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Baton Rouge Gazette

This page will mention merchants operating out of Baton Rouge during various time periods.



Name of Store/Shop/Etc
Name(s) of Proprietor (s)

Baton Rouge Gazette Newspaper

Stephen Henderson, Jr.

Weekly Newspaper, printed in both English and French

James G. Moore


Dr.s. Williams and Scott

Office in house next to Post Office

Isidore Larguier's Store

Can buy Louisiana Catholic Lottery ticket there

P.H. Maury

Sign and House Painting

MacNeill and Reid

John T. MacNeill, John Reid

General merchandise

Dubourg & Baron

P.F. Dubourg; N.A. Baron, Jr

Partnership is dissolvled; corner of St. Charles St. and Common St. in New Orleans; N.A. Baron will continue business alone; Commission merchant and Produce Broker

Sloan and Skolfield

On 3/10/1827 they announced the receipt of a shipment of cloth, saddles, tools, ploughs, shovels, chains, men, women and children's clothing.

Jean Geraud

had consignment of goods coming in from New Orleans to be sold on the 23rd of June, 1827 on Levee St. Included lard and furniture.

MacNeill and Reid

Merchandise just arrived from Philadelphia and New York, "Fresh Goods"

Sloan And Skolfield

Whiskey and 10000 lbs of bacon just arrived

Surgeon Dentist

P. Victor

new in town

James McFarlane

Medical Recorder Journal for sale

E.R. James

E.R. James

Whiskey, pork, flour, bacon, cotton bagging, rope and twine

Leone Bonnecaze

Retiring from dry goods business, selling goods by auction on 24 Nov. (in Oct 27 Issue)

Stephen Henderson

selling tickets to the Public School Lottery; drawn in New Orleans; $12,000 first prize; $100,000 total prizes

U.S. Arsenal

at the warehouses of Sloan and Skolfield on 3 Dec (in Nov 10 edition); includes: cartridge boxes and belts, bayonnet scabbards and belts, harnesses)

Francis Nephler

Shingles, boards and assorted wood

Baton Rouge Steamboat Company

Town leaders beginning a steamboat company to handle trade with the city; Meeting to be held of stockholders at Madame Legendre's Hotel on 19 Dec


E.F. Stites

2 doors east of Dr. Williams ( in Dec 22 issue first)

Dry Goods

W.A. Gasquet & Company

In New Orleans; Dry Goods delivered

Hugh McCavna

Dry Goods, Groceries, hardware, saddles, crockery and glassware

Lieutaud & Company

Madame Lieutaud and Madame Espanet (her daughter)

dissolving partnership and putting "establishment" up for sale


John Garnier

Opening school for children for French language, reading, writing and arithmetic. Also, teaches grown people the "short way" to translate the English to French and French to English. (1/26/1826)

William Jennison, Jr

Ploughs for sale

Public House

John Simpson

Opened (2/9/1828) a public house for travelers. bought house belonging to A.C. Dunn where he will keep the finest liquors and entertainment for travelers. good stables also.

James and Isett

E.R. James / Samuel L. Isett

Dry goods, etc.

Sloan and Skolfield

Fresh Garden Seeds

G.W. Buford & J.F. Smith

George W. Buford/John F. Smith

Gin and Mill Wrights

Mrs. Fosters

Mrs. Foster

bonnets, caps and will make dresses of any description on reasonable terms.

Bank of Louisiana/ Baton Rouge

Directors (1 Mar, 1828)

Philip Hicky, S. Hiriart, F. Duplantier, Wm. Wikoff; Wm. Jennison, Jr

Matta & Snyder

A. Matta/F. Snyder

Blacksmiths, at shop formerly run by D.J.J. Moss

Baton Rouge Gazette

Stephen Henderson/Louis Sheppers

12 Ap 1828 Henderson sells out to Sheppers

Watts and Henderson

Samuel Watts/Stephen Henderson

Dry Goods store (19 Apr 1828); Selling "St. Valentine's Day or the Fair Maid of Perth" and "Laws of the United States" (8/23/1828)

Alfred King

Offers services as attorney and counselor at Law

Lewis and Willis

Charles G. Lewis/B.S. Willis

Dry Goods store


W. Converse

Beginning school in Baton Rouge as Garnier is closing down (3 May 1828)


John Laferry/John Dubbie


Abner N. Ogden

Attorney and counselor at Law (17 May 1828)


H.R. Bernos

Drugs, medicines and paints, groceries, on Lafayette St. "Sutton's Harrodsburg Water" the "celebrated medicinal water"

Louis Gentin

Clock and Watch making

Hugh Alexander (the Postmaste)

selling subscriptions to the American Medical Recorder out of Philadelphia


Dr. G.P. Biddle

setting up his office in Baton Rouge (12 april 1828)

Hugh Diver

selling out his pharmacy on 29 Mar 1828. Includes drugs, medicines, shop furniture. leaving the state

Sugar Pans

George Williams

equipment for conversion of sugar cane into sugar

Lawrence and Ogden

P.K. Lawrence/ A.N. Ogden

Attorneys at law

White and Grant

Richard White/O. Grant

Tailors, next door to the Mayor's office, dissolved on 20 Sept. White continuing the business.


Mssrs. Hyppalite Hebert and Dominique Labove

in WBR, 6 miles below Baton Rouge

Broker's Office

Isidore Larguier

Offering brokering service to planters for both sugar and cotton

Louis Sheppers

Ranger for EBR

beginning aroudn 27 Sept 1828


Stephen Henderson, Jr

beginning around 4 Oct 1828

A.R. Sherburne

Offering Sugar Cane Plants (11 Oct, 1828)

Watts & Henderson

Samuel Watts/Stephen Henderson, Jr

Offering "Memoirs of Jackson" for sale at their store (1 Nov 1828)

John Keay

Louisiana Almanacs for 1829 for sale (1 Nov 1828)

Louisiana State Treasurer

Francis Gardere

Relected State Treasurer for 2nd term

Mercantile Business

James Mansker/Daniel Barbee

3 Jan 1829

James & Isett

Offering Pork, Lard, and Corn (24 Jan 1829)

Jean Preau & Company

Jean Preau/Antoine Carriere

new partnership between the widow Preau and Antoine Carriere.

Slave Trader

Victor Hebert

Notice of slaves of both sexes coming in to WBR for sale

Steam Engines

Joseph Pierce/A.L. Voohees/ Anthony Harkness

Hamilton Foundry of Cincinnati selling Steam Engines in Baton Rouge on Levee St., under firm of Pierce, Harkness & Co.


REGULAR PACKET BETWEEN NEW ORLEANS AND BAYOU SARAH, The steamboat, STRANGER, captain Baptiste Elois, will leave New Orleans every Tuesday at 10 o'clock a.m. and Bayou Sarah every Friday morning. Freight and passengers taken for all the intermediate landings. For terms apply on board or to Mr. Larguier at Baton Rouge. (8 July 1831 Edition)

DR. NORVELL, Will continue to practice in this town. His office is situated near Madam Legendre's. (8 July 1831 Edition)

FLOUR, PORK & LARD, The subscribers have for sale at their warehouse on Church Street, 30 barrels moss and prime Beef, 100 barrels mess Pork, 200 barrels prime do., 50 barrels Flour, and just a few kegs of Leaf Lard, for family use. ISETT AND SLAUGHTER (8 July 1831 Edition)

For Sale, The Distillery, situated on Levee Street opposite Dr. Gil's residence. Terms will be made accomodating. Apply to: HUGH ALEXANDER



TO RENT, The house and plantation late the residence of T.B. Robertson, decd. situated in the parish of East Baton Rouge on the river Mississippi, about four miles above the town of Baton Rouge. There is about 100 acres of cleared land in a fit state for cultivation. for terms, apply to THOS. W. CHINN

BLACKSMITH SHOP, Work of all kinds in the above line will be attended to, on application at the Saw-mill. NEPHLER & HENDERSON (4 Feb 1832 Edition)

SPANISH SADDLES, The subscribers have just received a small invoice of first rate SPANISH SADDLES which they will sell low. ISETT & SLAUGHTER (19 May 1832 Edition)

SUPERFINE FLOUR, The subscriber has just received and offers for sale, 100 barrels superfine Flour, 40 barrels Prime Pork, 150 barrels Oyster Shells, Oakum, Tar, Pitch & etc. A. MONTAN (19 May 1832 Edition)

THE LADY'S BOOK, a few copies of this popular periodical vol 3 The Polish Chiefs, an historical romance. The Empress Josephine, The Court and Camp of Bonaparte. Just received for sale by HUGH ALEXANDER. (19 May 1832 Edition)

DOCTOR F.N. OGDEN, has located himself in the town of Baton Rouge. His office is at the residence of A. N. Ogden, Esq. (7 July 1832 edition)

NOTICE--Mrs. Widow Eespres, now a resident of Baton Rouge, informs the public that she intends exercising the profession of Midwife and offers her services to the ladies of this town and vicinity. Her residence is in one of the houses of Judge Tessier, adjoining Mr. Sheppers' property. (7 July 1832 Edition)

Lumber, The public are respectfully notified that the undersigned have their SAWMILL in full operation, and can furnish at the shortest notice, SCANTLING, PLANKS AND TIMBER, of all dimensions, at very low prices for cash. NEPHLER AND HENDERSON, Baton Rouge (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

Doct. A. H. Jones respectfully informs the citizens of Baton Rouge, that he will have a consistant supply of SODA WATER, at his store near the Market. (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

HOUSES TO RENT; The undersigned offers to rent, by the month or year, a single room or the entire basement story of the house on Natchez street, which he occupies: possession will be given on the 1st July next. Also, the house on America street, adjoining the dwelling of Mrs. Avery, with or without the adjoining lots. J. DEBELLIEVRE (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

FOR SALE, 238 bbls, Prime Pork. Also, Bagging and Cordage. MANSKER & BARBEE (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

LEAF LARD, 190 kegs LEAF LARD of a superior quality, for sale by J. & E.F. PHILLIPS (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

DANIEL D. AVERY, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Office in the basement story of the residence of John Phillips, Esq. on the Boulevard, opposite the Market. (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

DRAB BEAVER HATS. Few dozen of a verry superior quality, just arrived from New York, and for sale by, J. and E.F. Phillips (14 Aug 1832 Edition)

COLUMBIAN SYRUP, The undersigned has just received a supply of Albright's celebrated Columbian Syrup. B. T. Beauregard (14 Aug 1832 Edition)



Mr. Dufetel, Professor of the French language in Mr. Jones Institution, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Baton Rouge and its vicinity, that he intends giving Lessons in the Spanish Language, as well as in Vocal and Instrumental Music. He teaches the flute and guitar, and is able to instruct any scholar having a beginning on the Piano Forte or any other instrument.Refferences to Messrs. Villars, Labaue, Sheppers, Bonnecaze, and Young. ( 5 Jan 1833 Edition)

Baton Rouge Academy, Mr. Jones feels gratified in being able to announce to the patrons of his Seminary that he has in compliance with his promise, engaged a gentleman, of superior literary acquaintences and polished manners to superintend the French Department. Mr. Dufetel, the gentleman alluted to, is a native of France, and comes highly recommended both as to character and qualifications. Mr. J. begs leave to refer to Messrs. Bonnecaze, Morgan, Henderson, Lanoue, Sheppers and Young. School hours in French, from 8 to 12 in the morning. (2 Feb 1833 Edition)

Selling off at Cost! The subscribers wishing to relinquish their present line of business, offer to sell their stock of Hats, Shoes and Clothing at cost, to wit; 2 cases Fur Hats, 4 cases White Wool Hats, 2 cases Black Wool Hats, 4 cases boots, 3 cases Calf Brogans, 1 case Ladies Walking shoes, 100 pairs Russett Brogans, 100 pairs Negro Brogans, 50 pairs Pramella Shoes, 100 Pairs Mens Calf shoes, 1 case Umbrellas, and the remaining stock of seasonable Clothing, Ball and Briesler. ((2 Feb 1833 Edition)

Notice--The subscriber informs the public that he is prepared to fill any order in th LUMBER line that may be required, deliverable at Baton Rouge or at the Steam Saw Mill at Richland, near Baton Rouge. Terms as to price and time will be accomodating. WILLIAM TUTTLE (2 Feb 1833 Edition)

Tin-Ware Manufactory: The subscribers respectfully inform the public that they have commenced a TIN-WARE manufactory on Church Street, one door above the store of Mansker and Barbee, where may be found at all times and at moderate prices, a large supply of Tin-ware of every description. All kind of work in Sheet-ime, brass or copper executed at the shortest notice. Window glazing executed at the shortest notice. ARBOUR & GUEDRY (2 Feb 1833 Edition)

The undersigned have entered into partnership in the practice of LAW. They will attend the several courts of the Third and Fourth Districts. St. Francisville. JAS TURNER, R.N. OGDEN (2 Feb 1833 Edition)

NEW GOODS, D. Barbee & Co., Have just received and are soon opening a general assortmant of Staple Dry Goods, well assorted for the Planters of the country. Also--A general assortment of FANCY articles of the newest and latest fashions--an assortment of SHOES, BOOTS & HATS--a general assortment of CUTLERY, SADDLERY, and GROCERIES--those wishing to purchase would do well to call and examine the stock.

A. MONTAN Has just returned from New Orleans with a large and general assortment of GROCERIES, LIQUORS, ETC. ETC. Fresh Superfine Flour, Tar, Pitch, Rosin, Oakum, & Etc. He will continue to keep during the season, FRESH OYSTERS. (2 Feb 1833 Edition)

D.D. AVERY Attorney and Counselor At Law. Has removed his office to the one reently occupied by the Recorder of Mortgages, near the Market onthe Boulevard.( 2 Feb 1833)

50 Barrels of Molasses--just received and for sale by: ISETT & SLAUGHTER (2 Feb 1833)

D. Barbee & Co., have on hand a few hampers genuine IRISH POTATOES. (2 Feb 1833)

COFFEE TOBACCO, 15 sacks new crop COFFEE, 18 boxes Dupuy's TOBACCO, put up in quarter and pound plugs--just received and for sale by J. & E.F. Phillips (2 Feb 1833)

QUEEN WASHING MACHINES. The undersigned having purchased the right of vending the above named Washing Machines in the parishes of East and West Baton Rouge, respectfully informs the citizens of those parishes that he is now prepared to furnish Queen Washing Machines to any person who may be interested, and see one in operation at the dwelling of the subscriber. F. ARBOUR (2 Feb 1833)

PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT: A. Waddill informs his friends and the public generally, that he has opened a house of private entertainment in this place, next door east of the Catholic Church. He pledges himself that no pains or expense shall spared for the comfortable accomodations of those who may favor him with their patronage. (23 Mar 1833)

The Beautiful Stud Horse, BAVIECA;, son of Boaster, and grand son of Eclipse, 5 years old, will be 6 on the 11th of April next, will serve all mares that may be brought to him, at the plantation of the undersigned at Montesano, 4 miles above Baton Rouge, or if preferred, at Baton Rouge, at four dollars paid in advance for the season ending on the 1st June next. J. DEVELLIEVRE (23 Mar 1833)

NOTICE--The subscribers beg leave to inform the public that they have formed a copartnership on the 1st inst. under the firm of J. Casse & Co.,-Their store is at No. 54 Levee street, between Conti and St. Louis streets, where may always be found a general assortment of Groceries. A. Baron, J. Casse, P.B. Montamat (23 Mar 1833)

NOTICE---broke loose in the storms of yesterday morning from teh Saw-Mill, a Cypress Raft containing 20 tiers of 50 feet long, leaving on it two cables nearly new. The person who may have stopped the same will confer a favor by giving information thereof to the subscribers. NEPHLER & HENDERSON (23 Mar 1833)

NOTICE--Mr. Oran Dewey is authorized to sign, and make use of my name, in any transactions relating to the business of the subscriber. JAMES MANSKER (23 Mar 1833)

Brick Yard of J. Debellievre, Wanted by the month, 8 negro boys of about 12 years of age, or the same number of white boys of the above age to bear off brick. (23 Mar 1833)

ECONOMY IS WEALTH! A. COHEN, Renovator & Clothes Dresser, Respectfully informs the citizens of Baton Rouge and its vicinity, that he intends carrying on the above business at the house of Mrs. Branan, one door above the store of A. Montan, where such as coats, pantaloons, vests of every description, together with ladies merino shawls whall be cleaned in a very superior manner, and on a plan entirely different from that pursued by Dyers. By comparing the articles cleaned by him they will be found superior, a fact which has been noticed by the public. Spots of grease, etc. are taken from the cloth, and apparel put in complete shape. Dressing, sponging, and pressing done in the neatest manner. When required, he will apply stiffening and restore the color of the seams. Travellers will be attended to on the shortest notice. TRIAL WILL PROVE THE FACT. (23 Mar 1833)

Dry Goods, Groceries, Etc. The undersigned has just arrived from New Orleans with a large assortment of Hats, Dry Goods, Shoes of all qualities, Liquors of various kinds, such as Abeynthe, Maraschino, Anisette, old whiskey of the 1st Qual., genuine Cognac Brandy, Bordeaux and Cost Wine, Mackerel in tube No. 1, Spirit and tallow candles, Coffee, Rice, Gruyave, cherries, figs, plumbs, cod-fish, etc, etc. PIERRE BOISSEAU (27 April 1833)

SODA WATER, The undersigned respectfully informs the public that he has established at his Drug and Medicine store on Lafayette street, a Soda-Water Fountain, on a superior plan. During teh summer he will also keep Harrodsburg and Sedlitz waters. R. BERNOS (4 May 1833)

Citizens Bank of Louisiana, Notice is hereby given, that books of subscription for the Ca;pital Stock of the Citizen's Bank of Louisians, will be opened by the undersigned commissioners, at the office of A.H. Legendre, on the 25th instant, and that they will be kept open every day successively, (Sunday's excepted) from 10 o'clock a.m. to 2 o'clock p.m., during three months after said date. JOHN REID, ISIDORE LARGUIER, A.H. LENGENDRE (15 June 1833)

Citizens Bank of Louisiana, Notice is hereby given that the Books of subscription for the Capital Stock of the Citizen's Bank of Louisiana, for the Parish of West Baton Rouge, will be opened on the 30th instant, at teh Court House, and will continue to be opened to subscribers of this parish every thursday during three consecutive months from 10 o'clock a.m. to 1 o'clock p.m. V. HEBERT, W.G. JOHNSON, A.R. SHERBURNE, commissioners (15 June 1833)

Union Hotel--Opposite the court House, Baton Rouge, The undersigned respectfully inform their friends and the public at large, that the above named establishment is now undergoing a thorough repair, and will be in readiness by the first Monday in June next for the comfortable reception and entertainment of travellers and persons who may be in attendance on the Court. They pleldge themselve that their table and bar shall be furnished with the best the country can offer, and that n o efforts will be wanting on their part, in accomodating all who may favor them with a call. They have also attached to the house commodations stables which will be well supplied with provender and attentive ostlers. (26 July 1834)

Notice, The firm of Morris & Hodges, merchants, Baton Rouge, was this day, dissolved by mutual consent. I.B.A. Hodges is authorized to collect all debts due to the late firm of Morris and Hodges; and is charged with the settlement and payment of all debts due from it. L.C. Morris, I.B.A. Hodges. (26 July 1834)

A splendid assortment of Jewelry--The subscribers have just received and offer for sale, low for cash, Silver Watches, Pistols, Silver Dirks, Jett, Cornelian and topaz Earrings, Enamel Studs, Enamel, Jeg and Cornelian Breastpins, Coral, Jett, Mossagate and enamel rings. Corals of all descriptions and sizes. GATES & MATTA (26 July 1834)


Merchants and Services offered in 17 January 1835 Edition

Mr. Charles Diderie, Hair Dresser, lately arrived from Paris, has fixed his abode in Baton Rouge, where he may be found at the residence of Mr. Demoyer, Lafayette Street. Mr. D offers his services in the above capacity to the ladies--he will also make Wigs and ? false hair for Ladies and Gentlemen.

College of Louisiana--John R. Hutchinson, Principal of the Preparatory Department, Jackson, La.

Gates & Matta--Groceries and Hardware, Sacxks of Petit Gulf Cotton Seed, Double Barrelled Shot guns

Mrs. Taber's Boarding School--on Mr. Devall's plantation, twelve miles from the town of Baton Rouge. The French, drawing and Piano will be taught by Miss Fournier from Paris. For young ladies.

F. Desnoyer--Respectfully informs the public that he has just received from New Orleans, a large and general assortment of Confectionaries, together with a splendid assortment of articles suitable for Christmas and New Year's presents.

A.H. Jones--Rich and Fashionable Jewlry, Perfumery, Books and Stationary.

Jourdan & Flaget--Drugs and Medicines

D. Barbee & Co.--Church & Levee Streets, Hardware, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc.

College of Baton Rouge--Conducted by B. Granet, L.L.D. of the University of Paris, and author of several works on Education.

Smith and Blanchard--Lumber for Sale

A. Lacouture--Confectioner and Collector, of New Orleans

Ogden & Duplantier--Drugs, Paints, Oil, etc.

D. Barbee & Co.--represents "the fast running steamboat Lancaster, W.W.Hinkle, Master, running regularly between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

W.L. Brent--Attorney and Counselor At Law of Washington, D.C. offering his service to citizens of Baton Rouge in collecting claims against the government.

T. Prendergast & Co.--40 kegs of Lard, just received and for sale by...


D. Searles- GUNSMITH--Informs the public that having employed an additional workman of the first order, he is now prepared to execute every kind of works with neatness and dispatch.


Dr. Gorham--Has removed his office in the Drug Stores of B. Jourdan, Baton Rouge

Notice--Dr. Whitman Wilcox has removed his office to the building formerly occupied by Mad. Hatch and the second house from Dr. Harney's He will be found there at all hours unless professionally engaged.

Notice--Dr. Souterre, physician dna surgeon of the Medical faculty of Paris having permanently settled at Baton Rouge, informs the inhabitants of the town and its vicinity, to whom he offers his services, that he has established his office at the drug store of Souterre and Favrot.

Dr. P.N. Williams, Dentist and Oral Surgeon

Dr. Timothy Fay, Dentist (large picture of Teeth)

A. Devall--Attorney and Counselor at Law

Notice. The undersigned having resumed the practice of the LAW, tenders his professional services to the public. THOMAS GIBBES MORGAN

D.D. Avery and J.W. Fowler--Attorneys and Counselors at Law

James M. Elam and Amos Adante--Attorneys and Counselors at Law

T.L. Andrews and N. Bowman, Attorneys at Law. T.L. Andrews, Clinton, LA. N. Bowman, Baton Rouge, LA

A Card. Mr. Henry Walsh informs his friends and the public that he has permanently established himself in Baton Rouge and is now ready to attend on the Ladies and gentlemen who desire to take lessons on the piano. He will also give lessons in vocal music.

Notice. The undersigned has the honour to inform the inhabitants of Baton Rouge that he intends to spend the summer in this town, and proffers to give lessons in French, Spanish, and Mathematics, but would prefer a situation in a private family. Enquire at the office of the Gazette. HENRY JOSEPH

Caldwell and Hicky, No. 633 Canal St. , New Orleans, Factorage and Commission Business.

A. Montan--groceries

Just Received, Boots and Shoes--M. Sloan

Fedoi & Crevasol--Merchant tailors have the honor to inform the inhabitants of Baton Rouge and vicinity, that they have opened a shop on Lafayette Street, where they keep constantly on hand, a fine assortment of French clothing, such as thick frock coats and dress coates, pantaloons and vests, cloths of all colors and fasions for pantaloons and vests.

Commission Business-New Orleans, June 20th 1839. The undersigned offer their services to their frends and the public as Commission Merchants and the firms of J.J. Andrews and Brothers, New York, Andrews & Brothers, New Orleans; E.L. Andrews and Co., Mobile.

They are prepared to grant the usualy facilities and accomodations on consignments, J.J. Andrews will continue his residence in New York , Z. Andrews will continue to make New Orleans his place of permanent residence and E.L. Andrews now of Huntsville, Ala., will, after the 1st of October will make Mobile his place of residence. JJ. ANDREWS, Z. ANDREWS, E.L. ANDREWS

L. Landry and Co., Druggests and Apothecaries and wholesale dealers in Medicines, Oils and Paints, English and French Chemicals, Window glass, perfumeries, varnishes, dye stuffs, spres, &..

Creole Shoes, Planters can be supplied, at the Louisiana Penitentiary, with Negro shoes, as good, if not better than those imported from the North, at Fifteen dollars per pair. There is also in sotre, an assortment of calf-skin and hip boots, brogans and shoes tothether with boys and ladies' shoes and brogans which will be sold at the lowest cash prices. S.L. ISETT, clerk

LOUISIANA PENITENTIARY. Oak Bark, suitable for tanning leather, will be purchased at this institution until the first of April next. Any person wishing to enter into contract for supplying bark will receive any information requisite by addressing H. Lanoue, Warden. S.L. Isett, Clerk.


In January 6, 1844 Edition.

REMOVAL. Dr. Rance has removed his residence to the building nearly opposite the college, or the last house on the right hand side of the street, in descending, before arriving at the college. Persons in town desiring the services of Dr. Rance, may leave their orders with Mr. Menard or Mr. Jourdan.

CO-PARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day entered into co-partnership under the firm of Phillips & Lanoue. They will keep a general assortment of staple and fancy goods, and hope by strict attention to business to merit a share of public patronage. Baton Rouge, 1st Feb., 1843. William D. Phillips, Eugene Lanoue.

BUFFALO ROBES. A few bales of large robes, well dressed for sale at $2 50Cents a Robe by PIKE & BABIN

THO'S BARRETT. Forwarding and Commission Merchant, 11 Old Levee Street, New Orleans.


MACHINERY. On consignment, a superior gin stand, saws, Gentry's patent French Burr corn mills of the latest improvements, possessing many advantages over any others now in use. Stock mills or crushing machines, expressly designed for grinding corn in the ear, into course meal, for stock. The above machinery will be sold very low for cash or exchanged for cotton, sugar or molasses. PIKE & BABIN

S.H. Shipley, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, will practice in the several courts of the third, fourth and eighth Judicial Districts. All business entrusted to his care shall receive prompt attention.

DR. ENDERS. Offers his professional services to the citizens of East and West Baton Rouge. He will always be found, unless absent on professional business, at the offices of Messrs. Avery or Fowler, Baton Rouge.

CHEAP CASH STORE. G.B. White, grocer, corner of Church and Market Sts. in the large two-story brick buildling now occupied by J.S. Musselman as agent, is now receiving a large and fresh assortment of articles in the above line. I am determined to do a cash business exclusively and shall sell as low as any house in this city.

Card: WILLIAM KNIGHT, late of the firm of Dudley & Knight, Grocer, New Orleans

TAILORING. Thomas H. Thompson would respectfully tender his thanksto the citizens of Baton Rouge for the patronage heretofore extended him and and begs to inform his friends and the public that he has re-opened at his old stand, on church Street, near Mr. Musselman, where he is now prepared to recieve any kind of work in his line.

IMPORTANT TO SUGAR PLANTERS. The subscriber having invented a lamp by which planters can burn lard while making sugard instead of oil would respectfully call their attnetion to his lampss. By using this lamp they can save 75 cents on their light, and lasting fifteen hours and giving a brighter light than the oil lamps. N.B. persons who wish to purchase lard lamps will please call in time and examine them. JOHN TILANO