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Henry Toomer Sr   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1687 Wales   


Married to Henrietta Raven Abt 1708 St Andrews Parish, Charleston, Charleston, SC


Died: 1739 SC    


John Toomer




1st Henrietta Raven

2nd Mary Baker b. Abt 1690
                          m. 1719

3rd. Mary West b. Abt 1691
                          m. 08/Feb/1720-21 St Philip's Parish, Charleston, SC

CHILDREN with Henrietta Raven

1. Joshua Toomer b. 12/Sept/1712

2. Caleb Toomer b. 1710

3. Henry Toomer b. Abt 1717

CHILDREN with Mary West

1. David Toomer b. Bef 1732

2. John Toomer b. Abt 1722

3. Sarah Toomer b. Abt 1726

4. Samuel Toomer b. Abt 1734

5. Mary Toomer b. Abt 1724

Henry came to South Carolina from Wales in 1693 with his father, John Toomer and his wife, Elizabeth. Henry would have been about 6 years old.

South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772  Vol 1 Abstracted by Clara A. Langley pg 231

Book I-I, p 21 2&3 May 1751  John Toomer, gentleman, of St. Andrew's Parish, to Alexander Rantowle, storekeeper, of Stono, for 3000 pounds currency, 557 a. of land and marsh, being the W half of 2 tracts of land & a tract of marsh, near Stono River, formerly belonging to Henry Toomer; bounding S & W on Stono River; N on John Henry Bonneau; E on other half belonging to Joshua Toomer.  Whereas Henry Toomer, father of said John, by will dated 17 Dec. 1737 devised to his 2 sons, Joshua & John, 2 tracts of land & a tract of marsh fronting the 2 tracts, where he lived, being 961 a., to be divided 2 years after the death of said father; Joshua to have the E half on which the dwelling house stood; & whereas Mary Toomer, widow of testator, & Samuel West, acting executrix & executor by deed of partition dated 27 May 1746, according to a plat made by Joseph Elliott, Dep. Sur. & certifi8ed 9 May 1746 by thomas Witter, Dep. Sur. allotted to John Toomer, party hereto, 557 a. of land & marsh, being the W half now he sells to Rantowle.  Witnesses: Andrew Rutledge, Thomas Nethercoat.  Before Alexander Stewart, J. P.  William Hopton, Register.  Witnesses to deed of partition: Gertrude Rantowle, Alexander Rantowle, Frederick Merckley.

(proves Joshua Toomer is the son of Henry Toomer)

South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772  Vol 1 Abstracted by Clara A. Langley pg 275

Book M-M, p. 76  26&27 June 1752

David Toomer, planter, of Stono, Colleton Co., son of Henry Toomer, to Joseph Stanyarne, planter, of John Island, for 1400 pounds currency, 400 a. in Colleton Co.,  bounding at time of original grant, E. on Mc Calet Toomer; N on a cypress swamp at head of Stono River; W on John Williamson, Esq.; S on vacant land, as by plat certified by Thomas Broughton, Sur. Gen.  Whereas Gov. Robert Gibbes & the Lords Proprs. on 13 Jan. 1710 granted Henry Roomer, father of David, 400 a. in Colleton Co., which by will dated 17 Dec. 1737 he devised to his son David; now he sells to Stanyarne.  Witnesses: Robert Williams, Jr., Dougal Campbell.  Before Jacob Motte, J. P.   William Hopton, Register.