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100,000 British Home Children (alleged orphans) were sent to Canada by over 50 British Child Care organizations.  These 4-15 year old children worked as indentured farm labourers and domestic servants until they were 18 years old.  The organizations professed a dominant motive of providing these children with a better life than they would have had in Britain, but they had other ignoble and pecuniary motives.


The organizations rid themselves of an unwanted segment of their society and profited when they sold these children to Canadian farmers.  Siblings in care in Britain were separated from their families and each other.  Siblings were separated from each other when they were sent to Canada.  Most never saw each other again.  Many spent their lives trying to identify their parents and find their siblings and most were unsuccessful.  The 5 million British Home Children descendants have 20 million British relatives.  How could this many people not know they are related to one another?  Their mutual searches have been hampered by the unwillingness of the childcare organizations to readily release vital personal information.




    Frederick George Snow

    17/09/1909 – 17/09/1994  

    A British Home Child



Perry Snow

A Stolen Identity Reclaimed

Meeting British Relatives




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Effective Sunday  November 17, 2013


I have donated the BRITISH HOME CHILDREN REGISTRY to Lori Oschefski’s British Home Children in Canada website.  The entire database of 58,000 records that include 4,500 who have been claimed by their descendants will be published and freely searched.  The site is very sophisticated and allows descendants to enter and edit their ancestor’s information.  Please allow a few weeks for the millions of bits of information I’ve collected since 2000 to be installed on this site.




I have donated a copy of my book

Neither Waif nor Stray:  The Search for a Stolen Identity

To Lori Oschefski’s British Home Children in Canada website.


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