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Aquila Chase   see FAMILY TREE
Born: 1618 Cornwall, Chesham, Buckingham, England


Married: Between 1644-1646 Newbury, Essex, MA


Died: Abt 27/Dec/1670    


Ann Wheeler


1. Sarah Chase b. Abt 1645

2. Ann Chase b. 06/Jul/1647

3. Priscilla Chase b. 14/Mar/1647-48

4. Mary Chase b. 03/Feb/1649-50

5. Aquila Chase b. 26/Sep/1652

6. Thomas Chase b. 25/Jul/1654

7. John Chase b. 02/Nov/1655

8. Elizabeth Chase b. 13/Sep/1657

9. Ruth Chase b. 18/mar/1658-59

10. Daniel Chase b. 16/Nov/1661

11. Moses Chase b. 24/Dec/1663

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register: Volume 1 abt 1847 by Reverend William Cogswell
"Aquila Chase, brother to Thomas Chase, m. Anne Wheeler, daughter of John Wheeler of Hampton, removed, in 1645, to Newbury, where he d., Aug. 29, 1670, aged 52. His widow, Anne, m. Daniel Mussiloway, June 14, 1672, and d. May 19, 1688."


Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase by John Carroll Chase, 1928

"Aquila Chase appears first at Hampton, N.H. --- The first town meeting of Hampton, of which there is a record, was held 31, 1639, and 24 Dec. of the same year land was allotted to fifteen grantees, the first grants being small house lots. In June 1640 other persons became grantees, among them being Aquila Chase and Thomas Chase.  -  In 1644 an additional grant was recorded of six acres of 'upland meadow and swamp,' which he sold to his 'brother Thomas' on his removal to Newbury..

In 1646 he was induced to remove to Newbury, as evidenced by the following extract from the Newbury records for that year.

  'Granted to Aquila Chase, Anno 1646, fower acres of land at the new towne for a house lott and six acres of upland for a planting lott, where it can be had, and six acres of marsh where it can be had, also on condition that he doe goe to sea and do service in the towne with a boate for four years.'  


The inducement to remove to Newbury would indicate that he was a mariner or fisherman and Joshua Coffin in his History of Newbury states that it is a Chase family tradition that Aquila was the first person to pilot a vessel across the bar at the mouth of the Merrimack river.

Before he removed to Newbury he was seen gathering pease on the first day of the week and at the Quarterly Court held at Ipswich, 29, Sept. 1646, he and his wife, and David Wheeler, his brother-in-law, all 'of Hampton,' were presented for gathering pease on the Sabath. - At the next session of the court held at Ipswich, 30 Mar 1646-47, they were presented again for the same offence and the constable reported that the summon had been sent to Hampton and that the parties were not there but 'were gone to Newbury.'  ----

A deposition presented at the Quarterly Court held in Ipswich 25 Sept. 1666, mentions 'Accquilla Chas, aged about forty-eight years,' which would make 1618 the year of his birth.

The will of Aquila Chase was dated 10 Dec. 1670.

Witness by these presents that I, Aquilla Chase of Newbury in the Countye of Essex in New England being but weake in body, yett of sound and perfect memory, for divers causes and considderrations me therunto moveing, doe make this my last will and testament.  And doe dispose of my lands, goods, and chattells, as followeth:  First I bequeath my soule into the hands of my blessed Saviour & redeemer Jesus Christ in an asured hope of a resurrection, and my body be buryed when it shall please the Lord to call me hence.
to my well beloved wife Ann I give and bequeath, my house barne and orchard and all my lands both Eareable pasture and marsh meadow ground, lyeing and being ye bounds of the towne of Newbury aforesayd together with all my goods and chattels, both within dores and without.
All the sayd house and land before mentioned I give unto Ann my well beloved wife dureing the time of her widdowhood, paying unto my daughter Ann Chase five pounds, in corne or neate cattle, and iive pounds more to pay, unto my daughter Prissilla Chase, to be payd within twelve months, after the day of their marriages.
Also I will that my wife give unto my sonn Thomas Chase at the age of one and twenty Tenn pounds in corne or neate cattle, provided the sayd Thomas doe abyde and serve with his  mother to the sd age. And if his mother and hee the sd Thomas see cause, that hee should serve for a trade with any other man soe that hee have ye benefitt of a trade, then his mother my well beloved wife, is to pay unto the sayd Thomas but six pounds in the like pay before mentioned. for the rest of my children my will and testament is, that Ann my wife shall give unto them all shee sees good acording to her abillitye, And at the end of her naturall life, I give and bequath all my house, housing & lands before mentioned unto Aquilla Chase my Eldest sonn, or if Ann my wife marry, my sonne is to possess all my houseing and lands, paying unto his mother three pounds per annum as long as she liveth or thre score pounds which shee pleaseth.  Furthermore my will is that aquilla my sonn shall pay to his brother John Chase the Summ of tenn pounds in corne or neate cattle  And tenn pounds more the sd Aquilla, is to pay unto his Brother Daniell in ye like pay viz. corne, or neate cattle.
furthermore my will is ye sonne-in-law Charles (Annis) shall have my boate loade of grass or sedge of the lower end of Penny Island as long as he liveth, and nobody to molest him till he hath a boateloade.  Furthermore my will is that my sonn, Aquilla pay unto his Brother Moses Chase Tenn pounds in corne & cattle.
Also my will is that Aquilla pay unto my daughter Sarah three pounds within two years after her mothers decease and to apy unto my daughter Mary Twenty shillings.
And further my will is that Aquilla my sonne pay unto his sister Elizabeth Chase foure pounds in the like pay.
Also my will is, that Aquilla pay foure pounds in the like paye to his sister Ruth.
All of which summs are to be payd in two yeares after the decrease of Ann my well beloved wife.  And I doe apoynt Ann my well beloved wife, to be sole executrix of this my last will and testament, & further & doe appoynt Ensigne Stephen Greenleafe and William Chandler to by the overseers of this my last will & testament.  Further my will is that Aquilla my sonne shall pay to his Brother Thomas Chase before mentioned the sum of tenn pounds in the like pay with the rest of my children and if any of my younger children be not of age within two years after the decease of my wife, then they are to stay for their portioned till they be of age.
In witness whereof I have heerunto sett my hand and seals this 10th day of December in ye yeare of our Lord 1670.