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"The Roots and Branches of Our Family Tree"

Clegg's, Graves, Foster's, Pugh's, Moulder, Stuart/Stewart, Butler, Gaines, Bourne, Tingley, Shahan's, Grimes, Cave, Pendleton, Taylor,s and others.

I began researching the genealogies of our families in 1978 with very little information to go on. It began with a newspaper article printed in January of that year which gave some "tips" on tracing your family tree. Most of us were giving thought to our New Years Resolutions. My resolution that year was to begin tracing our family tree. This search has taken our family on many wonderful adventures which has lead us to meet new family members, make wonderful friendships, explore parts of the country which we may not have otherwise visited, not to mention the many cemeteries where we have tread.

I am hoping this work will be of interest to our children, grandchildren and possibly others who are searching information along these family lines.

The data in the files that I have compiled, began before computers were common in our homes. Hours were spent in research at the National Archives and in Libraries. Many, many letters were written to family members to reclaim almost forgotten memories. I have tried to document most of the information I have gathered, however, more recent information given to me may not have documentation. I have tried to research information given to me that I thought was questionable. To the best of my knowledge what I present is quite accurate. If you note any decrepencies please let me know.

To view the family of Jacob Harvey Stuart and Nancy Minerva (Turner) of Izard & Fulton County, AR. cira: 1870, Please click on the link "NEXT" below. titled"Our Arkansas Stuart Family" from there you may click on a link which will take you to the World Connect genealogy pages that I have submitted for our Stuart, Turner and related lines.

Visit the family of "Reuben L. Butlerof Fulton & Izard County, Ar. 1840".Click on the link "NEXT" below.

You may view the family genealogy for the Foster, Tingley and related families. . Click link "NEXT" below.

You may view the family genealogy for the Clegg, Shahan and related families. Click link "NEXT" below.

Please feel free to email me, if you have additional information or if you have any questions. I do ask for you not to send any mail that isn't genealogy related, please type "Our Family" in the subject line, Thank You!

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I am so pleased to share with you my "First Award", presented to me by Sue Ann, of " Kentucky is my Home". Her lovely web pages has inspired me to create the pages I have here. (Thank You Sue Ann!)

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