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Richard Beach Immigrant Ancestor see FAMILY TREE
Born: Abt 1611


Married: 1640 Watertown, MA


Died: After 1688 Morristown, NJ    


Catherine Cooke


1. Mary Beach b. Jun/1642

2. Benjamin Beach  b. Oct/1644

3. Azariah Beach b. Jul/1646

4. Mercy Beach b 1648

Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers by James Savage

Richard, New haven 1639, one of the signers of the original compact, m. 1640 the widow of Andrew Hull and had, in her right, there bapt in 1642 Mary b. in June of that year, Benjamin b. Oct 1644, Azariah July 1646, and Mercy 1648; all three bapt 21 May 1648. Removed to New London 1667.


Source: Beach in America Containing General Information Regarding the Three Brothers: Richard Beach, John Beach, and Thomas Beach, by Elmer Taylor Beach, 1923

"These are the recorded children of Richard Beach, Planter. That there may have been other descendants born between 1648 and 1688 seems probably, though nothing more is definitely known at this time. Richard appears to have been something of a rover, up to the time of settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and did not remain long in a place. A veil of partial obscurity covers his whereabouts and doings between 1648, when he disappears from the active records of New Haven Colony, and 1660. He may have resided in Wallingford, where he was one of the proprietors, or at some other point, but in the year 1660 he purchased land in Stratford, Conn., the same year his brother John moved there, and in 1664 he was keeping a tavern in Stratford.
1664 was the year that Elizabethtown, New Jersey was first founded. And in that year Richard Beach sold out in Stratford and with his entire family except Benjamin, who was already married and settled in Stratford, moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he purchased a home lot of 13 acres. this purchase was made in 1665. He also purchased 50 acres of upland on beach's Brook, 30 acres of upland on Crave's Brook, and several other smaller holding in all 102 acres and resided in Elizabeth till 1688. March 31, 1688, he sold all of his land in Elizabeth to the Widow Agatha White, who sixteen days later resold to William Darie, of Elizabeth.
Richard is thought to have removed to Morris County, New Jersey, but at this point he is lost sight of."

This research has been done with much help from Jim Hoskins    Thank you Jim.