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Nathaniel Conant   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 28/Jul/1650 Of Salem, Essex, MA


Married: 1675 Beverly, Essex, MA


Died: 22/Aug/1732 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA    


Lot Conant


Elizabeth Walton


Hannah Mansfield


1. Bithia Conant b. 08/Nov/1677

2. Nathaniel Conant b. 03/Jan/1679-80

3. Josiah Conant bapt. 27/Nov/1680

4. Hannah Conant b. 25/Jan/1683-84

5. Martha Conant b. 24/Feb/1686-87

6. Lot Conant b. 27/Mar/1689

7. Lydia Conant b. 8/Nov/1692

8. Rebecca Conant b. 04/Oct/1694

Nathaniel's occupation has been recorded as a Cordwainer (shoemaker) and he may have inherited the tools of his trade from his father. He made his home in Bridgewater, Plymouth MA where he is found by 1687. In May 1688 "Goodman Conant to see to the repairs of the road leading from South Brook to Comfort Willis'". He sold his land in Beverly to his brother John in Jan 1691/2 and served on the "Jury of Trials" 14 Mar 1693 and 6 Dec 1694 and on the Grand Jury on 8
Mar 1698.

Plymouth Deeds reveal that he sold 25 acres in Bridgewater to William Orcutt on 7 Mar 1708 for which he received 14 and on 20 Mar 1711 he began to disperse of his real estate holdings, granting 53 Bridgewater acres to his son Nathaniel and, a year later on 3 Jul 1712 giving the homestead in South Parish including 50 acres to his youngest son, Lot.

In 1715 he was one of the petitioners for South Parish. On 20 May 1720 he sold 3/4 acres to Frances Woods and finally on 5 Dec 1729 he sold 11 3/4 acres to James Allen for 20. Nathaniel died in 1732 leaving the following will:

Last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Conant
Made: 3 Jul 1712

In the name of God Amen. July the third 1712 I Nathaniel Conant Senior of the Town of Bridgewater in ye County of Plymouth in New England, yeoman. Being of Sound Judgement and Disposing mind and memory Praised be God therefore yet calling to mind my mortality and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament. That is to say Principally and first of all I do Recommend my Soul unto the hands of God yt gave it. My Body I recommend unto ye Earth to be buried in decent Christian Burial att
ye Discretion of my Executors. Nothing doubtin that at ye General Resurrection I shall Receive ye same by ye mighty power of God and as for such worldly goods and Estate werewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and Bequeath unto Hannah my dearly beloved wife one third part of my home living both housing and land. Together with 2 cows one bed ad bedding necessary household goods for her use and Comfort during her widowhood. Then I have already given to my eldest son Nathaniel Conant that tract of land whereupon he now dwelleth by a conveyance under my hand and seal wh I do hereby confirm to him and his heirs forever and my
will is that he therewithall rest contented.

Then to my son Josiah Conant I give about 20 pounds which he hath already received partly inhelp towards Building and fencing and my will is that he therewithall rest contented.

Then to my youngest son Lot Conant I have given by deed my homestead to be by him fully and freely possessed and enjoyed after my decease and my wifes decease and my will is that he shall enjoy two thirds thereof during my wife's life after me wherewith he is to rest contented.

Then as for my three eldest daughters Bethiah, Hannah and Martha who have been disposed of in marriage. I done for each of them respectively according to my ability about to the value of 12 pounds each and my will is that both they and their heirs do rest themselves contented therewith.

Then to my two youngest daughters Lydia and Rebecah I give all my moveable estate which shall remain after my wifes decease to be equally divided betwixt them.

Finally I nominate and appoint Hannah my well beloved wife Executrix and my eldest son Nathaniel Executor of this my last will and testament. Hereby renouncing, Revoking and Disallowing all other wills, testaments, Legacies, bequests or executers by me heretofore made, devised or named. Ratifying and establishing this and none other my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Witnesses: Joseph Hayward, Nathaniel Brett, Seth Brett.

The estate inventoried at 711.10.0.

Sources: Conant Family in England and America by Frederick Odell Conant M.A. - 1887; Plymouth Probate Records;