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Ann Tapp   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1780 Culpeper Co., VA


Married: Abt 1800 Culpeper Co., VA


Died: Aft 1850 Trimble Co. VA    


William Tapp


Jemima Hopper


Henry Spillman


1. Nancy Spillman b. 1802

2. Rebecca Spillman b. Abt 1804

3. Robert Spillman b. 28/Jan/1807

4. George Washington Spillman b. 17/Oct/1808

5. Henry Spillman b. 1811

6. James Spillman b. 1813

7. John W. Spillman b. 1815

8. Mary Ann Spillman b. 1817

9. Francis Spillman b. Abt 1819

10. Thomas Spillman b. Abt 1820

11. Charles Wesley Spillman b. 12/Oct/1823

1937 letter from A. P. Strother descendant to Jack Tapp: "Ann Tapp, my great-grandmother was daughter of William Tapp and Jemima Hopper, his wife." Her sisters: "Jemima married Richard Dennis, Dolly married Richard Pinnell, Rebecca married James Amiss, Susan married Matthew Jett, and Mary Married R. T. Basye (to Howard County Mo)."

The list of her children is from a land transaction in Trimble Co., KY in October 1849  Many genealogists have attributed a William Spillman as her first child however he was not named in the 1849 document.  And the letter of A. P. Strother indicates she and Henry did have a son named William.  However, in that letter there is a discrepancy in the generations.  Henry Spillman, son of Henry Spillman, had a son named William Spillman.  However, there were two men named William Spillman paying taxes in 1828 and 1829 in what later became Trimble Co., KY.  The Gallatin Spillmans had a William Spillman born about 1800 paying taxes in Gallatin Co., KY in 1828 and 1829.  (value of land $35.)  The Oldham Co., William Spillman is listed next to Jacob Spillman in 1828 no land value listed.  He is also listed in 1829 tax list and then disappears.   Ann Spillman, widow of Henry Spillman, sells the land in Westport in 1828 but does not show up in the tax records till 1834 when she buys land from James Hargan in Oldham Co., KY            

In a letter by A. P. Strother in 1937 she is connected to her brother, William Tapp, who was named an uncle to William Newton Tapp.  However, William Tapp would have been a great uncle to William Newton Tapp.  See reference to letter on page for Henry Spillman Jr.


In 1820 West Port, Henry Co., KY
Thomas Elly (who sold land to Nancy Spillman in 1824)
Moses Jones (witness to sale of land in 1828 Ann Spillman to James Hill)
Oliver Loudon (father of William Louden, who Nancy Spillman sells land to in 1825)
Charles Spilman (his brother William is grandfather to the Mariah Spilman who married Henry Louden, son of William Loudon)
George Spilman (not listed anywhere after 1820 census)
Jacob Spilman (listed 5 names after George Spillman - may have married Sarah O'Neal in Nelson Co., KY 1n 1795. This Jacob      Spillman was a first cousin to our Henry Spillman)
Will Woolfolk (witness to sale of land in 1828)

Feb 17, 1824 Thomas Elley and wife Patsey sold plots 57 and 58 in Westport, Oldham Co., KY to Nancy Spillman for $50
Jan 11, 1825 Nancy Spillman "in consideration of said (William) Lowden supporting her during her natural life and for the further consideration of one dollar to her in hand paid by the said Lowden" sold plots 57, 58 and 79 in Westport, Oldham Co., KY
In another transaction on Jan 7, 1825 Nancy also signed over "one cow, one colt, and all the household furniture for and in consideration of the performance." (to maintain the said Nancy Spillman her life time)


Jan 2, 1828 Ann Spillman sells to James Hill of Shelby Co., KY these exact same three plots, 79, 57 and 58 in Westport for $350. Signed by Ann Spillman making her mark. Witnessed by S. H. T. Woolfolk, Joseph Sullivan, Moses Jones making his mark. The transaction was completed May 19, 1828 with witnesses, Samuel H. T. Woolfolk and Joseph Sullivan.  

In 1830 the only Spillman in Oldham Co., KY is Jacob Spelman, living in Westport, age between 50-60 Ann Spillman was 50 in 1830   George Spillman is nowhere to be found. 

1837 Tax List Trimble Co., KY

SPILMAN, Ann No. of Acres of Land=100; County in which Land lies=Trimble; Water Course=Pattens Creek; Value of Land per Acre=3; Total Value of Property=300
SPILMAN, George No. of Acres of Land=100; County in which Land lies=Trimble; Water Course=Pattens Creek; 1 White Tythe; 1 horses, mares, mules, and jennies; Value of Land per Acre=4; Total Value of Property=450

Ann is listed in the 1840 census for Trimble Co., KY.  probably having one or more off her children living with her.  The oldest female is 50-60

In the 1850 census for Trimble Co., KY, Ann is living with her son Francis Spillman.  Her age is listed as 70.  The family listed right above theirs is William Lowden, age 46 and his family.