass and of cutting down trees on the land of John Jolly (10)

John White seems to have sold his land in 1739.  I cannot find the deed.  But there is a reference to this transaction.  In the abstracts by Richard S. Hutchinson for East NJ Land Records, D3, E3, and F3 on pg. 79 Jonathan Combs is selling land that was "conveyed to sd. Jonathan Combs from John White by deed dated 3 May 1739 and the other half from James Hude."  Then in again in the abstract for BKs I2 and K2  in 1743, pg. 39, the land of Christopher Gildermmester, dec'd,  is being described a running along "John White's cleared land."  After 1743 there are no more references to any of the John White family.

On 18 Feb. 1749/50 Capt. John White was granted a warrant for 573 acres on the Potomac River in Frederick County, Maryland,  adjoining Jeremiah Jack. Later references describe his land as being on the left side of the Wagon Road about 1 1/2 or 2 miles from Watkins' Ferry in Frederick County (now Berkeley County, West) Virginia. (11)

His land bordered that of James Watkins whose land was 2 miles from Watkins Ferry.   Watkins Ferry is in Williamsport, MD  On the map below, John White's land was probably very close to #7.  See map below  (12)

A widower, in about 1750 he married Martha, widow of John Stull (died 1749) of Stull's Mill, Frederick County, Md.. and brother of Daniel Stull, whose estate inventory they filed 26 July 1751. On 20 Aug. 1749 Thomas Cresap sent from Frederick Town to Annapolis a List of Military Commissions for the Maryland Militia Western Division, including the commission of Captain John White. (13) His undated muster roll for 6 days service included his sons Ensign Peter White, Sergeant Leonard White, and Corporal John Stull. (14)

At the Frederick County, Md., November 1754 Court, three men were indicted for stealing beehives from John White.

On July 13 1757, the Frederick County, MD court ordered ten men to each pay 100 pounds of tobacco to John White "for the use of his Company agreeable to an Act Entitled an Act for the ordering and regulating the Militia of this Province for the better defence and security thereof."  (15)

John White wrote his will  4 Sept. 1755 and it was  probated 24 Oct. 1759.   (16)





(1) Ancestors of KY Vol 5 pg 82-86
In the year 1846, the Rev. Edward Ratchford Geary wrote as follows: Some account of my ancestry as obtained this evening from my Mother, Margaret White Geary.  However, it should be noted that some of these recollections have turned out to be in error.

"John, William, Peter and Abigail White constituted the family of my mother's great grandfather whose name is not recollected. Their residence was Shrewsbury, New Jersey. William and Peter never married. Abigail married Peter Bainbridge and was the mother of John, Edmond, Peter and Absolom Bainbridge. Absolom Bainbridge married a Miss Phillips and was the father of William Bainbridge, afterwards Commodore Bainbridge. (Note: Comm. William Bainbridge was the Captain of the ship "Philadelphia", and was a central character in the War of the Barbary States."

Excerpts from writings of Jack Geary:

"The parents of Peter White, our great great grandfather, were John White and Sarah Leonard; both of whom were English.  John White was a resident of Shrewsberry, N.J. prior to the Revolution.  He was born in England, tracing his ancestry through a long and respectable lineage.  Sarah Leonard was an accomplished beautiful and remarkable active woman, born in the province of New Jersey.  She was celebrated as a graceful and skillful rider, also as a devoted church woman.  She is said to have inherited a fortune.  The family estate was called Shrewsbury and is so known on the records of New Jersey.  John White, Jr. a son, was sent to England to recover a large estate accumulated by his uncle, William White, at the Cape of Good Hope, who died a bachelor and intestate.    The estate was large but was lost to the American Heirs through the mismanagement of the said John White, Jr., who spent quite large sums in dissipation while in Europe.  The result of this was embarrassment of home and the removal of the family to Maryland where the mother Sarah Leonard White died shortly afterward.  Of the union of John White and Sarah Leonard there was issue five sons and four daughters; John, Peter, Leonard, Thomas and James.  Abigail, Catherine, Sarah and Ruth.


(2) Deed BK G pg 87-88 Monmouth Co., NJ 1722
Indenture "Between John White and Sarah his wife late of Wentipenk Neck in Shrewsbury in the County of Monmouth - and John Throckmorton and Samuel Dennis Junr of Shrewsbury. - John White and Sarah his wife heirs of Thomas Leonard dec'd - bounded west by s'd Thomas Leonard's father's land and his brother Henry's east by land of his own."  signed by "John White Capt."

Deed BK G pg 87
Monmouth Co., NJ

Deed BK g pg 88
Monmouth Co., NJ
Deed BK G pg 89-91 Monmouth Co., NJ
Indenture between John White and Sarah his wife late of the Town of Shrewsbury and County of Monmouth and Samuel Dennis Junr & John Throckmorton. - John White and Sarah his wife do lay claim to a certain tract of land heretofore bought of John Johnston Esqr by Hester Leonard mother of Sarah White.

Deed BK G pg 89
Monmouth Co., NJ

Deed BK G pg 90
Monmouth Co., NJ

Deed BK G pg 91
Monmouth Co., NJ


(3) Extract of New Jersey Land Records C2  D2 by Richard S. Hutchinson
   D2  "pg 193 May 1726.  James Alexander, Surveyor General sendeth greetings.  WHEREAS, by a Lease & Release, dated 3 & 4 Aug 1724, betw. Peter Sonmans of one part and Christopher Gildermeester, of London, sold to sd. Christopher 2,000 a. in Middlesex co., East NJ. And, by his power of attorney, sd. Thomas Hopkins did obtain an Order & Warrant from the Government to direct me to survey run and ascertain the meters and bounds of the 2,000 a. dated 26 May 1725.  Now, by virtue of the several writings by Thomas Hopkins, I and my deputy Alexander Macdowall proceeded to the location of the 2,000 a. pursuant to his notice given to Peter Sonmans and located, butted and bounded the same (Page 194 is a full detailed map of the area and the adjoining lands, roads, etc. with names of land owners.) as follows. beg. on the 3rd line of the large tr. of 15,600 a. and then numerous courses (wherein the following names are mentioned -- Keyser & Osterland, John White's & Peter White's cleared land).  Signed Ja Alexander. I, Christopher Gildermeester by the sd. Thomas Hopkins, my attorney, do hereby declare that I have accepted the locating and bounding of the sd. 2,000 a. Wits: James Gilchrist, John Revell. Signed Christopher Gildermeester by Thomas Hopkins, his attorney.  Ackn; 30 May 1726.  Thomas Hopkins apprd bef James Alexander, Majesty's Council, and acknowledged that he signed the above instrument as the land deed for sd. Christopher Gildermeester."

(4) East Jersey deed BK D-2 pg 194

The "stake" is on the boundary of John White.  The "green birch" is the boundary for the land of Peter White's cleared land. The two markers are a quarter of a mile apart. In later documents it become apparent their lands were once part of the same tract.
page 194 of East Jersey Deed BK D2 showing survey


(5) Deed BK E2 pg 350-357 Middlesex Co., NJ  Abstracts by Richard S. Hutchinson
see maps and more information at
pg.350 Whereas, John White of sd county, yeoman, for 100 pounds did sell unto the sd. John Leonard in his lifetime, one equal half part of that saw mill wch. is now located on my land on Manalapan river with one equal half part or moiety of all the land whereon the sd. mill stands and the land whereon the Dam is made, together with quantity adjacent unto the sd. Saw Mill or a house for the work men to live in and for to lay logs or boards on containing in the whole 2(?) a. with (all the tools, etc. associated with the equal moiety saw mill).  And, whereas, the afsd. John Leonard died intestate and at his death was indebted to several persons in several great sums and he left no personal estate to pay his debts and to support the Charge and carry on the business of the saw mills.  And, whereas the just debts of John Leonard cannot be discharged w/o. repaying the 100 pounds to John White or selling the sd. moiety of the sd. saw mills to pay his debts.  NOW by this Indenture, John Johnston of South River, Middlesex Co., NJ and Margaret, his wife, late widow and Administrator of John Leonard, late of the sd. County, dec'd, for the intent and purpose that the debts of John Leonard may be paid by the sale of the sd. moiety of the sd. saw mills and premises, have released unto John White all the right and title of the sd. John Johnston and Margaret, his wife, late widow and Administrator of John Leonard, dec'd, or claim in Right of dower unto the moiety of the above saw mills and premises.  Provided ALWAYS it is hereby declared to be the true intent and meaning of these Presents that the sd. John White shall by and with the advise and consent of Samuel Leonard, brother of the sd. John Leonard, dec'd forthwith sell the sd. moiety of the sd. saw mills and other sd. premises.  Wits.: John Watson, John Fawcett.  Signed Margaret Johnston, John Johnston.  Ackn. 22 Apr. 1734, John Watson apprd. bef. John Hamilton Esqr., Majesty's Council.
pg. 351 5 Apr 1731. To Mr. Samuel Leonard.  Forasmuch as the Estate in Law in the moiety of the Saw Mills and Lands with the appurtenances mentioned wch. my late husband, John Leonard, bot. of John White, does still remain in the sd. John White possession, the same not being actually conveyed to my sd. late husband in his lifetime and I having agreed as by the within instrument, you may perceive to have the sd.  moiety of the mills and other premises sold for the payment of my late husband's just debts, with your approbation and consent, I do therefore request you will use your endeavor to get same sold as soon as may be for the best price can be got and the money secured for the payment of the just debts of my late husband, John Leonard.  Your friend and sister. (sister-in-law).  Wits.: John Watson, John Fawcett.  Signed: Margaret Johnston. pg. 352.  21 Apr 1731.  I do hereby certify that the within mentioned moiety of the Saw Mill's land and appurtenances were by my consent sold by John White at Public Vendue to John Johnston and Andrew Johnston, Gent, who were the highest bidders.  Wits.: John Watson, John Fawcett.  Signed.: Samll. Leonard.  Ackn.: 22 Apr 1731, John Watson apprd. bef. John Hamilton, Majesty's Council.

pg. 352 21 Apr 1731.  John White, of Middlesex Co., NJ, yeoman, in consideration of the full sum of 100 pounds & (?) paid by John Johnston and Andrew Johnston, of the same place, do hereby acknowledge myself fully paid and thereby release and sold unto them that one equal half part of moiety of all that Saw Mill wch. is now located on my land on Manalapan River with one equal half part or moiety of all the land whereon the sd. mill stands and the land whereon the Dam is made, together with quantity adjacent unto the sd. Saw Mill or a house for the work men to live in and for to lay logs or boards on containing in the whole (?) acres; with half of all the appurtenances; i.e. saws, gates, ways and all other irons, running gear and tools unto the sd. mill.  Wits.: John Watson, John Fawcett. Signed: John White.  Ackn.: 22 Apr 1731, John Watson apprd. bef. John Hamilton, Majesty's Council.
pg. 353. 4 Sep 1731.  I, John White, of Middlesex Co., NJ, yeoman, sell to John Johnston and Andrew Johnston, both of Perth Amboy, merchants, for 160 pounds, all that tr. of land in Middlesex Co., where South River parts into two and then up the Manalapan River to a road that leads to Conhausse (?) Bridge at the foot of the burnt meadow, then along sd. road to a place where the road that leads from the Saw Mill to Conhausse Bridge and then to beg., bnd. n. by Manalapan River, w. by unsurveyed land, s. & e. by John White.  AND, also the other half part or moiety of all that Saw Mill erected on the sd. lands with the Dam and also the other moiety of the saw, gates, tools, etc. belonging to the sd. mill.  The other moiety of the sd. Saw Mill having been already conveyed by me to sd. John and Andrew Johnston by my deed, dated 21 Apr 1731.  Wit.: John Watson, Andrew Hay, Lawr. Smyth.  Signed: John White.  Ackn.: 16 Apr 1739, Lawrence Smyth apprd. bef. Fenwick Lyell, Esqr., Majesty's Council.


(6)  East Jersey Deed BK K pg 295-296 Abstract of Deed by Richard S. Hutchinson
pg 295. 9 Apr 1731.  Samuel Leonard, and Ann, his wife, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex co., East NJ, sell to John White, of the afsd. place, for 500 pounds, for a tr. of land and meadow, within Perth Amboy, beg. where South River parts into two and up the stream called Manalapan River to Matchaponix River, then down same till it comes to the mouth of Deep Gully of Water, wch, drains out of the n. side of the Great Meadows, the mouth of wch, gully in the corner of land wch. Charles Jolly, dec'd, bot. of Samuel Leonard, and now in possession of John Jolly, then several courses to the outside of sd. Leonard's land, then n. to land of Thomas Warne, and then to the South River, then up same to beg.  ALSO, two-hundred parts of an undivided twenty-fourth part of unsurveyed lands in East NJ; wch. land was conveyed to sd. Leonard by his bro., Henry Leonard, by deed, dated 24 Jan 1712.  Wits.: Sarah Leonard, John Fawcet.  Signed: Samuel Leonard, Anne Leonard.  Ackn: 14 April 1731, John Fawcet apprd. bef. John Hamilton, Esq., Majesty's Council.

pg 1 of deed

top half of pg 2

lower half of pg 2
DEED BK K pg 295-296


(7)  NJ Supreme Court Case #5613
  Edmond Bainbridge vs John White
  May Term 1734
John White of South River in Middlesex Co., NJ to answer unto Edmond Bainbridge of a plea of trespass for 108 pounds , 8 shillings, 8 pence of debt.
NJ Supreme Court Case #5613


(8)  Bond given from John White to Daniel White Dated this Thirtieth Day of January anno Domini 1773/4 Same Contains Thirty Three Pounds
Georg Wetherill
bond found in estate of Daniel White


(9) East New Jersey Land Records E2-F2
pg. 537 1 May 1735
Abstract by Richard S. Hutchinson
1 May 1734.  John White & Sarah, his wife, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., East NJ, sells to James Hude, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ, for 105 pounds, for one equal half of a tr. of land and meadow in Perth Amboy, beg. where the River parts into two and then in a line where the road leading from the Sawmill parts into three and along the road that leads to the Burnt Meadows, and to the side of the tr. being in line of the tr. that John White sold to John Johnston, dec'd, and Andrew Johnston, then to Manalapan River and then to Matchaponix River and down the stream to the mouth of the gully of water that drowns the n. side of the great meadow, now in possession of John Jolley, then several courses to the outside of the sd. tr. then to Manthuas Bridge, then along the road to cleared land by the house of Edmond Bainbridge then along the road to Matchaponix Bridge and then to beg.  This tr. being part of a greater tr. bot by John White from Samuel Leonard by deed, dated 9 Apr 1731. To have the equal half to be divided unto James Hude (excep. the sawable pine timber on ye part of this tr. & did form. belong to Peter White, Junr. and timber swamp, meadows only excepted out of the tr. afsd.) to the benefit of sd. James Hude.  Wits.: Adam Hay, John Moore.  Signed John White, Sarah White.  Ackn 13 Aug 1734, John and Sarah White apprd. bef. John Hamilton, Esqr., Majesty's Council, Examined. - Thos. Bartow, Sec.

pg 1 of deed upper half

lower half of pg 1

p2 2 of deed upper half

lower half of pg 2
Deed BKs E2 -F2 pg 537-538


(10) New Jersey Supreme Court Case #20218
John Jolly vs John White for trespass and cutting down trees 1739


On 18 Feb. 1749/50 Capt. John White was granted a warrant for 573 acres on the Potomac River in Frederick County, Maryland
Virginia Northern Neck Grants H. pg 82  573 acres


John White's land was approximately where the #7 is located. 
His son Leonard White's land called "White's Delight" which was part of "Old Fox Deceived" is at #231

Frederick County, Maryland

(13)  [Maryland State Papers, No. 1, The Black Books, 4:180].

(14)  [Murtie J.Clark. Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774 (Baltimore: Gen. Publ. Co., 1983), pp. 94-95.]

(15) (Inhabitants of Frederick County, Maryland: 1749-1800 by Stefanie R. Shaffer"

(16) WILL

In the Name of God Amen I John White of  Frederick County in the Province of Maryland being of sound and perfect memory blessed be the Lord his mercies but calling to mind the mortality of my Body I Do make ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manner and form following.  First I Bequeath my Soul to God that gave & my Body to be Buried in Such manner at the Discretion of my Extor hereafter named in hopes of a glorious Resurrection through the (?)  of our Lord Jesus Christ and as for worldly substance wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath in manner and form following after my debts and funeral charges be paid & Discharged Then I give to my true & loving wife Martha her Choice of my Beds that is one of them & all my waring cloaths.  Item I give to my son Peter & Leonard White my gold Sleve buttons between them.  Item I give my son James White my silver neck buckle.  Item I give my Daughter Sarah Stull her mothers Silver Boakin.  Item I give to my Daughter Catharine White her mothers gold ring.  her sister Abigail Debutt had the other.  Item I give to my Daughter Ruth her mothers Silver Claspe.  Item I give all my waring Cloaths to my Sons Peter Leonard & James White.  Item  I give to my oldest son John White five shilling to be leved of my Estate & Paid him on Demand by my Extor hereafter named.   And it is my will of pleasure that all my Estate real & personal that belongs of right to me in Law & Equity as my Land in Frederick County in Virginia is also my Estate in Frederick County in Maryland by marriage was Extor by my wife be all appraised & sold by my Extor hereafter named & after my funeral charges & Just Debts & Legacies Due from the Estate of John & Daniel Stull are discharged & Paid then my wife Martha to have her equal third part of the whole Remainder of my Estate and the other two thirds of the whole remainder of my Estate it is my will that it be equally Divided between all my children VIZ John Peter Leonard James Abigail Sarah Catharine and Ruth White and I Do nominate and appoint my loving wife Martha White and my sons Peter and Leonard White Extors of this my Last Will & Testament. In witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred Fifty Five.

Witnesses: Thomas Scarlett, John Mark, John Rutter

Frederick Co., MD Will BK 30 page 776
Frederick Co., MD Will BK 30 page 777


Modern day map
 of where Peter and John White
 were living in 1725 in New Jersey

Modern day map
 of where John White and Peter White, Jr
 were living in 1731 and 1734 in New Jersey