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Thomas Marshall    Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1613 England    
Died: 23/Dec/1689 Andover, Essex, MA    




1. Hannah Marshall b. 07/Jun/1640

2. Samuel Marshall b. 01/Sep/1643

3. Abigail Marshall b. 16/Apr/1644

4. Sarah Marshall b. 18/Dec/1646

5. Rebecca Marshall b. 20/Feb/ 1647-48

6. Thomas Marshall b. 20/Feb/1647-48

7. Elizabeth Marshall b. 22/Jan/1648-49

8. Susannah Marshall b. 02/Apr/1652

9. John Marshall b. 14/Feb/1659-60

10. Ruth Marshall b. 14/Aug/1662

11. Mary Marshall b. 25/Mar/1665

Captain Thomas Marshall came to Lynn in 1635. He embarked on the 'James', of London, on the 17th of July. Soon after his arrival was admitted as a freeman. With many others, he returned to England, to join the ambitious designs of Cromwell, by whom he was made a Captain. He served in the army of the anarch for several years and returned to Lynn laden with military glory. He was six times chosen representative. He purchased the tavern on the west of Saugus River, which Mr. Joseph Armitage had opened. Here, with all the frankness and hospitality of a 'fine old English gentleman' he kept open doors for more than forty years. Mr. John Dunton, who passed through Lynn in 1686, thus mentions him in his journal; "About two of the clock I reached Capt. Marshall's house, which is halfway between Boston and Salem; here I staid to refresh nature with a pint of sack and a good fowl. Capt. Marshall is a hearty old gentleman, formerly one of Oliver's soldiers, upon which he very much values himself. He had all the history of the civil wars at his fingers end and if we may believe him, Oliver did hardly anything that was considerable without his assistance; and if I'd have staid as long as he'd have talked, he'd have spoiled my ramble to Salem. " He had two sons, John, born 14 January 1659; and Thomas, who removed to Reading.
In the Essex Registry of Deeds is the following testimony which is interesting, as coming from the venerable old hero of Cromwell's war:
'Captian Thomas Marshall, aged about 67 yeares, dos testifie, that about 38 yeares since, the ould Water mill at Linn, which was an under shott mill, was by Mr. Howell committed to him, or before the said time, and about 36 yeares since, the building of an over shott mill was moved to the towne of Linn, and for incuragement to go on with the said worke, they then of the Towne of Linn granted their Priviledges of water and water courses to the said mill,. and that this said water mill is now in the possession of Henry Rhoades; as witness my hand, Thomas Marshall 12 May 1683.
At the quarterly court, on the 29th of June 1658, Lieutenant Thomas Marshall was authorized to perform the ceremony of marriagem, and to take testimony.
At the quarterly court, on the 19th of November 1659, 'Thomas Marshall of Lynn, is alowed by this court, to sell stronge water to trauillers, and also other meeet provisions.'
The military company in Lynn, at this time (1675) was commanded by Captain Thomas Marshall , Lieutenatn Oliver Purchis, and Ensign John Fuller. The troops from Massachusetts, which went against the Indians were commanded by Major Samuel Appleton.
On the 16th of February 1687, Captain Thomas Marshall exchanged with the town his right in Stone's meadow, in Lynnfield for a right in Edward's meadow; and the town at the request of Mr. Shephard made a grant of it to the ministry.

History of Lynn, Massachusetts