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William Harris   see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1656


Married: Abt 1695 New Kent, VA


Died: Abt: 1730    


Robert Harris


Mary Claiborne


Temperance Overton


1. Robert Harris b. Abt 1696

2. Elizabeth Harris b. Bef. 27/Nov/1698 Hanover, VA

                             d. Abt 1770, Hanover, VA

                             m. John Hudson 1711, New Kent, VA

3. George Harris b. Bef. 13/Apr/1701

4. John Harris b. Abt Mar/1703, Hanover, VA

                     d. 1778 Caroline Co., VA

                     m. (1) Mary Stanley (2) Ann Clough    

5. Benjamin Harris b. Abt 1705, Hanover, VA

                      d. 1765 Louisa Co., VA

                      m. (1) Mary (2) Sara Dumas

6. William Harris b. 1707 Hanover, VA

                      d. 6/Dec/1792 Hanover, VA

                      m. Elizabeth Burnett

7. Jemima Harris b. Abt 1709 Hanover, VA

                       m. William Overton

8. Edward Harris b. Abt 1711 Hanover, VA

                       m. Ann

9. David Harris b. 1712 Hanover, VA

                      d. Abt 1790        "There is quite a bit of confusion and variation of information on William Harris as it seems that there were three different William Harris living in the same area at the same time. This has been addressed by Malcolm Hart Harris of West Point, VA in his articles in The Virginia Genealogist. The first, recorded there was Capt. William Harris and William Harris, Gent., the first was certainly the well known Capt. William Harris of Hanover County, the second William Harris was probably his son, since he was designated as Junior. The third William Harris was without rank or any identifying connection, except for his adjoining lands in Hanover County.
Capt William Harris first known to have been living in 'The Forks' area of Hanover Co. (St. Paul's Parish, New Kent Co. at that time) in 1704 where he owned 100 acres that year. He resided at 'Cedar Hill' plantation located on the North Anna River, in the forks of the Pamunkey River, St.Martin's Parish, Hanover Co. near Doswell, VA. He also had 2222 acres of land in various parts of Hanover Co., VA at various dates 1713, 1717, 1723, 1725. He was a vestryman for St. Paul's Parish 1716 and later for St.Martin's Parish in 1724.
William Harris, married Temperance Overton, a daughter of a wealthy tobacco grower, William Overton, and Mary Walters, his wife. The said William Overton, was a son of Colonel (???) Overton, who commanded a Brigade of Iron sides under Oliver Cromwell. William Harris became also a tobacconist, raising and dealing in that weed, which was at that time a medium of exchange, and became fairly well off in this world's goods.
The Cedar Hill Cem. is an ancient cemetery in good condition and is being maintained. It is believed to be the oldest cemetery in Hanover County, since it contains the oldest known grave in the county, the grave of Temperance Overton Harris. The cemetery is located in a mature forest with huge hardwoods. This ancient cemetery is believed to be the largest private family cemetery in the State of Virginia."
The very early home to the Harris family, William Harris and his wife, Temperance Overton was called Cedar Hill. It was a 1 1/2 story house, said to have been log cabin with frame on the inside. This house was in good shape until the 1980's when Kings Dominion amusement park bought the land and destroyed the house. The house was set on fire and burned for the fire department to practice fire fighting."

From 1714 until 1730 William acquired more than 2,100 acres by patent in New Kent County: 400 acres in November 1714 , 380 acres in June 1714, 300 acres in July 1717, 800 acres in September 1723, 476 acres in March 1724/25, and 150 acres in September 1730. On September 28, 1728, Robert Harris got a patent to land William Harris got in September 1723 and failed to cultivate. The relationship between Robert Harris and William Harris is unknown.