Nathaniel Hall
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Nathaniel Hall
Fought in the Revolution
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Born: 03/Aug/1746 Mansfield, Tolland, CT

Baptized: 23?Nov/1746 Mansfield, Tolland, CT  1st Congregational Church


About 9th row from top
"Nath'll Hall son of Nath'll & Martha Hall"
Married: 18/Feb/1758 First Congregational Church, Mansfield, Tolland County, CT


fourth line from bottom
"Nath'll Hall and Mehitable Storrs Feb 18th"
Died: 02/Feb/1821 Lebanon, Grafton, NH
See typed transcript of will at bottom of page.
Will written Jan 4, 1820
Page one of Will
Page two of Will
Buried: Old Pine Cemetery, Lebanon, Grafton County, NH  
"Capt Nathl Hall died 2 1821 on the 77th year of his life Mehitalbe wife of Capt Nathl Hall died Nov (11th?) 1830 in the 86th year of her life"


Nathaniel Hall


Martha Storrs


Mehitable Storrs


1. Storrs Hall b. 07/Jan/1770

2. Dan Hall b. 26/Apr/1771

3. Ira Hall b. 10/Dec/1772

4. Orla Hall b. 21 Sep 1774

Births of first four children as recorded in Lebanon Town Records

5. Nathaniel Hall b. 19/Sep/1775

6. Martha Hall b. 05 Jun 1778

7. Aurnah Hall b. 10/Mar/1780

8. Silas Hall b. 12/Oct/1787
                   d. 06/Mar/1800

9. Cynthia Hall b. Abt 1788
                    d. Nov/1790

10. Poly Hall b. 03/Jul/1790

From the Hall Genealogy by David Brainerd Hall, 1883
Nathaniel Hall was a soldier in the Revolution, was present at the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga. He was captain of militia. The genealogy states that after he was engaged to marry, Mehitable's grandfather Storrs gave him a tract of land in Lebanon, NH then a wilderness, if he would settle on it. "which he was reluctant to do on account of the hardships to which it would subject his wife." But she "settled the business by telling him if he did not go, she would not marry him."
After he had cleared it up, he sold it, and bought another farm of 300 acres further back from the river.

From SAR application of Nathaniel Parker Hall # 11996, states "Nathaniel Hall served as a Sergeant in Col. Jonathan Chase's Regiment of New Hampshire Militia, May 1777; and in September 1777 was a Lieutenant in the same Regiment which marched from Cornish New Hampshire and joined the Continental Army under General Gates at Saratoga." - "References - State Papers of New Hampshire - Hammon - Vol 15 - The Revolution Vol 2 pps 13 and 332."

Nathaniel Hall was a deputy sheriff in Lebanon, Grafton, NH in 1783

Will of Nathaniel Hall
"In the name of God amen I Nathaniel Hall of Lebanon in the County of Grafton & State of New Hampshire being weak in body but of a sound and disposing mind & memory blessed be God for the same considering the uncertainty of this life & being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have reason & capacity to do so, do make & publish this my last will & testament, and therein & thereby dispose of all my worldly Estate in manner following to wit___
First    I give bequeath & devise unto the heirs of my son Storrs Hall late of Randolph in the State of Vermont Deceased the sum of ten dollars cash to be paid them, that is to say the males when they shall severally arrive at the age of twenty one years and the females when they shall severally arrive at the age of eighteen years.
Second  I give bequeath & devise unto my son Dan Hall all my wearing apparel after my decease - said wearing apparel to be put in possession of my daughter Polly Hall and by her to be dealt out to the said Dan as his necessities may require.
Third   I bequeath & devise unto the heirs of my son Ira Hall late of Granville in the State of New York deceased two dollars each, to be paid them, that is to say, the males when they shall arrive at the age of twenty one years.
Fourth  I give bequeath & devise unto my son Arla Hall the sum of fifty dollars to be paid to him in one year after my decease.
Fifth   I give bequeath & desire unto my son Nathaniel Hall jr the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid him in two years after my decease.
Sixth  I give bequeath & devise unto my daughter Patty Freeman wife of Nathaniel Freeman the sum of twenty five dollars to be paid her in one year after my decease.
Seventh  I give bequeath & devise unto my son Araunah Hall all my farming Utensils & likewise all the meat stock that I own except for two Cows.
Eighth  I give bequeath & devise unto my wife Mehitable Hall the use of my Chaise & Harness so long as the said Mehitable shall live, then my desire & will is that my daughter Polly Hall should have the same.
Ninth I give bequeath & devise unto my daughter Polly Hall one three year old colt, my brass clock the secretary that I own, also ten sheep which It is my will & pleasure that my son Araunah Hall should keep on the farm so long as My said daughter Polly shall remain single.  Also two Cows which it is my will that said Araunah should keep so long as my daughter Polly should remain single.
Lastly  I do hereby constitute & appoint Thomas Waterman Esquire to be my Executor to this my last will & testament hereby requesting the said Thomas Waterman to see that all the legacies be paid out tot he different persons as expressed in this my last will & testament.
In testimony whereof I have to this my last will & testament set my hand & Seal this fourth day of January A. D. 1820  Nath'l Hall"

Document showing that he was in the New Hampshire militia during the Revolutionary War.Got from National ArchivesMicrofilm Publications from Roll 49 pg224
  Document showing that he was in the New Hampshire militia during the Revolutionary War. Taken from National Archives Microfilm Publications Roll 49 pg224 from