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Bold text denotes individuals in the Walker line who married. A double dash "--" indicates the just mentioned individual's second marriage and any resulting descendants of that marriage follow. An asterix indicates descriptive historical detail is available about that individual. Red text indicates that further ancestral or other family tree detail for this individual is available, but not included in the table. Individuals are indented at the start of a page when their details have already been listed, and names are noted to assist with the reader's following of lines of descent. Please report any errors of transcription or facts to myself, Bronwyn Johnson (nee Walker), at: Graphic of e-mail address. E-mail me at: Remove 'nospam' from e-mail address to send mail correctly.. Also, check out the Walker Family Reunion, in NSW, Australia, May, 2004. Also, I've created a new Walker genealogy page to look at: Earliest Walker Genealogy.

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John Walker, b. 1755, wharfinger, of Leith, married Catherine Lyon, b. 1757. Of the two surviving children of John Walker and Catherine Lyon, the second was John William Walker, b. 1799, d. 1875. John William Walker "...was a merchant in Leith, the port of Edinburgh, trading mainly, if not exclusively, in the wine trade with France" (Walker, 1996: 132).

John William Walker married first in 1824, Elizabeth Manning, d. 1825, and had one son, John William Manning Walker, born at Castlesteads, in Dalkeith in Scotland; d. March, 1848, Australia, due to a fall from his horse. Elizabeth Manning died in childbirth.

John William Walker, b. 1799, d. 1875; married second Elizabeth Waterston, b. 1805, d. 1863, and they had ten children. It is through Elizabeth Waterston that the main connection between the Sandeman and Walker families is traced; Elizabeth's paternal grandmother was Catherine Sandeman, b. 1755, d. 1831.

John William Walker married a third time, to Catherine Bell (sister of Imrie Bell, his son-in-law), b. 1827, and had two sons. There were no further generations from this marriage.

It is the second marriage that is well traced, and my ancestry descends from this union. The ten children of John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston are as follows:

1.Charles Blair Walker
2. Robert Lyon Walker
3. Catherine Walker
4. George Walker
5. Jane Walker
6. James Thomas "JT" Walker
7. Thomas Walker
8. Anne Miller Walker
9. William Henry Walker
10. Elizabeth Walker

Of these ten children, Jane, James Thomas, and William Henry married and are known to have had children. The ten individuals listed above appear in column F in the genealogical table below, their children appear in column G, their grandchildren in column H, and so on down the generations. Individuals are numbered according to birth order, and their descendants are listed straight after them. Thus, Jane Walker and her descendants are all listed in the table below before James Thomas and his descendants. Reading from left to right across the columns, a unique numerical identifying code is thus obtainable for each individual.

Five new generations of ancestry have now been tracked and put into a table. View Columns A-E have their own page, Earliest Walker Genealogy. Obviously, details are sketchy for these pre-1800 ancestors.

The layout of the genealogy is based on that originally devised by Mr. David Peat, of Perth, b. 1807, d. 1874; the original compiler of the Sandeman genealogy. Genealogical information is taken from "The Sandeman Genealogy", "Glenlyon Connections", and my own personal notes.

F G H I J K John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston
1           Charles Blair Walker, died young.
2           Robert Lyon Walker, died young.
3           Catherine Walker, b. 1831.
4           George Walker, b. 1833; d. 1836.
5           Jane Walker, b. 1836; m., 1862, Imrie Bell, C.E., b. 1836; d. 1906
  1         Elizabeth Walker Bell, b. 1862; m., 1890, Rev. J.M. Strachan.
    1       William Herbert Strachan, b. 1891.
    2       Thomas Eric Strachan, b. 1896.
  2         John William Bell, b. 1864; d. 1865.
  3         Sir Thomas Bell, b. 1865; m., 1900, Helen Macdonald.
    1       Catherine Isabella Bell, b. 1901; d. 1910.
    2       Margaret Edith Bell, b. 1904.
  4         Robert Bruce Bell, b. 1867; d. 1870.
  5         Helena Elizabeth Bell, b. 1868 (d.).
  6         Henry Alexander Bell, b. 1872; d. 1889.
  7         Eva Mabel Bell, b. 1875.
  8         Alfred Edward Bell, b. 1878; m. E. Margaret Cargill, nee Lyon.
    1       Gavin Bell.
    2       Michael Bell.
    3       Cargl Bell.
F G H I J K John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston
6           James Thomas "JT" Walker, b. 1841; d. 1923; m., 1868 *Janette Isabella Palmer, b. 1848; Australia. His journals are kept at the Mitchell Library in Sydney, Australia.
  1         Archibald Lyon Walker, b. 1871; d. New Guinea.
  2         John Percival (or Perceval) Walker, b. 1873; d. a few months old.
  3         Emily "Sissie" Percival (or Perceval) Walker, b. 1874; never married.
  4         Alexander Fitz-James Walker, b. 1876; m., 1910, Evelyn M. Hall.
    1       Alastair (or Alister) James Walker, b. 1911.
      4     Twin.
      5     Twin.
      6     Twin.
      7     Twin.
    2       Peter Ian Hamilton Walker, b. 1913.
    3       Judith Egmont Walker, b. 1916; m. Lord.
    4       Janette Maud Walker, b. 1919; m. Jock McKay.
  5         **Egmont "Monty" Palmer Walker, b. 1881; m., 1921, Violet Mackay.
    1       Diana Eadith Walker, b. 1921.
    2       Adelaide Anne Walker, b. 1924.
    3       James Kenneth Walker, b. 1926.
  6         **George Waterston Walker, b. 1881; m., 1923, Pauline McMorran (no issue).
  7         Lady Janette "Nita" Cheveria Hamilton Walker, b. 1889; m. 1909, Sir Ralph Verney.
    1       John Verney, b. 1913.
    2       Joscelyn (Joscelyne?) Verney, b. 1913; m. ? Thorne.
    3       David Vernet, b. 1918.
*Older sister of Georgina Martha Palmer, see pg. 3.                **Twins.
F G H I J K John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston
7           Thomas Walker, b. 1842
8           Anne Miller Walker, b. 1843; d. June, 1848.
9           William "Willie" Henry Walker, b. 1846, Australia; m. 1872, *Georgina Martha Palmer, b. 1853.
  1         Thomas Walker, b. 1873; m. Gertrude Allnutt.
    1       John Allnutt Walker.
    2       James Allnut Walker.
    3       Gwendolene Walker.
    4       Thomas Walker, b. 1917.
    5       Kathleen Walker, b. 1913.
  2         Westby Lionel Walker, b. 1874 (d.).
  3         Kate Walker, b. 1876; m., 1897, Donald Cameron.
    1       Margaret McLeod Cameron, b. 1898.
    2       Kate Walker Cameron, b. 1900; m., 1929, Carden Seton.
      1     Donald Seton, b. 1931.
      2     Dougal Seton, b. 1932.
    3       Dora Cameron, b. 1907.
    4       Archibald Cameron, b. 1910.
    5       William Cameron, b. 1910.
  4         Alice Emily Walker, b. 1877; m. A.B. Paterson.
*Younger sister of Janette Isabella Palmer, see pg. 2.
F G H I J K John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston

William Henry Walker and Georgina Martha Palmer.


Alice Emily Walker and A.B. Paterson

    1       Grace Paterson, m. Kenneth Harvie, R.N. (d.).
      1     Rosamund "Ros" Harvie; m. Campbell?
      2     Philipa (or Philippa) Harvie
    2       Hugh Paterson, m. Rhona White (d.).
  5         William "Wally" Wallace Walker, b. 1879; d. 1908; m. 1908, Enid McLeod (1st), b. 1881; d. 1959.
    1       William "Bill" Wallace Walker, b. 1908.
      ?     Alec Walker.
  6         Francis "Percy" Perceval Walker, b. 1880; m. 1910, Enid McLeod (2nd), b. 1881; d. 1959.
    1       Scott McLeod Walker, b. 1912; m. 1938, Eugenie "Paddy" Evelyn Bergin, b. 1910.
      1     Douglas John Walker, b. 1938; m. 1964, Elizabeth Victoria in England.
      2     Ann Walker, b. 1941.
      3     Scott "Scotchie" Francis Walker, b. 1944 (twin); m. 1973, Penelope "Pepi" Susan Glover in England.
      4     Patsy Walker, b. 1944 (twin); m. Poul Bjerregaard in Kuwait.
        1   Scott Poul Bjerregaard.
      5     Vicki Walker, b. 1948; m., Gordon.
    2       Douglas Perceval Walker (d.).
  7         Bessie Palmer Walker, b. 1882.
  8         Douglas Walker, b. 1883 (killed in France, Great War).
  9         Georgina May Walker, b. 1885.
  10         Eadith Violet Walker, b. 1887.
  x         Emily Palmer, b. 1888, (adopted; Georgina's brother Robert's daughter); m. Bert Doyle.
  11         Oswald Bruce Walker, b. 1889; m. Kathleen Myles.
    1       Ian Bruce Walker.
  12         Harold Victor Walker, b. 1891; d. 1961; m., 1916, Dorothy Vane, b. 1893; d.1985.
    1       Patricia Walker, b. 1919.
    2       Terence Walker, b. 1919; d. 1990; m. 1950, Aileen Fay Sweeney, b. 1927; d. 1995.
      1     James Vane Walker, b. 1952; m. 1972, Sandra Louise Clarke.
        1   Andrew Vane Walker, b. 1979.
        2   Patrick Terence Alan Walker, b. 1987.
        3   Matthew William Thomas Walker, b. 1991.
      2     Anna Frances Walker, b. 1959; m. 1981, Geoffrey Brian Watts.
        1   Melanie Fay Watts, b. 1990.
        2   Terence Geoffrey Watts, b. 1994.
    3       Anthony "Tony" Walker, b. 1923 (d.); m. Anne Margaret Parry, b. 1931; d. 1985.
F G H I J K John William Walker and Elizabeth Waterston

William Henry Walker and Georgina Martha Palmer.


Harold Victor Walker and Dorothy Vane.


Anthony Walker and Anne Margaret Parry.

      1     Brian Parry, b. 1951, m. Wilohemena Ludian Steetsel, b. 1957 (1956?).
      2     Peter Anthony Walker, b. 1952, m. Jennifer Louise Rice, b. 1955.
        1   Timothy Walker, b. 1981.
        2   Samuel Walker, b. 1983.
        3   Alexander Walker, b. 1986.
        4   William Walker.
      3     Gwilym David Walker, b. 1954, m. (1st) Deanne Maree Del Mastro nee Smith, b. 1948.
        1   Bronwyn Jane Walker, b. 1976; m. 2001 Gary William Zane Johnson, b. 1972.
        2   Jennifer "Jeni" Louise Walker, b. 1977.
      --     Gwilym David Walker, b. 1954, m. (2nd) Susan Mary Swain, b. 1959.
        3   David Vane Walker, b. 1989.
    4       Denise Walker, b. 1937; d. 1995.
  13         Irene Daphne Walker, b. 1893
  14         Charles Frederick Walker, m. (1st) Pamela (Cynthia?) Rowan (no issue), m. (2nd) June Cox.
10           Elizabeth Walker, b. December, 1848; d. 1849, at Rio de Janeiro, enroute to Liverpool.


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