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 Appearing in 17 March 1827--Charles Ash Mix--is declared a liar, swindler and villain, beware of him. signed, Hugh Alexander, Isidore Larguier, Paget Halpen, L. Bonnecaze, John Laferry, Pre Baron, L. Em Vialet

Appeared in 14 April 1827--Baton Rouge Lyceum (Formerly Baton Rouge Academy) under the care of Lucien Charvet will begin exams on 23 April 1827
Appeared in 28 April, 1827 Issue--Baton Rouge Lyceum: Annual list of distributions for prizes for the year 1827

Latin Language--3d Class
Prize--Albert Duplantier
4th Class: 1st prize-Gustave Dobellievre, 2nd Prize--Edward Gardere
7th Class: 1st Prize--Hippolyte Decouix, 2nd prize--Paul Hiriart, Accessit:--Julien Tanneret

English Language--First Section
1st Prize--Alberic Duplantier, 2nd Prize--F. Beauchet St. Martin
Second Section
1st Prize--Edward Gardere, 2nd prize--Alfred Duplantier
Third Section
1st Prize--Leonce Turcox, 2nd Prize--Fergus Gardere

Prize--Julius Tanneret
French Language--1st Section
1st Prize--E. Bauchet St. Martin, 2nd Prize--Oscar Labatut
2nd Section
1st Prize--Alfred Duplantier, 2nd Prize--Edward Gardere
Prize for Orthography--G. Debellierre
3rd Section
1st Prize--Augustin LeBlanc, 2nd Prize--Fergus Gardere, Accessit---Leonce Turcox

1st Prize--F. Bauchet St. Martin, 2nd Prize--Gustave Debellievre, Accessit--Alfred Duplantier
Arthmetic--1st Section
Prize--F. Banchet St. Martin
2nd Section
1st Prize--Joseph Menard, 2nd Prize--Omer Fortier and Francis Mayronne
3rd Section
1st Prize--Joseph V. Duralde, 2nd Prize--W. Bainbridge McCutcheon, Pierre Mayronne, John D. West

1st Section
Prize--Omer Fortier, Francis Mayonne
2nd Section
Prize--J.V. Dudralde and Joseph Larguier
3rd Section
Prize--Pierre Mayronne and Valmont Decoux

Reading English--1st Section
1st Prize--J.V. Duralde, 2nd Prize--John D. West and Francis Mayronne
2nd Section
1st Prize--Emile Espanet, 2nd Prize--Frank Michel Neff

Reading French--1st Section
1st Prize--Francis Mayronne, 2nd Prize--Omer Fortier
2nd Section
1st Prize--Pierre Mayronne, 2nd Prize--J.V. Duralde
3rd Section
1st Prize--W. Bainbridge McCrutcheon, 2nd Prize--Valmont Decoux, Accessit--Frank Michel Neff

Appeared on 19 May 1827--Tract Society of Baton Rouge was formed to promote religion. H.H. Gurley, Pres.; Felix Brunot, VP; William Jennison, Treas.; Rev. John Dorrance, Thomas G. Morgan, and John Buhler were managers.

A man named John Ward is guilty of having connived with the persons whole stole my child, Jacob Jackson Miller, on the 12th inst. the child is about 8 years old, stout of his age and looks pale having been sickly of late. John Ward is a stout built man having one of his forefingers crooked, and a scar on one of his cheeks. Ten Dollars will be given for the child and the same for the apprehension of Jno. Ward so that he may be brought to Justice, or Twenty dollars for both. JACOB MILLER, Highlands, May 19, 1827

Appeared in 7 July, 1827

Letters remaining in the Post office, need to be picked up before Oct 1 then sent to General Post Office in New Orleans:

A--Lt. JJ Abercrombie; William Adams; Michael Adams; George Aldred; William Allen

B-Robert Boyd; Needham Blount; Traverse Bount; Gabriel Berry; Mrs. C. Brashears; M. Bergeron; Polite Brusade; Julie Bienville; P. Butler (a soldier); John Bartel; Monsr. Bowie; T. Burnet; Lewis H. Burnet; William Burney; David Bell; John Barthon; M. Branagan; G. H. Bleaze; Samuel Bell; Zeph. Blanchard; Thomas L. Brent; John Buhler

C-Wm.P. Cone; Pierre Clermont; David W. Connely; Charles Cannon

D-Hisidore Daigle; Mde. Joissin Daigle; Mde. Desesarte; Martin Doyle; Remie Delatte; James Duff; Wm. Denham; Aug. Dufresne; Mr. F. J. Duncan; John N. Duncan

E-Esom Gideon; J. & B. Eveles; Mde. Ve. Esnard

F-Isham P. Fox; William Fox; Michael Farrell; Nancy Femy; A. Fridge; Frs. Ferbois

G-Joseph Gras; Joseph Grace; A. Grace; Fernando Gayoso; Mr. Gamms; M. Grunnery; E. Grandpre; Garafe; James Gunn; Thomas Goach; Phillip Garig

H-J. Hebert; Victor Hebert;Bte Hubeau, Jr; Mr. Hilarircebourg;M.K. Headen; Wm Hawes; Wm. Hunter; Jesse Holland; Sol. Hogue; Mary C. Homes; Robert Haile; Col. W. Hampton; Dr. S.S. Hawkins; Ezra Hart; E.T. Hall; P. Hicky; Mrs. A. Hicky

J-Mr. Jarsony; E. & T. James; Richard Johnson; Wm. Jennison Jr.

K-William Kendrick; Samuel King; Richard Kinner; Hinson Kinchlow; Henry Keller; Mr. Kenney

L-David Lowden; C. Luppe'; Samuel Lerington; Mde. D. Landry; Joseph Leblanc; L.M. Le Breton; Mrs. Hansser Luis; Inon. (?) Legendre; M. Louney; B. T. Linson; B. Lockwood; L. Landry; Gallant Lively

M-Ferd. McDermott; Michel McDermott; Mlle. A. Millette; Hugh Morrison Mr.; Mr. Martin; Ben. Minwell; Christopher Martin; Samuel Martin; Gen. W. Morgan; John McCready; Andrew Millon; L.H. More; Jacques Molaison; Charles A. Mir;Mde. Ve Mahier; A. Montant; Mde. C. Murent

N-James Newsom; Vel. Nerldblon

O-C.R. O'Conway; James osburn

P-M. Paterson; Samuel Peniston; V. Patin; Lewis Pyburn; Jno. A. Parton; Thomas Pumroy; J.B. & E.W. Potts; C. Peirce

Q-Leven Quilling

R-Jno. Randolph; Joseph Rodrigues; John B. Richard;John Robertson; J. Bte. Ramirez; Jordan Roach;Abijah Russ; Thomas Ritchey; Stephen Roberts; Francois Rivas

S-Mr. Sea; Monsr. Sepuirde; A. H. Sterrett; James D. Stuart; Celestin Serret; Mlle. C. St. Jean; Landon Sevier; Richard Snead; Horatio S. Sprigg; John Snead; Samuel Steer

T-Joseph Trahan; Joseph Taquino; Gen. P. Thomas; F. Toulouse; Joseph Thompson; Mr. Toory; Redden Thames; Valri Trahan; H. Trulaws; Dr. James T. Turner; Frs. Theriot; Absalom Timms; Constance Ternoir; Mr. Tenerson; Frs. Trahan; Marie Trahan

V-O. Vanlandingham; Widow L. Viales; Dr. P.L Victor; S. Vaught; Uriah Vining

W- W.R. Willis; Smith Willis; Zephaniah Walker; Mrs. Susannah West; Thomas W. West; Mrs. E. Wilson; Joseph E. Waller; A. William; A. Winthrop

signed: Hugh Alexander, Postmaster

Appeared in 23 June 1827

The Selectmen passed the following ordinance. There shall be a $50 fine for taking up strays unless they are a "freeholder" of the parish. All freeholders must report the stray to the parish ranger within 5 days or there would be a $25 fine/ half to the parish and half to the informant. When a stray is given up to it's owner, the freeholder must report it to the ranger within 5 days or there would be a $5 fine.

Appeared in 7 July, 1827

List of all new Post Roads established by U.S.Congress appeared in the paper, each state and each route.

( 10 Aug, 1827)

KIDNAPPING-My son MARTIN MILLER, a boy of 10 yrs age, thick set, his face somewhat freckled and marked with small pox, was stolen from this place about the 18th of July (as I have reason to believe) by a man called Juanquin Capez, alias Juanquin Pelara, a Spaniard of the following description: 6 feet high and fair complexion, blues eyes, fair hair and sandy whiskers, has one tooth out before. The said Juanquin Capez, alias Juanquin Pelara, was followed by me as far as Woodville, in the state of Mississippi, where I lost all intelligence of him. I will pay a liberal reward to any person that will bring me back my child, together with all necessary expenses, and any information concerning the child will be thankfully received. The editors of papers in the States of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will be serving the cause of humanity by inserting the above. JOHN MILLER, Soldier U.S. Army

Appeared in 3 Nov 1827 Pocket book belonging to Susan Glass was found by John Simpson of Baton Rouge
Appeared 5 Jan 1828: Plantation for sale by John Thompson in Iberville. 200 arpents in cultivation, 140 in sugar cane; 40-50 slaves
Appeared 5 Jan 1828: Plantation for rent by Eur. Slaughter; on the Highlands formerly belonging to Mrs. Davis, 420 acres and 250 acres cleared for cultivation
Appeared in 5 Jan 1828: A Statement shewing the condition of the Public Schools in the parish of East Baton Rouge




No. of students who pay

No. state pays for


No. of proper age

Amount paid



C. French, H. Alexander, S. Henderson

A.G. Bonner, J. Phillips







Louis Sheppers, Jon Reed, Wm. B. Scott

S. Gardiner







F. Skipwith, E. ross, T.B. Robertson

No School, No report rendered


Jos. Young, Jno. Sullivan, A. Scott

Martin Doyle







Jn. Bogan, Hampton, Josephus Smith

Thomas Stannard







Jn. Kleinpeter,Sr., L.P Fox, L. Smith

Trescott, A. Jones






Wm. Webb, J.B. Babin, E. Headen

L. Code, J. Capers







P. Hicky, S. Steer, J. Mather

No Teacher

No School, no indigent children


James Neilson, F. Rivas, P. Daigre






Jno. Gilmore, W. Hawes, D. Hawes





No account from teacher


H. Montgomery, E. Satser, Jno. Whitten

No account rendered


P.A. Walker, Jno. Gayle, B. Bryant


No Account from teacher

Appeared in 26 april 1828: Mrs. Widow Riviere is selling out and moving to New Orleans. Items include furniture, a piano-forte, cotton gin, etc. Apply to Mr. I. Larguier in Baton Rouge for info.

Appeared in 22 Dec 1827: A meeting of the stockholders of the Baton Rouge Steam Boat Company took place at Madame Legendre's hotel where they adopted regulations for their government. Mssrs. E. T. James, J.U. Collier, and M. Sloan were appointed a commission to purchase a boat should one not be obtained previous to the first of February next, the stockholders have determined to have one built in the upper country. The sum of $15,000 has been subscribed which is deemed sufficient. The following persons were appointed directors: J.P. Michel, Isidore larguier, James McCalap, John Huguet, A. Bird, Jno. T. MacNeill, George Sharp, James mansker, W. Jennison.

Appeared in 5 Jan 1828: Public School Report: Trustees included: C. French, H. Alexander, S. Henderson, Louis Sheppers, Jon. Reed, Wm B. Scott, F. Skipwith, E. Ross, T. B. Robertson; Jos. Young. Jno. Sullivan, A. Scott; Jno. Bogan, Hampton, Josephus Smith, Jno. Kleinpeter Sr., I.P. Fox, L. Smith; Wm. Weldbon, J.B. Babin, E. Headen, P. Hicky, S. Steer, J. Mather, James Neilsen, F. Rivas, P. Daigre, Jno. Gilmore, W. Hawes, D. Hawes; H.M. Montgomery, E. Satser, Jno. Whitten, P.A. Walker, Jno. Gayle, B. Bryan

Teachers were: A. G. Bonner, J. Phillips, S. Gardiner, Martin Doyle, Thomas C. Stennard, Trescott S. Jones, J. Capers, Tourfout. 179 students total, 130 who pay, 49 who don't but board is reimbursed by the state.

Appeared in 12 Jan 1828: BATON ROUGE STEAMBOAT COMPANY; Agreeable to the advertisement in the Baton Rouge Gazette, a meeting of the directors of the Baton Rouge Steamboat Company took place at madame Legendre's on Thursday last at 4:00 P.M. The following members were present: A. Bird, George Sharp, John P. Michel, John T. MacNeill, and John Huguet. John T. MacNeill by unanimous vote of the board elected president, Stephen Henderson, jr. was appointed secretary, and John P. Michel was appointed Treasurer and collector. A private resolution relative to the purchase of a steam boat was adopted.

Appeared in 22 March 1828: LODGE: NO. 10: The Lodge Blazing Star, No. 10, surnamed the Lodge of the Guest, will hold it's monthly meeting this Sunday 6th April next, at which meeting it is the duty of every member to attend. by order of the Lodge, March 22 S. Henderson, Jr. Sec'y

Appeared in 5 April 1828: List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Baton Rouge on the 1st April 1828, which if not taken out before 1st July next will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

A--James Ashburn

B--J.P. Biddle, G.V. Biddle, B.T. Beauregard, Nathaniel M. Baker, William Brown, Ash Beacon, Leon Bonnecaze, J.J. Burk, Anthony Butler, Bernard Bernodier, Joseph Breaux, John Bubler, Owen Blunt, Wm. J. Blanchard, W.L. Breed, Miss C. Brashears, Joseph Barbin, Wm. P. Bryan, Mrs. Betsey Bryan, Aaron Baker, Gen. W. Bayles, Capt. Wm. Brown, Joseph h. Ball, Thomas J. Branner, Hester Bubler, Green B. Bausell

C--Dempsey Cain, John Croft, Mary S. Cobb, B. Collins, Elias Cordder, T.W. Chinn, Wm. P. Coxe, David W. Connely, Mr. Cousinard, F. Capdet, F.D. Conrad, Clerk of Parish Court

D--Daniel Dreyfres, Francis P. Davidson, Louis Daigle, Mde. Anne Daysan, Dr. Doussan, aubry Dupuy, Mad. Louis Daigle

E--Marcellin Esnard, Basil Eccles, Esidor Etaigl, Lewis Esnault

F--Mrs. Isabella Foster, Jari Fulton, Moses Ferguson

G--Ambroise Gregoire, Firmin Guedry, Joseph Glass, David Gaces, Mrs. Susan Glass, Etienne Grandpre, Mrs. Wm. Gurley, John Gilmore, John Garnier

H--Wicome Hale, John Hulier, Thomas H. Hall, Vincent Hamilton, Elisha F. Hall, John R. Holliday, Lewis Herring, Thomas Harbour, Jacari Hoenr, Mrs. Hand, James Hutchins, A. Hernandez

J--H. Jernigan, Gen. A. Jackson, Nathaniel Jones, Lieut. W.R. Janet, James Johnston

K--John King, George Kleinpeter, Mrs. Elizabeth King, Mrs. Mary Kelton, Chester Keyes, W. Kendrick, L.R. Keney

L--August Lequoque, August Leroq, Augustin Leclerc, Hypolyte Legndre, Mrs. S. Lewis, George Laws, Manuel Landry, Joseph Alex. Landry, Amazon Ledoux, William Lane

M--Mad. C. B. Melaison, Jaques Molsison, Charles Morgan, Joseph Marshall, A. Montaut, L. Mauser, S. Mernser, Mrs. Mary L. Mills, Anselome Mahier, Patricky Molley, Joseph Martinez, G. McCullough, George McCullough, Alex Mcculloh, Henry McGangey, McNamarin, Hambleton McIntosh, John F. McCan, Alex. McMaster, Charles Mcconnell, Duncan McFadgen, Angus McGilvary, Mrs. Martin

N--Miss Julia Nash, John Nolan

O--Wm. C. Oates, J. O'Brien

P--Paysant, S.G. Parsons, Theodule Perrin, Miss Lucinda Pope, V. Patin, Mlle. Pintado, Mr. Phillip, Bd. Peyrounin, Andrew Powers, Emmanuel Peltier, Miss Louisa Penny

R--A. Russ, Carel Richards, Auguste Richard, guimme Rapelier, Mrs. Jane Rock, Mr. Rivas

S--John F. Smith, Ezekiel F. Stites, Jacob Shatbough, Mr. Smith, Frederick Shnider, Joel Smithen, Mrs. Lucetia Stuart, Robert Stirling

T--Alexis Trudeau, Charles Tessier, William Tiffany, Redding Thames, Wm. C. Tomlinson, Col. Taylor, William Tomlinson, Gen. P. Thomas, William Tomb, James P. Turner, H. Claudia Tarquois

U--David Ulery

V--John Veil

W--Frame A. Wands, Adam Winthrop, Austin Woolfolk, Thomas W. West, Miss Martha O.. West, McLamore Watkins, Miss Matilda Weekley, Eliza Williamson, Capt. Wm. Waters, Thomas Warner, Anthony Webb

Appeared on 12 July 1828: Meeting of the 11th Regiment of the Louisiana Militia will meet on the 26th at the Court House of EBR to elect a colonel, by order of Lt. Col. John Bills; A. Matta, Adjutant

Appeared on 26 July 1828: Arrived on Monday last (21st) 3 companies of the 4th Regiment, U.S. Infantry from New Orleans who will spend the "sickly months" in the garrison of this town. Officers are: Major W.S. Foster, Dr. B.F. Harney, Dr. L.L. Near, Capt. W.W. Lear, Lt. G.W. Allen, Lt. Timothy Page, Lt. S.R. Allstone, and Mr. J.K. Kimball

Appeared in 3 April 1830 edition

Baton Rouge, March 28, 1830

The first annual meeting of the Bible Society of the Parish of East Baton Rouge met this day at the Presbyterian Church. John Buhler, Esq. Vice President in the Chair. The Society being organized, the chairman called upon the secretary to read the report. The report having been read, Mr. Brunot addressed the society and moved that the report be adopted.

Resolved: That said report be adopted, Mr. Ogden then addressed the society and moved the following resolution which was adopted: Resolved: That in view of the great efforts now making by the American Bible Society to supply every destitute family in our country with a copy of the Holly Scriptures it is peculiarly necessary that the Auxiliary Society persevere in their benevolent exertions. Mr. Morgan then addressed the society and moved the following resolution: Resolved, That we will extend our operations to the adjoining parishes and lend our aid to supply their destitutions. Rev. Mr. Dorrance then proposed the officers for the ensuing year, when the following persons were appointed: President, Gen. Philemon Thomas; vice Presidents--1st, T. G. Morgan; 2nd John Buhler; 3rd Wm. Jennison, Jr.; Corresponding Secretary, Rev. J. Dorrance.

Recording Secretary, Ch. W. Crawford; Directors--John Phillips, Jas. M'Calop, M. Sloan, H. alexander, Wm Willis, Jr; Rev. Wm Gale, Rev. Erwin, William Webb, Michael Watson, Daniel Loudon, Thomas Lilley, Wm. Noble, Wm. Hawes, M. Chambers, and A. Jones.

Mr. Devall moved for the nomination of the executive committee, when the following persons were appointed: Ch. W. Crawford, Wm. Jennison Jr., Thos. G. Morgan, Rev. William Gale, Rev. J. Dorrance.

Appeared on 10 April 1830


At an examination held at the Baton Rouge Academy on Thursday, the first day of April---The following premiums were awaraded to the young gentlemen whose names are appended:

First Latin Class
1st Prize to: Joseph W. Fowler; 2nd Prize to Alex H. Moore; Accessit to Joseph Menard
Second Latin Class
1st Prize to Augustus Devall; 2nd Prize to Robert Moore; Accessit to Phlip Hicky
Third Latin Class
1st Prize to Philip Dieffenwierth; 2nd prize to Samuel H. Lee; Accessit to Joseph Duralde
Latin Grammar
1st Prize to Alex H. Moore; 2nd Prize to Joseph W. Fowler; Accessit to Robert Moore
Spanish Class
1st Prize to Joseph Menard; 2nd Prize to Joseph Duralde; accessit to Joseph Larguier
First French Class
1st Prize to Joseph W. Fowler; 2nd prize to Joseph Menard; Accessit to Augustus Devall
Second French Class
1st prize to Adonis Hebert; 2nd Prize to Philip Hicky; Accessit to Augustus Theriot
Third French Class
1st Prize to Samuel H. Lee; 2nd Prize to John W. Gurley; Accessit to Charles Tessier
Fourth French Class
1st Prize to Robert Moore; 2nd Prize to Alexander H. Moore; Accessit to James Mitchell
English History
1st Prize to Philip Dieffenwierth; 2nd prize to Augustus Devall; Accessit to George Z. Mather
American History
1st Prize to Samuel H. Lea; 2nd Prize to Joseph Menard; Accessit to Alexander H. Moore
First Class in Geography
1st Prize to Phliilp Dieffenwierth; 2nd prize to Augustus Devall; Accessit to Joseph W. Fowler
Second Class in Geography
1st Prize to Benjamin Smith; 2nd Prize to William W. Janes; Accessit to Adonis Hebert
Third Class in Geography
1st Prize to Theodule Koussel (or Roussel) ; 2nd prize to William D. Phillips; Accessit to Pierre Verbois
First Class in English Grammar
1st Prize to Philip Dieffenweirth; 2nd Prize to Samuel H. Lea; Accessit to Willilam Reynaud
Second Class in English Grammar
1st Prize to William Williams; 2nd Prize to Joseph Duralde; Accessit to John W. Gurley
Third Class in English Grammar
1st Prize to William M. Janes; 2nd prize to Adonis Hebert; Accessit to Henry W. Gurley
Class in Mythology
1st Prize to Augustus Devall; 2nd Prize to Alexander H. Moore; Accessit to Joseph W. Fowler
in Algebra
1st Prize to Joseph Menard; 2nd prize to Augustus Devall; Accessit to William Reynaud
In Arithmetic
1st Prize to Benjamin Moore; 2nd Prize to Robert Moore; Accessit to George Z. Mather
In Composition
1st Prize to George Z. Mather; 2nd Prize to Joseph W. Fowler; Accessit to Philip Dieffenwierth
In Declamation
1st Prize to William Williams; 2nd prize to James Mather
Spelling and Reading
1st Prize to William S. Holliday; 2nd Prize to James Mitchell; Accessit to Pierre Verbois
1st Prize to George Z. Mather; 2nd Prize to Augustus Devall

The undersigned having been requested to attend the examination of the Pupils at the Baton Rouge Academy, on the 1st instant, take great pleasure in stating that the Principal (Mr. Phillips) and his Assistants spare no pains in advancing the youths committed to their charge--that the pupils have made great progress since the last examination. We can with confidence recommend the Institution to the public patronage. Wm. Wikoff, Sr.; Thomas G. Morgan; John Dorrance; Ch. Tessier; Cors R. French; Baton Rouge, April 2d, 1830

Appeared in 24 July 1830:


Headquarters, 2d Battalion, 4th Regt.; U.S. Infantry; Baton Rouge, La. 21st July, 1830
Deserted from this Post on the 19th and 20th instant, the following named soldiers--
Edmund Ives, twenty five years of age, five feet 6 1/2 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, born in New Haven Connecticut, and by profession a shoemaker.
George Land, twenty three years of age, five feet 7 1/2 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, born in Louden county, in the State of Virginia, and by profession a laborer.
Andrew Limerick, twenty one years of age, five feet 11 1/2 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, born in Gloster county, New Jersey, and by profession a laborer.
The above REWARD will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of the said deserters at this or any other Military Post in the United States, or $15 for the apprehension and delivery of either of them.
---- three guns will be fired whenever a desertion takes place. WM. S. FOSTER, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Com'g

Appeared in 14 August 1830 edition


Headquarters 2d Batt., 4th Infantry
Baton Rouge, LA 12 August, 1830
Deserted from this Post on the 7th, 10th and 11th inst. the following named soldiers:
Gilbert Sanford, of A Company, 7th Infantry, fair complexion, grey eyes, light hair, 5 feet 7 1/2 inches high.
Adam Johnson, of G Company, 4th Regt. U.S. Infantry, 27 years of age; 5 feet 6 inches high, fair complexion, grey eyes, dark hair, born in Philadelphia, PA. and by profession a cordwainer. Was enlisted on the 5th September, 1829, by Major Glassell, at Philadelphia
David Trotter, of G. Company, 11th Regt. U.S. Infantry, 23 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, born in Northumberland county, New York, and by profession a laborer. Was enlisted on the 5th May, 1828 at Baltimore by Captain Loomis.
Thomas Alsop, of I Company, 1st Regt. U.S. Infantry, 30 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches high, sandy complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, born in Spottsyslvania, Virginia, and by occupation a plasterer. Was enlisted by Capt. Brant at St. Louis on the 29th July, 1824.
The above reward will be paid for apprehension and delivery of said Deserters at this or any other Military Post in the United States or to any Officer of the Army for the sum of $15 for the apprehension of either of the men. (signed) Nelson Clark, Lt 4th U.S. Infantry Post Adjutant

Appeared in 25 Sept 1830

Headquarters, 2d Batt. 4th Infantry
Camp Sandy Creek, LA. 19 Sept. 1830
Deserted on the 7th Inst., the following named Soldiers of Company I, 4th Regt. U.S. Infantry
Samuel Mellon, 22 years of age, 6 feet 4 inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, born in Pennsylvania,; was enlisted at New Orleans the 29th of November, 1829, by Lieut. P. Mirrison.
Oliver Axton, 25 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, light complexion, grey eyes, sandy hair, was born in the State of Maine and enlisted at New Orleans, the 4th of April, 1827, by Capt. H. Wilson.
The above reward will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of said Deserters at this or any other Military Post in the U.S. or to any officer of the Army -- of $15 for the apprehension and delivery of either of them.  Published by order of Lieut. Co. Wm. S. Foster

Appeared in 9 Oct 1830

MURDER--On the 1st inst. the Coroner held an inquest at the house of Mr. Kenneth L. McRae on Red Wood in this Parish, about 23 miles from Baton Rouge on the body of a young man named David Ivy, who was shot through the head with a rifle ball while picking cotton in Mr. McRae's field, the day before, by a man named Lemuel Burges. The following are the facts said to be connected with this terrible murder.

David Ivy, newly hired as a laborer with Mr. McRae had circulated the report in the neighborhood that Lemuel Burges, who was married a few months ago in this parish, had fled from Alabama where he had a wife, inconsequence of a murder which he had committed. These reports having come to the ear of Burges, he resolved to be revenged, and carried his purpose into execution on the 30th September last between the hours of 4 and 5 p.m. by firing at fifteen paces distance, a rifle at the head of the unfortunate Ivy, whom he believed to be alone in the field; but Mr. McRae and his son were both in the same field about forty yards from the person shot, and at the report of the gun, they turned their heads in that direction and saw Ivy fall, and Burges running with a gun in his hand towards the fence where he mounted his horse and galopped through the woods. He was immediately pursued by several persons but their efforts to arrest him have not as yet been successful. Lemuel Burges, agreeably to the description of him is about 6 feet in height, with remarkably heavy eye brows joining above his nose and falling down uncommonly low; he is straight and slim built, and has a rather frowning countenance.

It is to be hoped that the Executive Power of the State will second the efforts of our community, and immediately issue a proclamation in order to encourage the arrest of the criminal.

Appeared in 7 January 1832 Edition

On Wednesday last, a re-encoutre took place in Marietta, in this parish, between a Mr. Wyatt of that place, and Mr. Aaron West of the parish of St. Helena. From what we have been able to learn, it appears that these two persons had a difference which they agreed to settle by an appeal to knives, which resulted in the death of the later. Wyatt is now in custody, but so badly wounded that it is thought he will not recover.

Appeared in 1 June 1833: "The Loss of the Steamer Lioness"

Articles on Davy Crockett, 1833

Appeared in 6 April 1833 Edition

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Baton Rouge, La., Ap;ril 1st, 1833, which if not taken out within three months will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters.

A.--Gabriel Allen, Mr. Allain, Rev. Wm. Allen

B. John Baker, Bird, M.M. Balsenur, Private Blanchard, Joseph Berrier, jacques Blanchard, Nathaniel M. Baker, Joseph Brown, Thomas Brown, A. F. Baquall, Mary Brown, Hypolite B..., Bushnell, George Brahear, willia Bersars, Theophile Babin

C--George Cox, D.P. Cain, F.S. Chisholm, Geo. Collins, T.J. Collins, Joseph Chambers, Cullivier, Eli Crocket, Wes Cox, Mary Cobb, Needham Cock

D--N.B. Depauw, A. Donovan, Donacap, Mds. Desmonville, K. Dunbar, Seth David, joisin Daigle, Antoine Dupuy, Antony Davis

E--Alex esnard, W.H. Erwin, Andrew Erasmus, Mickle Edwards, J.S. Edenfields, H. Emerson, Mde. Esneault

F--John Fridge, Jas. B. fry, Mlle, Fibes, Jas. Ferguson,, Jules Florat, James Fulshire, J.E. Frazier, E.F. Family Alex Fridge, John Furlow.

Appeared in 14 Jan 1834 Edition

Sixty Dollars Reward

Deserted from the Garrison of Baton Rouge, La. the following United States Soldiers:

1st: WILLIAM PARKER, a private of I Company, 4th Regt Infantry, aged 28 years, 5 feet 6 inches high, fair comoplexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and by occupation a carpenter, was born in Franklin county in the Stateof Massachusetts, enlisted the 18th Nov 1833, at Baton Rouge, La. by Lt. Screven, and deserted the 30th day of Nov. 1833.

2nd: JAMES LEE, a private of "G" Company, 4th Regt. Infantry, aged twenty-two years, five feet eight inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and by occupation a clerk, was born in Kent county in the State of Delaware, enlisted the 8th day of April 1833 at New York by Capt. Belknap and deserted the 22nd day of December 1833

The above reward will be given for th apprehension and delivery at Baton Rouge, La. or any other Military Post of the U.S. Army, for the three or thirty dollars for either. By order of Brevet Major Glassell, Comd'g, H.L. Scott, Lt. & Post Adj.

Appeared in 15 March 1834


Deserted from the Garrison of Baton Rouge, La. the following United States Soldiers:

1st: JOHN WALKER, a private of "H" Company, 4th Infy, aged 28 years, five feet nine and a half inches high, light complexion, grey eyes , brown hair, and by occupation a laborer; enlisted the 1st day of October 1833 at Pensacola and deserted the 3rd of February 1834.

2d: JOSHUA THARP, a private of "I" Company, 4th Infy, aged 21 years, six feet 2 and a half inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, brown hair and by occupation a laborer; enlisted the 25th day of April 1833 at Easton, and deserted the 12th day of February 1834.

3d: JAMES P. REED, a private of "E" Company, 4th Infy, aged 23 years,five feet six inches high, dark complexion, hazle eyes, dark hair and by occupation a laborer; enlisted the 9th day of October 1832 at Baton Rouge, and deserted the 14th day of February 1834.

4th, WILLIAM ALDRICH, a private of "H" Company, 4th Infy, aged 25 years, five feet six inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation a mule spinner; enlisted the 27th day of November 1830 at Providence, and deserted the 14th day of February 1834.

5th: WILLIAM PORTERFIELD, a private of "I" Company, 4th Infy, agaed 24 years, 5 feet 8 and three-fourths inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, yellow hair, and by occupation a laborer; enlisted at Newburg on the 23rd Sept 1829 and deserted on the 6th March 1834.

6th: JOSEPH CHIDSEY, a private of "I" Company, 4th Infy., aged 21 years, 5 feet 7 and one half inches high, grey eyes, dark hair, and by occupation a farmer; enlisted at New Orleans on the 6th of February 1831 and deserted on the 6th of March 1834.

The above reward will be given for th apprehension and delivery at Baton Rouge, La. or any other Military Post of the U.S. Army, for the six or thirty dollars for either. By order of Brevet Major Glassell, Comd'g, H.L. Scott, Lt. & Post Adj.

Appeared in 11 April 1840 Edition

Messrs. Louis Favrot, Jos. Bernard, Fergus Duplantier, James McCalop, John B. Kleinpeter, Stephen Henderson and Jehu Perkins have been appointed inspectors of the penitentiary at this place.

Appeared in 16 Jan 1841 Edition

Escape from the Penitentiary--On Wednesday night last, the celebrated Dr. Hines, alias Walker, and another convict named Adams, made their escape from the Penitentiary by means of a false key, which Adams had found means of making.

The Doctor from what we can learn, is entitled to no credit, for the ingenuity displayed in effecting their escape. The master spirit appears to have been Adams. The latter found the means of inserting the key in the lock of his cell door, by means of a small rod, and with a cord attached to two small pullies, he caused it to revolve without noise. After opening his door, he took the opportunity , while the sentry was at the extreme end of the building in which the cells are situated, to open the door of the cell adjoining, in which the Doctor was confined. After sometime, they crept along and ascended the stairs leading to the cigar shop, the door of which, (two inches thick) they perforated with an Augur, making all 42 holes. During this operation, they were compelled each time the sentries walked towards them to lie down to conceal themselves.

After obtaining entrance to the cigar shop, they secured a rope, which they had managed to secrete in their mattress, to the sill of the window, and descended in safety to the ground. The rope was composed of a number of pieces of bale rope spliced together.

They afterwards captured a horse grazing on the common, on which they both proceeded at full speed down the highland road. Somle negroes whom they passed near daylight, rcognized them as convicts by the rattling of their chains, and gave notice to Major Andrew Kleinpeter, who with some neighbors immediately started in pursuit. The Doctor and his companion abandoned their horse and proceeded through the can field of John B. Kleinpeter, Esq where Adams was secured and brought back to the Penitentiary. The Doctor is still at large, but as a number of the farmers on the Highland are in pursuit, together with a part of the officers and guards of the Penitentiary, it is believed that he will be retaken.

It was reported yesterday, that the Doctor had, like Charles the Second, taken shelter ina majestic oak, where he was discovered by those in pursuit, who summoned him to surrender. That he replied, that he felt inspired like the great Cambronne of the Imperial Guard, and could die, but could not surrender. It was further reported that a proposition was made to cut down the oak tree, which the Doctor overhearing, he slowly and majestically raised himself on an impending branch, and with dignity and solemnity, secured his persecutors that although he had lost his penitentiary blanket, and had no cloak to envelope himself gracefully like Caesar, yes he was determined to fall with the oak, be crushed to jelly with its trunk, and shrouded with its branches, 'ere he would again submit to the yoke, and enter the walls of the Penitentiary.

In addition he said he regretted with his dying breath, that he had no time or opportunity to write to his friend, James Gordan Bennet of the New York Herald.

The best accounts leave us in doubt as to the authenticity of these details, but all concur in stating that the Doctor is yet at large.

Appeared in 23 Jan 1841 Edition

The undersigned President of the Board of Inspectors of the Penitentiary at Baton rouge, having read some remarks in "The Crescent City" published in New Orleans, implicating the management of that institution, and casting suspicion, more or less, upon every officer concerned, in consequence of the late escape of the notorious swindler, Dr. Hines, alias Walker, deems it his duty to render justice for the Warden and to the officers and guards under him, by making the following statement.

Early in the morning succeeding the escape of the felon, I was informed that the captain of the guard desired to see me immediately. Imagining that something unusual had happened, I instantly arose and was told by him of the escape. I proceeded to the Penitentiary, examined carefully the cells in which the convicts had been confined. As the locks were uninjured I was irresistably led to the conclusion that one, at least, of the guards, had been bribed to open the doors with false keys, and connived at their escape. I felt alarmed for the lives and safety of the Warden, and his subordinates, as the whole of the Convicts might be liberated in the same manner. It was difficult to ascertain on whom to tie the treachery. An honest high minded man might be wrongfully accused.

I examined the logs of the Guards to learn the names of those who stood sentry during the night and at what hours they were relieved. My efforts to obtain any information from them was ineffectual. One convict stated that he heard the locks of two cells turn on awakening from his sleep, but he was not certain of the hour. I attach little credit to this statement.

In this state of uncertainty, I authorized the Warden to offer a reward of one hundred dollars in search of Deserters in order that if either should be taken, it might indicate how they had escaped. Letters were written to the different Towns on the Coast and to the Mayor of New Orleans. The Captain and about half of the Guards started in different directions in pursuit, and to give information to the Inhabitants.

At about noon, Adams was brought back to the Penitentiary, accompanied by J.B. Kleinpeter Esq. one of the inspectors, having been arrested in his cane field, by a farmer who was in pursuit. On the person of Adams was found a skeleton key and two or three small pullies, the whole made with great ingenuity. He explained the manner by which he passed the key through the grating of his door by means of a small rod, how he had succeeded in inserting it into the key hole and making it revolve without noise by means of the pullies. That he had opened his door early in the evening when there was only one sentry on post, the other busy in attendance on the cooks until they cleaned their utensils in order to escort them to their cells. That he took the opportunity while the sentry was at the farthur end, to open the adjoining cell in which Dr. Hines was confined. That he had secreted a brace and bit under his capot at the moment he left his workshop in the evening to be shut up.

These convicts took the opportunity while the sentry had his back turned in going his rounds, to glide separtely up the stairs to the cigar shop, the lower part of the door of which, they bored through with the brace and bit, making forty two holes in it. Each time the sentry passed that way, they laid in cover, they they had on, the landing of the stairs, which is so elevated that they could not be seen by him. After obtaining an entrance, which occupied several hours, they secured a rope which had been kept concealed in their mattress, to the window sill and descended four stories, to the ground, outside. This rope had been procured at different times from another convict named Picayune, who obtained it opening bales of cotton for the manufactory, and had occasionally concealed one of the ropes. For these ropes, Dr. Hines had given a silk pocket handkerchief and a gold ring.

The Convict Adams stated that he had been several months employed at the key, which is made of plates of iron, neatly secured together. While at his work bench he would work at it for a few minutes at a time, when the under Warden, in charge of the shop, turned his back. On his approach he would conceal it, and appeared busily employed at his work. He had also, a small saw about three inches long for the purpose of cutting off their irons when they gained their liberty. The soi distant Doctor does not appear entitled to any credit for their escape.

He has since been arrested and both convicts are now confined in cells, the doors of which are secured by bars of iron, which are placed over the key holes, and fasted with a pad lock.

It need not be wondered at, if such ingenious and talented rascals, should occasionally baffle all the watchfulness of those appointed to guard them, a seceed in making their escape. Their whole thoughts and all their energies are constantly centered on one object, the attainment of their liberty.

It was a great relief and satisfaction to be assured of the fidelity of the Guards, on some of whom, suspicion would no doubt have unjustly rested, if these convicts had succeeded in regaining their liberty.

It is now made the duty of the under-wardens to examine carefully the persons of the convicts on leaving the workshops every evening previous to entering their cells, and the door though which Adams and Doctor Hines made their escape is to be replaced with one made of iron.

The Editor of the Crescent City will do an act of justice to the Warden and those employed under him at the Penitentiary by publishing this communication in his valuable journal.


Appeared in 30 Jan 1841

At a large and respectable meeting of the Whigs of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, convened according to previous notice, at the Court House on Saturday last the 23rd inst. to select delegates to represent the Parish of East Baton Rouge in the Convention to be assembled in New Orleans on the 2nd Monday of March next, to nominate a whig candidate for Governor at the ensuing election.

On motion, Gen John Davenport was appointed chairman, and D.D. Avery Esq., secretary. The object of the meeting having been stated by the chairman and a few pertinent remarks;

On motion, 1st. Resolved that a committee of three be appointed to nominate sixteen delegates to represent this parish in the Convention to be assembled in New Orleans on the 2nd Monday of March next, to select a Whig Candidate for Governor at the ensuing election.

Whereupon Messrs James M. Brunot, P.A. Walker and C.A. Choppin were appointed the said committee. The committee reported to the meeting the following named gentlemen as delegates, viz: Messrs R.N. Ogden, Stephen Henderson, D.D. Avery, J.E. Layet, J. Perkins, F. Duplantier, Susthenes Allain, L. Sheppers, J.B. Kleinpeter, F. Arbour, G.P. Lilley, H.B. Favrot, J.P. Michel, John Dunbar, J.W. Fowler, and C.A. Choppin, who were unanimously approved of, by the meeting.

On motion--further resolved, that as a large majority of the whigs of the Parish of East Baton Rouge entertain the highest opinion of the integrity, intelligence, and sound Republican principles of their fellow citizen Genl Joseph Bernard, that they cordially recommend him to the convention.

And further, Resolved that the delegates from this Parish, are hereby instructed to use all honorable reasons to secure the nomination of Genl Bernard, believing that he would be the most acceptable to the people of the State, for the distinguished office of Governor of Louisiana.

On motion further resolved, that the whigs of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, hereby pledge themselves to support he candidate that may be selected by the convention.

Resolved that the foregoing resolutions be published in the Baton Rouge Gazette, in French and English; Whereupon the meeing adjourned sine die.


Appeared in the 27 Feb 1841 Edition


From the census returns of 1840
Free White Persons
Males, 1915 Females, 1649
Free Colored Persons
Males, 72 Females, 107
Males, 2099 Females, 2110
In the Penitentiary, 187
Total, 8139
No. of Colleges and Schools, 13
No. of Students and Scholars, 579
No. of white persons over the age of twelve years of age, who cannot read and write, 110
Head of Cattle and Animals
Horses and Mules, 2706 Cattle, 10,547 Sheep, 3,630 Swine, 21,259 Poultry, value in dollars, $4,225 Products of the year 1839 Sugar, ? Cotton, ? Corn, Bushels, 159,791 Potatoes, bushels, ? Wood, Cords, 3777

Appeared in 13 March 1841 Edition


Baton Rouge, La., March 4, 1841

Regimental Order No. 1

Col. A. Matta, having resumed the command of the 11th Regiment L.M., Major J.E. Layet is consequently relieved from command. Brig. Gen G.S. Rousseau requests the officers of the 11th Regiment of L.M. and also the officers of the 8th Regiment L.M., residing above the Court House in W. Baton Rouge to meet him at the Court House of East Baton Rouge on Sunday the 28th March next at 11 o'clock a.m., in order to make some arrangement for officer drill. A. MATTA, Col 11th REg't L.M., Commanding


Plaquemine, March 1, 1841

Order No. 1

Brigadier General Gustave S. Rousseau, of the 8th Brigade L.M. assumes this day, the command of the 8th Brigade L.M. All returns will accordingly be made to him, at his head quarters, established in the town of Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville. By order of G.S. ROUSSEAU, Brigadier General, com'd'g 8th Brigade L.M., VALSAIN J. DUPUY, Aide-de-camp.


Plaquemine, March 1, 1841

Order No. 2

The following gentlemen have duly been appointed and commissioned officers of the General Staff in the 8th Brigade L.M., to wit:

VALSAIN DUPUY, Aid-de-camp

WILLIAM B. ROBERTSON, Brigadier Inspector

FRAME A WOODS, Quarter Master



By order of G.S. ROUSSEAU, Brigadier General, Com'd'g 8th Reg't L.M., VALSAIN J DUPUY, Aid de camp


Plaquemine, March 1, 1841

Order No. 3

Brigadier General G.S. Rousseau of the 8th Brigadier, L.M. , having assumed the command of said brigade, Colonel A. Matta, of the 11th Reg't L.M. will assume the command of said regiment. by order of R.S. ROUSSEAU, Brigadier General, Com'd'g 8th Brigade L.M. VJ DUPUY, Aid de Camp

Col. A. Matta is directed to promulgate the above orders, G.S. ROUSSEAU, Brigadier General

Appeared in the 22 Oct, 1842 Issue
ST. MARY'S COLLEGE Barrens, Perry County, Missouri Annual Commencement August 25, 1842


For three days previous to the 25th of August the students of the college were thoroughly examined by the gentlemen of the faculty, and gave evidence of a constant application and great proficiency in all branches taught in the institution

On Thursday, 25th, the day appointed for the annual commencement, at the 9 o'clock A.M. began the exhibition, presided by the Right Rev. Mr. Kenrick, Bishop of St. Louis, and attended by a very large auditory. An excellent orchestra had been organized by the College band and did much credit to the young performers.
The exhibition commenced with a single piece of Eloquence; after which were successively played or delivered, the following pieces:
         Joseph: a drama in 2 acts
         Lew Femmes Et Le Secret, a fable of Lafontaine
         The Miser, a farce in 3 acts
         Description du Mississippi, in French poetry
         Les Collegiens, a French drama in 3 acts; written for the occasion by one of the professors 
         Praise of St. Vincent, in Latin Poetry, composed by one of the students
         A Race for a Dinner, a farce in one act
All of which won praises and applause to the students
After which an eloquent and most affecting address was deliverd by the Right Rev. Bishop of St. Louis.

Natural Philosophy

First Premium--William W. Waters, New Madrid, MO
Second Premium Exaiquo-Louis Waters, New Madrid, MO; Richard Waters, New Madrid Mo; James McEnery, Monroe, LA; Joseph Fenwick, Brazeau, MO.
Accesserunt (runner up?)--Leon Gauthreaux, John B. Piet


First Premium--Francis G. Henderson, Baton Rouge, La
Second Premium-John Huguet, Baton Rouge, La
Accesserunt- Louis Bartholemy, John Allen, Justin Gauthreaux

Greek Class

Premium Excheque- Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo.; John B. Piet, Perryville, Mo.

First Latin Class

 1st Division
First Premium- Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- John B. Piet, Perryville, Mo.
Accesserunt- William W. Waters, John F. Allen
 2nd Division
Premium- Justin Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.
Accesserunt- Emmanuel Lloirem, Leon Gauthreaux

Second Latin Class

First Premium- Richard Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- James Mcenery, Monroe, La.
Assesserunt- Francis Balin, Thomas Moore

Third Latin Class

Premium- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, TX
Accesserunt- Antonio Chabes, Luciano Navarro

English Rhetoric

First Premium Excheque- Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo., John B. Piet, Perryville, Mo.
Second Premium Excheque- John Allen, New Madrid, Mo.; William W. Waters, New Madrid, MO.
Accesserunt- Richard Waters, Leon Gauthreaux

First English Grammar Class

First Premium- James McEnergy, Monroe, Louisiana
Second Premium- Justin Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, LA.
Accesserunt- Louis Bartholemy, Louis Landry

Second English Grammar Class

First Premium Excheque- Peter Kennerly, St. Louis, Mo.; Abraham Bird, Scott Co., Mo.
Second Premium Excheque- Jos. Fenwick, Brazeau, Mo., John Huguet, Baton Rouge, La.
Accesserunt- George Henderson, Francis G. Henderson, C. Dubreuil, J. Rozier

Third English Grammar Class

First Premium Excheque- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, Tx, Peter Daily, New Orleans, La.
Second Premium Excheque- George Shiels, Mexico, Octave Terrio, Donaldsonville, La.
Accesserunt- Theodule Picou, Francis Belio, Luciano Navarro

French Rhetoric

First Premium Excheque- Justin Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.; Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- Leon Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.
Accesserunt- Louis Landry, John Allen, Manuel Fernandez

First French Grammar Class

First Premium- William W. Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium-Louis Bartholemy, Donaldsonville, La.
Accesserunt- Thrasimond Bernard, Adolphe Fernandez

Second French Grammar Class

First Premium Class- Richard J. Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- James McEnery, Monroe, La.
Accesserunt- Theodule Picou, Angel Navarro

French Reading

First Premium Excheque- Peter Daily, New Orleans, La.; Thomas Moore, Apple Creek, Mo.
Second premium Excheque- Joakim Shiels, Mexico; Abraham Bird, Scott County, Mo.; Narcisse Belio, Santa Fe, Mexico
Accesserunt- John Daily, John Miler, Manning Kemmel

First Spanish Class

First Premium- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, Texas
Second Premium- George Shiels, Mexico
Accesserunt- Antonio Chabes, Luciane Navarro

Second Spanish Class

First Premium- James McEnery, Monroe, La.
Second Premium Excheque- Adolphe Fernandez, Donaldsonville La.; John Huguet, Baton Rouge, La.
Accesserunt- Narcisse Bobien, Hypolite Viala


First Premium- Justin Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.
Second Premium- Louis Landry, Perryville, MO.
Accesserunt- George Shiels, Angel Navarro, Peter Daily


First Premium- Octave Terrio, Donaldsonville, La.
Second Premium- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, Tx.
Accesserunt- George Shiels, Antonio Chabes

Practical Surveying and Mensuration

Premium-Louis Waters, New Madrid, MO.


First Premium- William W. Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- John F. Allen, John B. Piet


First Premium- Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second premium- John F. Allen, New Madrid, Mo.
Accesserunt- Wiliam W. Waters, Richard Waters, Leon Gauthreaux

First Arthmetic Class

First Premium- Leon Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.
Second Premium Excheque- Richard Waters, New Madrid, Mo.; Abraham Bird, Scott Co. Mo.
Accesserunt- Emmanuel Laloire, John B. Piet, James D. McEnery

Second Arthmetic Class

First Premium- Joseph Fenwick, Braseau, Mo.
Second premium- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, Tx.
Accesserunt- Thrasimond Bernard, Jules Rozier

Third Arithmetic Class

First Premium Excheque- Antonio Chabes, San Antonio, Tx., Thomas Moore, Apple Creek, Mo.
Second Premium- Omer Guibourd
Accesserunt- Omer Landry, Francis Bollo (?)

Book Keeping

First Premium Excheque- James McEnery, Monroe, La.; Abraham Bird, Scott Co., Mo.
Second Premium- Joseh Fenwick, Brazeau, Mo.
Accesserunt- John Huguet, Peter Kennerly


First Premium- Emmanuel Laloire, New Orleans, La.
Second Premium- Francis Bollo, Mexico
Accesserunt- Ignatio Caselano

Instrumental Music

First Premium- Peter Kennerly, St. Louis, Mo.
Second premium Excheque- Manuel Fernandez, Donaldsonville, La.; John Huguet, Baton Rouge, La.
Accesserunt- Louis Landry, Adolphe Fernandez, John Allen, Francis G. Henderson

Christian Doctrine

1st Class English
First Premium- Louis Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- William W. Waters, New Madrid, Mo.; John Allen, New Madrid, Mo.
2nd Class English
First Premium- Richard J. Waters, New Madrid, Mo.
Second Premium- Joseph Fenwick, Brazeau, Mo. Peter Dailey, new Orleans, La.; Thomas Moore, Apple Creek, Mo. John Huguet, Baton Rouge, La.
Accesserunt- 1st: George Henderson, Omar Guibourd; 2nd, John McGinnis, James McGinnis

Christian Doctrine

French Class
First Premium Excheque- Leon Gauthreaux, Donaldsonville, La.; Justin Gauthreaux, do.
Second Premium- Louis Bartholemy, Donaldsonville, La.
Accesserunt- Adelard Braud, Octave Terrio

Christian Doctrine

Spanish Class
First Premium- Angel Navarro, San Antonio, Texas
Second Premium- Narcisse Robien, Mexico
Accesserunt- George Shiels, Luciano Navarro

Good Behavior

1st Premium-- George Shiels, Justin Gauthreaux, Joseph Fenwick, Louis Waters, Omer Landry, Leon Ganthreaux
2nd Premium- John Allen, Louis Landry, George Henderson, Luciano Navarro, Angel Navarro, Richard Waters


1st Premium- Louis Landry, John Piet, Richard Waters, Justin Gauthreaux
2nd Premium- Louis Bartholemy, Adolphe Fernandez, Manuel Fernandez, Leon Gauthreaux

Premium of Honor

Lewis Waters, New Madrid, Mo. crowned for having the most premiums. He won ten, nine of which are first, and one second


Saint Mary's College

Perry County, Mo

The directors of this institution have made additions to the building, which will greatly contribute to the convenience and advantage of the pupils. Since the year 1822 (when the Institution was incorporated) continual exertions have been made to increase the facililty. The advantages of a most healthy situation, and of seclusion in a neighborhood where there cannot be the contagion of bad example, were the great motives which induced its first founders to select its present location. Actuated by the same motives, the Directors continue to take a parental interest in the health of their pupils: abundant and wholesome diet, the succession of the classes in a pleasing variety, with the regular intervention of recreations and innocent diversions, are the means which hertofore have made, and it is hoped, will continue to make this establishment one of the most healthy in the country. The same watchful care is extended to the morals of the pupils, to strengthen and perfect them in the principles of Christian morality: whilst the teachers and directors scrupulously refrain from interference with the religious opinions of the youth committed to their charge, unless the parents expressly request such interference.

The college is situated ten miles from the river Mississippi, in the most healthy portion of the state. The places of landing are, St. Mary's Landing, Pratte's Landing, Vital's Landing, each ten miles from the college.

The course of instruction will, as hertofore, embrace a complete mercantile and classical education, either united or separated at the option of the parents or guardians.

The system of education embraces:- Reading, writing, grammar, history, rhetoric, poetry, mythology, geography, the use of the globes, book-keeping, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, plane and spherical, trigonometry, mensuration, surveying, theoretical and practical astronomy; the French, Spanish, German and Italian languages: the Latin and Greek; moral and natural philosophy, botany and chemistry; music and drawing.

The college is supplied with a chemical laboratory and a complete philosophical apparatus.

The professors of the English, French, Spanish, German and Italian languages are gentlemen to whome the language each teaches in his mother tongue.

The scholastic year commences on the first Monday in October and finishes on the last Thursday in August, on which latter day the annual commencement isheld, premiums are distributed to the meritous and degrees conferred.

The term for boarding, lodging, tuition, washing and mending, and doctor's fees are $150 per annum, payable half yearly in advance. An extra charge of $10 will be made for those who study Spanish, German and Italian; the same extra charge for the study of natural philosophy and chemistry to pay for the breakage of apparatus, etc. An extra charge of $8 per annum will be made for bed and bedding, if furnished by the college. music and drawing are extra charges.

If parents desire their children to be clothed at the Institution, it will be necessary to place a sufficient sum in the hands of the treasurer, Rev. John M. Robert.

Semi-Annual bulletins, informing of the health and progress of the pupils, will be forwarded to parents and guardians. Those who may send from foreign countries or remote districts will please to appoint a responsible agent at New Orleans or St. Louis.

Oct. 22 37 It. H. Figari, President

Appeared in January 13, 1844 Edition:

AGRICULTURAL FAIR of the State of Louisiana. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, last Monday, crowds of citizens were seen gathering from all parts to this town. Carriages were seen hurrying to and fro, pedestrians travelling through the most muddy streets we have ever seen anxious to arrive at the seat of action, all was bustle and activity. Had the weather been fine, numbers would have been present who were otherwise prevented; even as it was, the exhibition was very encouraging. The bad roads prevented a fair display of cattle and other articles which it was impossible to convey to the fair. Below we publish the statement and articles entered with the report of the different committees, appointed by the society, and also the communication of F.D. Conrad to the Senate of the State, in behalf of the Assication. Such an interest is now felt in this institution that is requires but a little perseverance and zeal to place us on an equal footing with older states, in this great work of usefulness. If we can judge from the gatherings at the ladies fairs and our own experiences, they must have had their benevolent undertakings crowned with success. We hope so at least for though we spoke against holding ladies fairs on the same day as the Agricultural Fair we could not resist the temptation of visiting both places, and of course, of being waited upon by divinities, who by the persuasive eloquence and smiles, soon converted our purse into a useless appendage. God bless them!

The thanks of the Association and of the community in general, are due to the officers of the garrison for their urbanity with which they afforded all the assistance in their power to further the object. The ball given by the Association, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, was a brilliant affair. The Fair closed on Wednesday, about noon, when the premiums and certificates awareded at the last exhibition were delivered to the proprietors.


Agriculture--A sample of Cotton, in bale--from R.T. Christmas--East Feliciana; Doct. W.R. Wood--sample of cotton, E.B. Rouge; P. Garig--a sample of Cotton, E.B. Rouge; Samples of sugar in barrels from the plantations of richard A. Steward, and David Chambers, Iberville, and Judge Moore, Attakapas.; Stephen Henderson--sample of Rice, in keg--E.B. Rouge; Raphael Hebert--sample of fine Indigo--West Baton Rouge; R.A. Wilson--sugar cane blossom--having the appearance of white silk--St. Mary's; Seth David--a gigantic cornstalk, 15 1/2 feet in length--St. Mary's; Richard Odom--a cornstalk, 15 1/2 feet long, E.B. Rouge; J. Carmena--a specimen of beautiful raw silk--the production of a plant which was also exhibited, E.B. Rouge.

Mechanical Arts and Inventions.--U. Hadley--a beautiful mahogany armoir--made in this town; L.A. Letil, a splendid pistol, invented and made by him in this town. E.G. Fitch of this place a passenger trunk and life preserver--his invention; Andrew Bradford--2 saddles, Bayou Sarah; Reeder and Co., 2 do. Baton Rouge; J.P. Bryan--Can cutter and Cane Coverer--E.B. Rouge; these valuable inventions have been tested and described in the papers. Charles Harris--Sugar Skimmer, E.B. Rouge; The important merits of this valuable invention, have also been tested and published. J.B. Pages, of this place--3 guitars, 2 of which exhibit the most beautiful mechanical ingenuity; John Rist--a fancy cane; Specimens of rich aned beautiful needle work were exhibed from the hands of Mrs. M.A. Pike, Mrs. Clara Sanger, Mrs. C.S. Hall, Mrs. Merlin, Mrs. Hela Waddill and Miss Elizabeth Stuart--all of this place. Mrs. Livingston--a lady fifty six years old--several exquisite specimens of Need Work, East Feliciana; Mr. McCants--2 beautiful specimens of embroidery--East Feliciana; Amos Kent, an excellent sample of Domestic Plaid, ST. Helena; Wm Dunlap--a magnificent speciment of penmanship--New Orleans; Pointer Duporteir--2 fine paintings--New Orleans; Mrs. S. Hyatt and Mrs. Jas. Alley--of this place, fancy counterpanes. Mrs. A.H. McRae--two find counterpanes--Livingstone; Mrs. Elam of this place, 2 bed quilts; Miss Wesko, a beautiful worked piano cover--Attakapas; J. Manouvrier & Snell, Specimens of Lithography--New Orleans.

Horticulture---Cauliflowers from D. Chambers, Iberville--supposed to be equal to those of a Northern Climate; A variety of vegetables from V. LeBlanc's West Baton Rouge--such as mammoth carrots, celery, leeks, cabbage, and turnips.; A monster raddish from Capt. Verbois' Iberville, weighing 14 lbs, 6 oz.; Several specimens of large seet oranges from the places of a.A. Frere, G.M Charpentier, W.H. Bakserville, and A.A. Frere, St. Mary's; A variety of fine vegetables from John Rist's East Feliciana; A vast collection of improved fruit trees from C.C.S. Farrar's West Feliciana, such as peaches, almond, apricot and pomegranate trees--together with grape vines, and a superior Sample of Tobacco.; 2 very superior samples of cigars--from V. LeBlac's W.B. Rouge--pronounced equal to the Havana.



Appeared in 20 January 1844 Edition:

The Knife Again Used.-- A young man named James Barclay, a tailor by trade, was committed for attempting to kill Mrs. Mary Ann Jones, of the corner of South and Governeur streets by stabbing her in the neck with a dirk knife. They were inmates of the same house, and Richard Hart, of 419 Cherry street, being present at the time, received a number of wounds. He assigned no cause for the rash act, other than he was intoxicated at the time.--Tribune