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Peter and Elizabeth Bricker house, built 1759 at Cocalico, Lancaster Co, PA. PeterSr PeterJr ChristianSr ChristianJr ChristianIII Jonathan William Irvin Warren Jacob Henry Isaac Charles Dewey Duaine

Peter Bricker of Cocalico, PA Family Tree


Participants BR06, BR07, BR11, BR19, BR34, and BR35 represent the descendents of four out of the five sons of Peter Bricker of Cocalico, Lancaster County, PA. The genetic signature or haplotype of BR11 and BR35, descendant of son Peter Bricker Jr, differs from that of BR06, BR07, BR19, and BR34, descendants of sons Christian, John, and David Bricker, at two markers along their respective Y-chromosomes: DYS 439 and DYS 392. A total mutational distance between BR11 and BR35 on the one hand and BR06, BR07, BR19, and BR34 on the other hand is three, which in most cases would tend to rule out a genetic relationship, as two mutations in a 12-marker comparison is considered the limit for such a possibility.

However, all six participants share a rare "micro-allele", a half-step mutation of "13.2" at marker DYS 385b, and with the genealogical evidence pointing to six descending from Peter Bricker Sr of Cocalico, the genetic results and genealogies together confirm Peter as their most recent common ancestor. See extended haplotype comparisons of Project participants here.