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(11) Job Briggs

Born:  03/05Aug1696 in Little Compton or Portsmouth, Newport, RI

Died:  04Mar1727

Married:  Mary Tallman in 1715/16 (daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Tallman of Dartmouth, MA).  Mary was born 03May1695 in Dartmouth, MA and she died 23Jun1769 in Little Compton, Newport, RI.

Job and Mary are buried in Briggs Cemetery on Shaw Road where they lived.  Job and Mary had seven children:

Child No. 1:  Oliver (12):  born 27Dec1716 and died 1768.  See Oliver (12) for additional details.

Child No. 2:  William:  born 24Apr1718 and died 1802.

Child No. 3:  Joseph:  born 04Jan1720 and died 1758.

Child No. 4:  Jeremiah:  born 1721 in Newport Co., Little Compton, RI and died Sep1764 in Newport Co., Little Compton, RI.  He married Anna Taylor 05Aug1745.

Child No. 5:  Deborah:  born 1723 and married Michael Sherman in 1741.

Child No. 6:  Bathsheba:  born 1724 and married Job Hunt 16Feb1752 in Little Compton.  Job was born in 1730.  They had four children:  (1st) John:  Born in 1752.  (2nd) Samuel :  Born in 1753.  (3rd) Levina :  Born in 1755.  (4th) Walter :  Born in 1756.

Child No. 7:  Abigail:  born in 1726 and married Peleg Cornell of Westport on 24Jan1768.

After Job died in 1727 Mary remarried and had two children:  (1st) Walter:   Born 1728.  (2nd) Lovett:  Born 1730,  married Abrigale Tallman in 1767.