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Cornelius Dabney     Immigrant Ancestor                        see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1670-1675 possibly in France   Family tradition has it that Cornelius Dabney was a descendant of T. Agrippa d'Aubigne, born 1550, died 1630, a French Huguenot.


Married 1st: unknown possibly Edyth

Married: 2nd Apr/1721 Sarah Jennings Hanover, VA

  Sketches of the Dabneys in Virginia by William H. Dabney 1887
"All agree in the statement that soon after Cornelius d'Aubigne came to Virginia, his wife, who had come with him from England, than an invalid, died, and that he soon after married Sarah Jennings, who had accompanied them to this country to assist his wife in the cares of housekeeping. This second marriage of Cornelius d'Aubigne or Dabney, according to a statement of Charles William Dabney, of Dalton Junction, Hanover County, Virginia, took place in 1721. He states, "I remember seeing a Court record in Hanover Court House (unfortunately destroyed in the Richmond conflagration of 1865.) In the first minute book of the Court House, at the beginning of the entries, when the County was cut off from New Kent, under the date of April, 1726, was this entry" 'Ordered that it be recorded that on this ___ day of April 1721, Cornelius Dabney, late of England, intermarried with Sarah Jennings, also of England.' "


Died: Feb/1765 Hanover, VA   Will of Cornelius Dabney
February 7, 1765. - In the County Court of Hanover the will of Cornelius Dabney was recorded. He names his wife Sarah. His children, whom he names in his will were: William, John and Cornelius; the latter died before he did, as he mentions that his portion of the estate was to be sold, and the proceeds divided among the children of his deceased son, Cornelius. He names his son-in-law C. Harris, his daughters Mary Elizabeth Maupin, Fanny Maupin, and Anna Thompson, and the husbands of two others, Brown and Johnson, and appointed John Dabney and Henry Terrell his executors. This will was dated October 25, 1764."

WIFE 2nd

Sarah Jennings

CHILDREN with first wife

George Dabney

CHILDREN with Sarah Jennings

1. William Dabney b. Abt 1722

2. John Dabney b. 02/Jun/1723

3. Mary Dabney b. Abt 1726

4. Cornelius Dabney b. Abt. 1727

5. Mary Elizabeth Dabney b. Abt 1730

6. Frances Dabney b. Abt 1731

7. Anna Dabney b. Abt 1733

8. Miss Dabney b. Abt 1737

9. Miss Dabney b. Abt 1739

Sketches of the Dabneys in Virginia by William H. Dabney 1887

Judge William Pope Dabney, of Powhatan County, Virginia, who is himself of descendant from Cornelius d'Aubigne and Sarah Jennings, writing about this second marriage of his ancestory, says: "Cornelius Dabney, while in Wales, employed as a housekeeper to aid his wife, Sarah Jennings, who was a sister of Sir Humphrey Jennings (whose estate for want of heirs is said to be in the Chancery Court of England undistributed); he, Jennings, was previously an obscure collier. After he came to Virginia Cornelius Dabney's wife died, leaving an only son, George, and then he married Sarah Jennings.."
Rev. R. L. Dabney relates about the same facts, and says: "That his son, George, and family, took umbrage at his father's second marriage, he being himself then married and having children, and separated themselves from his father and second family of children, and moved away, and would have no communication with them.' "

Langard's "History of England".
About 1715, one branch of the family sought refuge for a short time in Wales, where we find three brothers, John, Cornelius and Robert.

The letter of John Dabney Terrell to his nephew says the Dabneys had dark skin and dark eyes reinforcing the family lore that the Dabneys were of French Huguenot origin.  See letter on page for John Dabney