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New Zealand

Ingvoldsen - Lindberg
Descendants in Gothenburg & Stockholm, Sweden

Thina Julie Ingvoldsdatter (Ingvoldsen) on her arrival at Napier, New Zealand in 1873 was employed undertaking domestic duties on a farm near Napier. She met Carl Johan Samuel Lindberg, a sailor working on ships in the Europe to Australasia trade, and they were married in her father's house at Napier in 1875.

Their eldest son, Thomas Gustra Lindberg was born in 1875 and died when 4 months old of dehydration resulting from diarrhoea. It is said that Julie never got over the loss of her first-born child.

Daniel Charles Lindberg, was born on September 11, 1881 at Napier, while their youngest son William David Lindberg was born on March 6, 1883 at Napier, (died January 9, 1964 at Gothenburg). In May of the same year, Julie's father Ingvold Syversen (Ingvoldsen) died aged 82 and a decision was made by the Lindberg family to return to Europe.

Carl worked on ships in the New Zealand coastwise trade from the time of his marriage to Julie until about 1882 when he was employed by  the  Napier  Harbour  Board. It seems that he used 'Charles' (the Anglicised version of his christian name) while in New Zealand, and a Certificate of Discharge from the British ship 'Loch Fleet' records that he was an Able Seaman (AB) on a coastwise voyage from Lyttelton to Auckland from 24 December 1877 until 23 January 1878.  A reference for Charles (Carl) Lindberg dated 10 January 1884, issued by the Chief Engineer of the Napier Harbour Board, states that Carl had worked as a General Labour and Deckhand on the Board's dredge for approximately two years and was returning to Europe to visit relatives.

It can be assumed that the family departed from Napier on or shortly after that date for England.  At this stage no trace of them can be found in the 1891 Cenus of England, but they turned up in Stockholm, Sweden in 1892.

On their arrival in Stockholm the family lodged with Carl's mother Elisabet Sophia (Carlberg) Lindberg who had been a businesswoman and owned seven smaller houses in Stockholm. She was then a widow, her husband Carl Gustav Lindberg having died in 1873, and she died in 1894.

Carl initially bought a tug, and the family lived onboard it until forced to find somewhere else to live when Julie became asthmatic. In 1900 Carl bought a section (block of land) and built a large house on it which was named "Juliaborg". Stables for a horse he used in his business, running a providoring store from the bottom story of the house, were also built nearby. The place is still named Juliaborg, but in 1958 the original house which was three stories high was demolished.

The oldest son Daniel helped his father with the running of the store and later took the operation of it over. William was 'artistic' and was sent to school to learn the art of painting.

Julie died at Juliaborg on April 14, 1913. William married Alma Elisabet Dahlqvist (born November 14, 1883 at Karlsberg, died November 5, 1964 at Stockholm) on May 21, 1913 and they lived at Juliaborg for the year following their marriage. Carl and Daniel continued to live at Juliaborg, though Carl suffered greatly from the loss of Julie, getting in a housekeeper to maintain the house.

The first grandchild Bengt Samuel Lindberg (born December 5, 1913 in Stockholm, died May 25, 1989 at Lidingö ) was born to William and Alma. Following the birth of their first child, Alma opened a bakery business in the town in April 1915 and the family moved to live in the house above the bakery. Shortly afterwards came the birth of their second child (female - still living, born May 1915), to be followed by the youngest, (female - still living, born 1920).

Bengt became a civil engineer, while the eldest girl was a commercial secretary and the youngest a dietician. Their parents built in 1923 a summer house 16 kilometers from Stockholm alongside a 10 kilometer long lake and the family spent many happy summers there together.

In 1916 Daniel married Elin Dahlqvist (born July 31, 1891 at Karlsberg, died December 1, 1962 at Stockholm) a younger sister of William's wife Alma. They subsequently lived at Juliaborg and had two daughters (still living) born in 1917 and 1920 respectively.

Carl Johan Samuel Lindberg died on February 6, 1937 and even in the later years of his life kept good health suffering only from eyesight and hearing problems. His grand-children said toward the end, they had to "scream at him" to be heard and he spent the last few months of his life in hospital.

G B Carlson - August 2007.

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