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Marriages 1819-1853

20 Mar

James Turner

Miss Ann S. Bowman

March 9; married by Rev. William Jennison; groom of St. Francisville and bride of Baton Rouge

15 May

J.B. Lille Sarpy, Esq.

Marianne De Cou

Widow Hinson

May 13; married by Judge Charles Tessier; groom of New Orleans and bride of Baton Rouge


31 Aug

Dr. A.E. McConnell

M. Nelson

Married in Manchac by Rev. Mr. Savage; bride daughter of James Nelson, Esq.

23 Nov

Dr. W. Williams

Pauline Hebert

Nov 18th by Rev. Mr. Desmoulins; both of West Baton Rouge

14 Dec

J.L. Gras

Victorine Espinosa

Married in New Orleans about 3 weeks since; groom of Baton Rouge and bride of New Orleans

21 Dec

L. Capdeville

Hortense Vahalmonde

Dec. 18 in West Baton Rouge Parish by Rev. Mr. Desmoulins; groom of Pau, France

28 Dec.

Dr. Courmes

Antoinette Maxent

Dec. 23; both of East Baton Rouge Parish


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3 Mar

Louis Espanet

Madam Villier

bearly readable

17 Mar

Simon Walsh

Patsy Hicky

Walsh of Natchez, MS; Hicky eldest daughter of Col. Philip Hickey of EBR

14 April

Thomas Bailey

Clara Throge

on Sunday Evening, March 25th, by the Rev. James A. Fox

14 April

Alexander W. Thomas

Henrietta S. Thomas

daughter of Rowland Thomas, Esq. Married by John Buehler, Sheriff

21 April

Auguste F. Lefroq

Josephine Hebert

on the 16th; Hebert was eldest daughter of Victor Hebert

28 April

T. Devalcourt

Felonise Guidry

on the 29th (March) in St. Francisville

5 May

John Buhler

Esther Smith

daughter of Israel Smith; on April 26th by the Rev. Mr. Potts on Second Creek, near Natchez

16 June

M. Breton

Madame Messager

on the 11th in Baton Rouge

14 July

Alexander Scott

Jane M. Calap

on the 12th in WBR

18 Aug

Joseph Taguina

Leonise Arrieisa

She lived in B.R.; Taguina of New Orleans

25 Aug

William Brock

Matilda Sauve

Daughter of Pierre Sauve; married in New Orleans; married on 13 Aug.

15 Sept

Frederick D. Conrad

Frances S. Duncan

on 4 Sept.; Miss Duncan lived in B.R.

22 Sept

George W. Willis

Charlotte Harbour

on 3 Sept at Bayou Manchae; Willis of St. Helena; Harbour of Baton Rouge

29 Sept

Young Stoke

Elizabeth Sides

Sides of Baton Rouge; Stoke of East Feliciana

20 Oct

Dr. Archibald Latham

Maria Winfree

Daughter of William Winfree; by James M Elam

15 Dec

Rev. John Dorrance

Penelope Mercer

He's the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of B.R.; She lives in Baton Rouge


12 Jan

Augste Richard

Eleanore D. Hauterive

Jan 8;

12 Jan

Mr. R. Wilson

Emeline Millet

Jan 8; both of Baton Rouge

19 Jan

John Baptiste Babin

Judith Provinche

Jan 16; youngest daugher of widow Daniel P. Provinche

22 Mar

Zenon Lebove

Elise Labaure

Mar. 19; by Rev. Fr. Blane; both of West Baton Rouge

3 May

Lt. William R. Jaurft (?)

Sarah Ann Chesley

in New Orleans on April 28

19 July

John Keays

Mrs. Widow Mahier

July 15; by Honorable Charles Tessier; Mahier of Baton Rouge; Keays of Opelousas

16 Aug

Francois Legendre

Josephine Altazain

by Fr. Blane

16 Aug

Frederick Dalcour

Mrs. Widow Charotte

6 Dec

Angelus Degaithes (?)

Fanny Glavarry

"last week"; both of EBR

6 Dec

Felix W. Haydon

Domitille LeBlanc

Haydon of firm of J.W. Meeks & Co. of New Orleans; LeBlanc daughter of Simon LeBlanc

27 Dec

J. Brown

Joan miller

"Youthful Wedding"; Dec 24; Brown, 80 yrs old; Miller, 70 yrs old. She was a timber merchant; married at St. Mary Magdelen's Church in Taunton (?)

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17 Jan

Jean Baptiste Celestin Maxent

Elizabeth Devenport

On the 10th

17 Jan

Henry Germain

Mrs. Widow Alexandrine Chariet

On the 10th

31 Jan

Baily D. Chaney

Marsha D. Whitten

daughter of John Whitten; at Mt. Pleasant

13 June

Samuel Watson ( St. Helena)

Sarah Lobdell

daughter of Abraham Lobdell

11 July

Ed. Ripaille

Rose Elois (or Blois)

at New Orleans on June 27th; by the honorable Brosset Beauregard

24 Oct

Isaach H. Tyler

Mary Elizabeth Gurley

on Oct 2; Tyler of Louisville, KY; Gurley, daughter of Henry H. Gurley of Baton Rouge

14 Nov

John Sanchez

Emeline C. Monget

Sanchez of Bayou Sarah; Monget of Baton Rouge; at Baton Rouge on Thursday Even. prior

12 Dec

Montgomery Sloan

Ann L. Fenny

on the 10th; Fenny daughter of Captain James Fenny of Baton Rouge

26 Dec

John Reid

Eunice Devall

on the 24th; Reid of Baton Rouge; Devall of West Baton Rouge

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20 Feb

John Hampton

Edith Sterling

11th; at Springfield; both of Baton Rouge; by the Rev. J. Dorrance

24 Apr

Henry Bernos

Rosalie Lopez

19th; by Rev. A Blanc; Lopez youngest daughter of Mrs. Widow Lopez

1 May

Capt. J.B. Colla

Josephine Faurie

Colla was Capt of the Steamer "Florida"; on the 13th at New Orleans

15 May

Humberstone Skipwith

Lelia Robertson

on April 5; in Fredericksburg, VA; Skipwith of Mechlenburg, VA; Robertson is the widow of the late Governor Thomas B. Robertson and daughter of Fulwar Skipwith of Montesano

12 June

Rev. D.D. Chesnut

Catharine Wilson

on the 3rd at Plaquemine; by Rev. J. Dorrance; daughter of the late Nicholas Wilson

16 Oct

Thomas Morgan

Sarah Fowler

on the 4th at home of Mr. Geo. Mather in the parish of St. Jacques

25 Dec

David Devall

Jane E. Taber

on the 17th by the Honorable Charles Tessier; Mr. Devall is resident of West Baton Rouge; Miss Taber is resident of Baton Rouge

25 Dec

A.G. Penny

Sarah Weston

on the 21st; Mr. Penny lives in East Baton Rouge parish; Miss Weston lives in East Feliciana Parish

25 Dec

Willis Thornton

Louisa Penny

on the 23rd; both of East Baton Rouge

Issue Date

8 Jan

Joseph Penny

Ann Matilda White

on the 6th; Mr. Penny of EBR; Miss White of WBR; daughter of the late col. Alex. A. White

5 Feb

Dr. William B. Smith

Mrs. Eleanor Smith

she was the "relict of the late Joseph Smith"

12 Feb

Mr. B. F. Owen

Ellen Parmer

both of Iberville; on the 3rd at the residence of the honorable Judge Dutton by the Rev. Mr. Chesnut

12 Feb

Warren Aborn

Lavinia Erwin

on the 8th at the residence of Mrs. Eliza Wilson by the Rev. Chesnut; Miss Erwin is the daughter of the late John Erwin of Iberville

12 Feb

Mr. C. Hebert

Uranie Doiron

on the 7th in St. Joseph's Church by Mr. Blane in WBR

12 Mar

Isham P. Fox

Elizabeth Miller

on the 7th; both of East Baton Rouge Parish

26 Mar

Dr. Amos Hough

Eliza Winfree

by Rev. Chesnut on Sun Eve. the 20th; Miss Winfree is the daughter of Philip Winfree of Iberville; "Thanks for the slice of Wedding Cake"-editor

16 Apr

David Barrow

Lavinia Wilson

on the 7th; Mr. Barrow was late of Nashville, TN now of Iberville; miss Wilson is the daughter of Mme. Eliza Wilson

30 Apr

August T. MacNeill

Adeline Morgan

on the 20th; in the Parish of St. Tammany by the Rev. Abbe Monie; Mr. MacNeill was late of Springfield; Miss Morgan was the daughter of General D.B. Morgan

7 May

Valentine Hebert

Euphrosine labauve

On April 18; both of West Baton Rouge

14 May

Victor Bienvenu Olivier

Pauline Angelina Reynaud

inNew Orleans on the 25th April; Mr. Olivier of Terre aux Boeff; Miss Reynaud of Baton Rouge

25 June

Donald McGregor

Polly Parnell

on the 15th; both of EBR

9 July

Martin Holden

Minerva Cline

on the 7th; both of EBR

16 July

Daniel Barbee

Louisiana Nash

on the 14th at the residence of Mrs. Jane Scott; by the Rev. Mr. Hutchinson; both of EBR

30 July

Pierre Labauve

Coralie Dupuy

both of WBR

15 Oct

Abner Nash Ogden

Mary J. Smith

daughter of Israel Smith of Natchez, MS; on the 29th

3 Dec

Charles W. Duhy

Elvira Ann Harrison

on the 22nd at New Orleans; Duhy is editor of the Louisiana Gazette of Donaldson; Harrison is from New Orleans

24 Dec

L.C. Duncan

Jane Mackenzie

on 23rd at New orleans

24 Dec

John Ferran

Caroline Gil

on the 17th; Ferran of Tampico, Mexico; Gil daughter of Dr. A. Gil of BR

31 Dec

William Johnson

Mrs. Jane Scott

on the 29th; Scott of EBR

Issue Date

10 Mar

Raphael Legendre

Brazilia Caroline Forbes

on the 5th; both of Baton Rouge

16 June

Dr. P.W. Johnson

Susan Thames

Dr. Johnson late of Tennessee; Miss Thames the daughter of the late Amos Thames; both of EBR

7 July

James J. Neilsen

Eliza Drake

21 July

Charles Devall

Elizabeth Tabor

Devall of EBR; Tabor of WBR; on the 17th

8 Sept

James McGee

Mrs. Mary Skinner

on the 23rd; widow of late John Doyle of Baton Rouge

8 Sept

Rosemond Hebert

Marguerite Fauline Marson

on the 27th; both of WBR

8 Sept

Dr. Auguste Daussan

Marie Louise Perrin

on the 1st; Daussan of BR; Perrin of WBR

8 Sept

Etienne Richard

Julie Lejeune

on the 6th; widow of late Joseph Doiron of WBR

22 Sept

Rev. John Hutchinson

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Tyler

daughter of late H.H. Gurley; on the 20th

13 Oct

Joseph Longuipee

Celeste A. Seguin

13 Oct

Louis Broussard

Mrs. Rose Tullier

widow of late Mr. Jerome Hebert of WBR

3 Nov

H.B. Favrot

Aurore Villart

on the 27th; Favrot of WBR; Villart of BR

3 Nov

John H. Gardner

Ann Eliza Harbour

at Manchae on the 31st

15 Dec

Capt. Robinson Mumford

Amelia J. Phillips

on the 10th; eldest daughter of Joh Phillips of EBR

29 Dec

Morris Morgan

Caroline S. Hicky

on the 22nd; daughter of Col. Philip Hicky of EBR

Issue Date

2 Feb

Pleasant Harbour

Mary P. Thomas

on the 24th; daughter of Major Benjamin Thomas of EBR

30 Mar

Melvin W. Tubbs

Octavine Ferland

on the 28th; both of EBR

13 July

David H. Penny

Lucinda Nash

on the 9th

3 Aug

D.P. Cain

Amanda N. Knox

on the 25th in WBR

3 Aug

J.B.H. Bergeron

Mary A. Landry

on the 31st of WBR

31 Aug

Reason Hardesty

Lucinda Bradley

(Reason may be Keaton?)

12 Oct

John T. Steffens

Emily Hatch

on the 10th; of Baton Rouge (Steffens dies shortly after)

12 Oct

Elien Doiron

Helene Lejeune

on the 13th of WBR

12 Oct

David Dow

Mary Virginia Webb

9 Nov

John Williams

Angelina Phillips

on the 7th; daughter of John Phillips

Issue Date

25 Jan

James M. Brunot

Sophia Jones

on the 18th; both of Baton Rouge

15 Feb

Rosemond Bourg

Mrs. Ursule Breau

on the 7th in West Baton Rouge

15 Feb

Louis Bernard Dumontier

Eleonore Landry

on the 10th; Landry of WBR

12 April

Lt. William R. Keepers

Julian Maria Saunders

on the 2nd at the Garrison in Baton Rouge

17 May

Raphael Hebert

Odile Landry

on the 30th April in West Baton Rouge; Hebert of WBR; Landry of Iberville

7 June

Fabien Le Tullier

Alexandrine Daigre

on the 26th

5 July

Lt. Charles H. Larned

Elizabeth H. Newcomb

on the 23rd June at the Army Garrison of Baton Rouge

12 July

George David

Mary Ann Kleinpeter

on the 3rd; David of Iberville; Kleinpeter of EBR

13 Sept

Hugh Alexander

Esther Fulton

Alexander was Postmaster and Editor of the Louisiana Register; Fulton was daughter of Jesse Fulton

27 Sept

Hiram Cline

Catherine Fudge

on the 25th; both of EBR

27 Sept

Col. Samuel Gwie

Mrs. E. Hampton

on the 17th in EBR; Hamton of Springfield in EBR

 Issues for 1835 only go through February 14th, then scattered issues available from 1837 through 1839 and most are in French only. Didn't find any issues for 1836.

Issue Date

3 Jan

John F. McCaa

Canduce Pearce

on Dec 25, 1834; eldest daughter of Dr. R. M. Pearce of EBR

14 Feb

Jacques Molaison

Irma Foret

on the 25th; Foret of WBR

Issue Date

15 July

Charles Abbott

Elizabeth Willis

both of Baton Rouge

22 July

Martin J. Cossitt

Emeline M. Isett

29 July

James Mansker

Juliette Roberts

on the 27th; daughter of Major Stephen Roberts

4 Nov

Adolphe Hebert

Rosalie Traca

on the 30th Oct; in WBR

Issue Date

17 Mar

John B. Faer

Abigail Pelare

on the 15th

31 Mar

Andrew Grier

Lavinia Gordon

on the 26th; Grier in Army, Gordon of Baton Rouge

31 Mar

Joseph D. Foute

Eunice L. Stirling

on the 28th at the residence of Col. Samuel Gwin; Foute of Clinton, MS; Stirling of EBR

22 June

Mr. Wilson

Miss E. Johnson

on the 16th; both of Baton Rouge

27 Oct

Oliver Potts

Martha Stuart

on the 13th

27 Oct

Alexander Shaw

Margaret Cassiday

on the 23rd

27 Oct

Pierre Verbois

Josephine Eleanore Granpre

on the 25th in WBR

Issue Date

29 Feb

Sylvester Davis

Elizabeth Wilkins

on the 27th; both of EBR

7 Mar

Alfred F. Conrad

Hannah P. Duncan

on the 29th; Conrad of Attakapas; Duncan of EBR

7 Mar

Charles Colette

Margaret Margenteler

on the 2nd

7 Mar

Seven (?) Thibeaudaux

Irma Lemoin

in WBR

21 Mar

James Geddens

Adies Picket

on the 12th

4 April

Philip Thill

Mary Ann Davis

on the 2nd

4 April

Henry Castle

Ruth Bryan

on the 2nd

2 May

Rev. Jahleel Woodbridge

Martha Jane Witherspoon

on the 30th; the only daughter of the late Calvin Witherspoon of East Feliciana

23 May

Justus Gebholdt

Sarah L. Bradford

on the 21st

20 June

Dr. Timothy Fay

Juliana Gale Hubbard

on the 18th; both of Baton Rouge

27 June

Edward Phillips

Ann Elizabeth Adams

on the 18th: both of Baton Rouge

27 June

John Bird

Winifried Pipes

on the 23rd: Winifred of WBR

18 July

Mr. E. Gunn

Susannah Harper

on the 13th

25 July

Benjamin Bossky

Lydia Catharine Krumphalt

on the 16th

26 Sept

Jh (John) Godechau

Carmelite Trisa (Traisa)

on the 17th

26 Sept

Charles Devenport

Coralie Catherine Bernard

on the 23rd; Devenport of WBR; Bernard of EBR

Issue Date

9 Jan

Jame Nicol

Mary Josephine Fulton

on the 7th; Nicol of Lafayette; Fulton daugter of the late Samuel Fulton of BR

13 Feb

Denis Daigre

Genevieve Buckner

on the 11th; both of EBR

20 Feb

Adonis Lopez

Celestine Daigre

on the 15th; daughter of Laurent Daigre; both of EBR

6 Mar

William Stephens

Elvira Hacket

on the 30th Feb; both of EBR

15 May

Samuel Adams

Mary H.. Denham

on the 9th

22 May

L.L. Thibivillier

Telcid Hebert

on the 17th; in WBR

19 June

James Mather

Mary Scallan

on the 17th at the Hope Estate; Mather of the parish of St. James; Scallan daughter of James Scallan and granddaughter of Col. Philip Hicky

14 Aug

David W. Roundsaville

Sarah Kennard

on the 11th; both of EBR

11 Sept

Andrew Kleinpeter

Mary C. Randolph

on the 8th

25 Sept

Christopher Hamner

Rebecca Fulton

on the 16th at St. Francisville; Fulton of St. Francisville; Hamner of BR

23 Oct

William D. Phillips

Caroline Pope

on the 20th; Pope eldest daughter of the late Dr. Nathaniel Pope

23 Oct

Mr. J.B. Cornelius

Elizabeth Murdoff

on the 14th at the residence of Mrs. Headen in Manchae

30 Oct

Mr. L.H. Trudeau

Theresine Dauthier

on the 26th; Trudeau of BR; Dauthier of Point Coupee

27 Nov

Mr. F. Banker

Ellen Bills

on the 21st; daugher of John Bills

11 Dec

Joseph W. Fowler

Sarah Ann Shain

on the 3rd in New Orleans; Fowler of BR; Shain of New Orleans

Issue Date

29 Jan

James S. Morgan

Mrs. Emily H. Laughan

on the 26th; Morgan lived in New Orleans; Laughan in Baton Rouge

12 Feb

Samuel F. Abbott

Miss Ann E. Crain

on the 27th at Bayou Grosse Tete; Abbott was of Andover, Mass.; Crain of EBR

5 Mar

George Heroman

Celestine Piker

on the 28th; both of EBR

16 Apr

Jordan Holt

Augustine Lesage

on the 11th; Holt was from Tennessee

7 May

Thomas Affleck

Anna M. Smith

on the 19th at Washington, MS; Affleck was from Cincinnati; Smith from Washington, MS.' editor said "Affleck always said he was going to come down and marry one of the beautiful southern belles and he did"

14 May

John Boyd

Jane Cooper

on the 7th in Belfast, Ireland; Cooper was the daughter of Mayor James Cooper of Baton Rouge

25 June

Whitman Wilcox, M.D.

Caroline F. Mussenden

on the 22nd

23 July

Dr. W.B. Woon

Mrs. M.A. Cain

Wood of Ascension Parish; Cain of EBR on the 19th

30 July

Augustus Gustavus Adolphus Lempp

Cinthia Parnell

Lempp of Germany (imagine that); on the 26th

13 Aug

George S. Lacy

Elenore M. Moore

on the 9th in BR; Lacy of Jackson, LA

13 Aug

Frederick Shoaf

Susannah Jones

on the 11th; Shoaf was from Lancaster, PA; Jones was daughter of Silas Jones of BR

29 Oct

Rev. E.R. Porter

Harriet S. McGee

on the 4th at the residence of A. McGee of West Feliciana

12 Nov

Lt. T. H. Porter

Elizabeth L. Bell

on the 10th: Porter is son of the renowned Commodore Porter: Miss Bell is daughter of "the gallant Captain Benjamin L. Bell of the U.S. Dragoons"

26 Nov

S.H. Shipley

Margaret D. Johnson

on the 22nd in WBR; daughter of C.G. Johnson

3 Dec

Augustin Leblanc

Virginia Leblanc

on the 1st; Mr. Leblanc of New Orleans; Miss Leblanc of WBR.

3 Dec

F. Avain

Mrs. M. Thomas

on the 29th Nov

17 Dec

Alfred A. Wiliams

Catherine Stewart

on the 15th; eldest daughter of Col. Nolan Stewart of WBR

Issue Date

21 Jan

Rev. R. J. ?

Malvina Mille

Groom was unreadable but President of the College of Baton Rouge; on the 29th in Clinton

21 Jan

Warren Stone

Malvina D. Johnson

on the 4th; Stone of N.O. ; Johnson of West Feliciana

11 Feb

Nathan B. Ladd

Julia Ellen Miller

on the 19th in Richmond, VA; Ladd formerly of BR; Miller was youngest daughter of Robert R. Miller

4 Mar

Henry L. Wolfe

Nancy McGilligan

on the 1st in Baton Rouge

25 Mar

Thomas F. Hernandez

Louisa H. Latill

on the 18th; both of EBR

25 Mar

John B. Scudder

Mrs. Mary E. Thomas

on the 16th

25 Mar

Laurent Aubie

Octavine Gil

on the 16th in Woodville, MS; Gil of BR

13 May

Andrew Lesage

Marien Ranceveau

on the 1st; both of BR

13 May

J.A. Vialet

Elizabeth Parnell

on the 8th; both of BR

17 June

Edward Haly

Eliza Barrow

on the 15th; both of EBR

17 June

Guy Labauve

Emma Serret

on the 13th in WBR

24 June

Leon Lejeune

Eleonore Trahan

on the 19th in WBR

1 July

Benjamin W. Slocum

Pamela M. Matthews

on the 15th; hard to read; may be McMatthews

1 July

...... Brodes

Ellen Crain

on the 21st; hard to read;

29 July

Loring Wilson

Sarrah Jane Wheat

on the 24th; Wilson is Sgt. in the Army

23 Sept

Joseph LeBlanc

Elizabeth Monget

on the 18th; both of Baton Rouge

21 Oct

William S. Pike

Mary Ann Huguet

on the 19th; both of Baton Rouge

4 Nov

Abner L. Duncan

Leontine Bonnecaze

on the 1st; both of EBR

11 Nov

John C. Patterson

Elizabeth Streamer

on the 9th; both of Baton Rouge

18 Nov

Alexander Stokes

Virginia Commeaux

on the 16th

18 Nov

James W. Boatner

C. Ann McKay

on the 7th in Pike Co., MS; Boatner of Clinton, LA; McKay of Pike Co.

16 Dec

William Sevier

Augustine Rodrigues

on the 14th; both of EBR

Issue Date

13 Jan

David B. O'Fallon

Rebecca Shackelford

on the 4th by P.A. Walker, both of EBR

27 Jan

Capt. William Mayo Fulton

Cornelia C.B. Patton

on the 17th in Natchitoches, La. at Pine Lodge, residence of W.L. Cockerille by the Rev. H.J. Lamb; Capt. Fulton is stationed at Fort Jessup; Miss Patton is granddaughter of the late Col. Robert Patton of Philadelphia

27 Jan

Troy Brackin

Domitille Hubert

on the 23rd; both of EBR

27 Jan

Joseph Marcelin Babin

Victorine Aubin

on the 18th; both of EBR

10 Feb

John Robert Dufrocq

Anna E.W. Converse

on the 5th by the Rev. J. Woodbridge; Editor of this paper; daughter of the late Wright Converse

10 Feb

Antoine Cousinard

Elizine Rhodus

on the 7th by Charles Tessier: both of Baton Rouge

24 Feb

Octave LeBlanc

Octavine LeBlanc

on the 20th by Rev. Joseph Brogard; Groom of New Orleans; Bride of WBR; daughter of Villeneuve LeBlanc

24 Feb

Paulin Hebert

Adeline Guedry

on the 19th; Hebert of Iberville, Guedry of EBRf

24 Feb

Armongene Babin

Celestine Landry

on the 19th; both of WBR

24 Feb

Daniel Coffman

Catherine Streight

on the 20th by William Gil; both of EBR

24 Feb

Capt. Gouveneur Verris

Anna Maria J. DeCamp

on Jan 1 at Jefferson Barracks, MO by the Rev. Hedges, Post Chaplain; Captain of the 4th U.S. Infantry, formerly in BR; DeCamp daughter of surgeon S.G.J. DeCamp

13 April

George W. Dearing

Helen Amanda Waddill

on the 11th in Baton Rouge by th Rev. S.G. Simpkins; Dearing of Glasgow, KY; Waddill is the eldest daughter of Abel Waddill

11 May

Ferdinand Kretz

Louisa Wolff

on the 6th by James Cooper; both of BR

18 May

Henry F. Riley

Josephine M. Hull

on the 8th at the plantation of George Henderson in West Feliciana by James I Weems; both of West Feliciana

25 May

William Robertson

Eliza Ann Marsh

on the 16th at New Iberia, Attakapas; Robertson late of U.S. Dragoons; Marsh, daughter of John C. Marsh

2 June

Richard R. Thomas

Mary Ann Canty

on the 30th by James Cooper; both of EBR

2 June

Thomas Dunlap

Matilda Hernandez

on the 30th; both of EBR

8 June

Anthony Monget, Jr

Letitia Josephine Mary Parish

on the 4th; both of Baton Rouge

13 July

James Sullivan

Eunice Carl

on the 4th at the Plains; both of EBR; she's the 2nd daughter of Henry Carl

13 July

President John Tyler

Julia Gardner

On June 26th in New York

20 July

John Rodrigues

Frances Yates

on the 15th; both of Baton Rouge

27 July

Daniel Barker

Augustine Granary

on the 22nd in Baton Rouge; daughter of Mr. Michael Granary

17 Aug

Charles Francis Guedry

Abigail Eliza Fleichman

on the 13th in Baton Rouge; by th eRev. Mr. Lemmen

24 Aug

Mr. J. Moreau

Matilda Murray

on the 20th by Judge Tessier; both of Baton Rouge

14 Sept

Mr. M.D.L. Walker

Eliza Hubbs

on the 3rd; Walker of Yazoo County, MS; Hubbs of Baton Rouge

21 Sept

Henry Carl

Elizabeth Kromholt

on the 19th: both of EBR

28 Sept

Francis Henry

Juamelie Gerard

On the 23rd in WBR

28 Sept

Eugene Daigre

Surville Trahan

on the 23rd

5 Oct

Joseph Joor

Anna M. Finley

on the 2nd: Joor of St. Francisville; Finley of Baton Rouge

19 Oct

John E. Phares

Frances E. Gayle

on the 6th; Phares of East Feliciana; Gayle is daughter of Wm.C. Gayle of EBR

2 Nov

Mr. P. McKitrick

Mary Margaret Ellis

on the 31st at the residence of Madame Marola, below Manchac; McKitrick of EBR; Ellis of Iberville

9 Nov

J.H. Still

Mry Bills

on the 30th; both of Baton Rouge

14 Dec

John King

Mrs. B. Peyronin

on the 12th; both of EBR

21 Dec

Joseph Nephler

Caroline M. Timms

on the 17th; both of Baton Rouge

28 Dec

Charles G. McHatten

Anne E. Williams

on the 9th at Rose Mount, Scott County, KY; McHatten of BR; William daughter of Merritt Williams

Issue Date

11 Jan

Thomas Browning

Jane Mcculloch

on 5 Dec 1844; both of EBR

11 Jan

John A. Forbes

Minervva C. Hausey

both of EBR; on the 2nd

18 Jan

George Henderson

Mary Ann Dunbar

on the 14th at the residence of John Holmes in Bayou Sara by the Rev. D.S. Lewis of the Episcopalian Church; both of West Feliciana

18 Jan

Mr. Bowles

Ann Dunbar

on the 15th in New Orleans; Bowles of New Orleans; Dunbar of Baton Rouge

18 Jan

Etienne Bujol

Mary Caroline Martinez

on the 9th; Bujol of Iberville; Martinez of EBR

25 Jan

R.W. Greenwell

Mrs. Margaret Smith

on the 16th: eldest daughter of John Kerr; both of EBR

1 Feb

Valiere Landry

Adele Landry

on the 27th ; in WBR

1 Feb

Sanuel M. Hart

Sophia Martin

on the 29th; Hart of the firm of Pike and Hart

1 Feb

Joseph Henry

Mrs. Mary Azelia Landry (nee Trahan)

on the 20th

15 Feb

Lt. William K. Van Bokkelen

Josephine Eleonore Tessier

on the 3rd; daughter of Judge Charles Tessier of EBR

15 Feb

John Brownin

Susan Elizabeth Hausey

on the 6th; in EBR

15 Mar

Major Sewell

Mrs. Mary Zantzinger

on the 10th in New Orleans; Sewell in Army; daughter of late B. Bullit of Natchtoches, LA

29 Mar

Charles R. Graham

Mary Emma Blanchard

on the 6th in WBR; daughter of Jacques Blanchard

29 Mar

Louis Trahan

Mary Modeste Seguin

on the 24th; daughter of Auguste Sequin

29 Mar

Louis Lerey

Aureline Daigle

on the 24th; daughter of Francois J. Daigle of WBR

29 Mar

James Murphy

Esther Jolly

on the 24th in Baton Rouge

29 Mar

Trasimond Bourg

Irma Hebert

on the 27th in WBR; daughter of Elie Hebert

5 April

Theodule Foret

willamine Octavine Babin

on the 31st in WBR; daughter of Paul Babin

5 April

William Shaw

Mrs. Ellen Hubbs

on the 1st in EBR

5 april

Joseph Tunez

Mary Morales

on the 3rd in Baton Rouge

31 May

Richard Louers

Mary Warren

on the 22nd in Baton Rouge; Louers of Montgomery Co., NY; Warren eldest daughter of F.D. Newcomb

7 June

Fortune V.A. Gannet

Mary Breaux

On the 4th in WBR ;Gannet of France; Breaux daughter of late Arsene Breaux

7 June

Octave Altazin

Serphine Broussard

on the 25th in Woodville, MS; groom of Baton Rouge; Bride daughter of Laurent Broussard of WBR

14 June

H.T. Waddill

Sarah Ann Collins

on the 11th; Waddill was Postmaster in Baton Rouge; daughter of John J. Collins

23 Aug

William C. Barnet

Ann Rohelia

on the 21st ; both of Baton Rouge

30 Aug

T. Babin

Julienne Clement

on the 25th in WBR

20 Sept

William M. George

A. L. Bird

on the 11th at the residence of John W. Dawson; George of St. Helena; Bird of Baton Rouge

18 Oct

Eugene Brady

Eliza Jane Catlett

on the 16th at Jackson in East Feliciana; Brady of the Steamboat "Rainbow"; Catlett daughter of George Catlett of Jackson

1 Nov

William Simons

Maria Wooldridge

on the 30th at the residence of James M. Elam; Simons of New Orleans; Wooldrige of Baton Rouge

1 Nov

John White

Emily Chevalier

on the 7th Oct; both of EBR

1 Nov

Richard Alexander O'Keefe

Madame Adelle Elizabeth Bitancourt

on the 29th; O'Keefe of Montreal; Bitancourt widow of late Isidore de Torrier of WBR

1 Nov

William S. Wilson

Celestine E. Adams

on the 30th; Wilson of Tennessee; Adams of EBR

15 Nov

Dr. P.M. Enders

Annis Eliza Field

on the 6th at Anchorage (near Natchez, MS); Enders of BR; Field daughter of Robert Field

29 Nov

Phillip Fitzsimons

Mrs. Mary Mahon

on the 27th; both of EBR

29 Nov

Henry Ernest Hebert

Mary Dertilde Hebert

on the 27th; both of WBR

6 Dec

David Pate

Mrs. Louisiana M. Dawson

on the 11th in Baton Rouge; both of EBR

20 Dec

George W. Holden

Mrs. Sarah Hillen

on the 17th; both of EBR

27 Dec

W.H. Castlen

Melodie Trakas

on the 27th Nov in WBR; Castlen formerly of Indiana; daughter of Nicholas Trakas

27 Dec

Leo T. Craig

Elizabeth Trakas

on the 18th Dec in WBR; Craig formerly of Indiana also; daughter of Nicholas Trakas

27 Dec

Washington Z. Riley

Elizabeth Denham

on the 24th; both of EBR

Issue Date

17 Jan

Carlo Bourguignon

Angela Valde

on the 18th; both of Cuba

17 Jan

Jean Baptiste Bon

Maria Romero

on the 31st; both of Baton Rouge

17 Jan

Jean Villeneuve Doiron

Emelie Octovine Aubin

on the 15th; both of EBR

31 Jan

Anthony Busky

Hannah Crumholdt

on the 22nd; both of EBR

31 Jan

Hypolite Bitancourt

Madeleine Adrienne Aucoin

on the 20th in WBR

31 Jan

Gideon Doiron

Alzine Babin

on the 29th in WBR

7 Feb

R.H. Burnett

Mrs. M.K. Headen

on the 4th both of Manchac

7 Feb

Michel Hopkins Granarie, Jr

Elizabeth Bridget Tracy

on the 4th at St. Joseph's Church; both residents of Baton Rouge

14 Feb

Meridith Lively

Alpha Valentine

on the 10th; both of EBR

14 Feb

Joseph Dardenne

Virginia Robichaux

on the 9th; Dardenne of Ibervillel; Robichaux of WBR

21 Feb

Samuel Kelly

Cynthia Ann Cooper

on the 12th; Cooper eldest daughter of James Cooper

21 Feb

D.T. Francis

Gertrude Commeaux

on the 12th at the residence of Major S. Roberts at the Comite; both of EBR

21 Feb

Richard Noblet

Solliden Commeaux

on the 12th

21 Feb

Thaddeus M. Smith

Josephine Sarah Phillips

on the 18th; both of EBR

21 Feb

Jean Henry Heck

Victorine Templet

on the 16th; Heck of the Kingdom of Prussia; Templet of WBR

28 Feb

Victor Hebert

Mary L. Bryan

onthe 25th; Hebert of WBR; Bryan of Philadelphia

7 Mar

Mark Boatner

Sarah Stirling

on the 3rd; Boatner of Ouchita; Stirling of EBR

7 Mar

William L. Thomas

Jane Phillips

on the 5th; both of EBR

11 Apr

Rev. P.H. Diffenweirth

Sarah Miller

on the 26th March in the Parish of Tensas

2 May

James Noakes

Mary Nora

on the 23rd April in WBR; Noakes of Scott County, Indiana; Nora of EBR

9 May

On this date the first contingent of Louisiana Volunteers left Baton Rouge for New Orleans and the Mexican War

23 May

Robert Benton

Sarah Denham

on the 7th at the residence of H. Kean on Ward's Creek in EBR

23 May

Francis LeBrou

Mrs. Elizabeth Widdle

on the 8th; both of EBR

23 May

William Henry Valentine

Ann Lively

on the 21st in EBR

30 May

Victorin LaBauve

Augustine Daigre

on the 25th in WBR

30 May

Lorenzo Hannamann

Annetta Fisher

on the 26th in WBR

30 May

Calvin W. Keep

Mary Eliza Schlatre

on the 7th in Iberville

20 June

Daniel Convers Goddard

Madeline S. Vinton

on the 30th May; Goddard of Zanesville, Ohio; Vinton is only daughter of the Honorable S.F. Vinton of Gallipolis

25 July

Charles J. Huston

Kezia McGee

on the 21st in EBR

8 Aug

Andrew S. Herron

Celeste Morin

on the 30th July in Assumption Parish; Herron of Baton Rouge; Morin of Napoleonville

8 Aug

Joseph Miller

Margaret Lutz

on the 31st in Baton Rouge

22 Aug

Andrew Bradford

Mrs. Jenkins

on the 19th at Clintonton, LA; Bradford of Baton Rouge; Jenkins daughter of Captain D.F. Reeder formerly of Baton Rouge

29 Aug

R.F. Tisdale

Maria M. Pike

on the 25th at the residence of W.S. Pike; Pike youngest daughter of James M. Pike of Lexington, KY

5 Sept

Joseph Wahler

Caroline Rigard

on the 31st Aug; both of EBR; fairly hard to read

12 Sept

Rev. William H. Crenshaw

Mary Gayle

on the 7th; Crenshaw pastor of Methodist Church in Baton Rouge; Gayle daughter of John Gayle of Baton Rouge

19 Sept

Belisaire Hebert

Azeline Guedry

on the 14th in WBR; Guedry daughter of Firmin Guedry

26 Sept

Thomas Casey

Ann Higgins

on the 22nd; both of New Orleans

3 Oct

John M. Kerr

Nancy Higginbotham

on the 1st at the house of John Kerr

10 Oct

G. Goode

Charlotte Parnell

on the 8th

17 Oct

N. King Knox

Z.C. Bryan

both of Baton Rouge but married in Granada, MS

31 Oct

Chancey C. Tuttle

Minervy Waddill

on the 29th

14 Nov

Joseph E. Nelson

Elvira E.H. Bryan

on the 12th

26 Dec

William L. McNeely

Mana Jackson

on the 24th in Baton Rouge

26 Dec

Caleb Milhado

Isabella Hall Ure

on the 17th in New Orleans; Ure of Baton Rouge

Issue Date

2 Jan

Albert Porter Converse

Mrs. Margaret Dewey (nee Henderson)

on Dec 31st; Converse was editor of Gazette

9 Jan

John Buhler Lea

Louisa Skillman

on the 7th

20 Feb

John N. Wilson

Josephine M. Riley

on the 11th; Wilson of Iberville; Riley of EBR

20 Mar

George Lockwood

Honorine Daigle

on the 11th; Lockwood of Baton Rouge; Daigle of WBR

20 Mar

Isaac Fetter

Mrs. Mary Ann Sweeten

on the 16th

24 April

D. Lacroix

Idalie O'Brien

on the 19th at the Catholic Church; Lacroix of Iberville; O'Brien of EBR

29 May

Christopher Jackson Devall

Jemima Robinson

on the 27th

12 June

Francis G. Henderson

Lucretia Calvit Cheatham

on the 7th; Henderson editor of Gazette

12 June

J.G.W. Leftwitch

Mrs. Harriet R. Woods

on the 8th; Leftwitch of Plaquemine; Woods of WBR

21 Aug

John Phillips

Mrs. L.M. Fisher

on the 18th

21 Aug

Thomas B. Ross

Mrs. Ann Abbot

on the 19th

6 Nov

Nemorin Bergeron

Minerva Emmaline Rancevau

on the 1st

6 Nov

Pierre Lacave

Lodoiska Bergeron

on the 1st; Lacave of Iberville; Bergeron of BR

20 Nov

Henry Fitzsimmons

Elizabeth Shields

on the 18th; daughter of Andrew Shields; to live in Thibodeaux

4 Dec

Rev. Charles Beach

Fanny C. Woodbridge

on the 24th; Beach pastor of Presbyterian Church in Woodville, MS

4 Dec

Thompson J. Bird

Cecilia C. Tessier

on the 2nd

25 Dec

William Lockwood

Jane Brazil

on the 22nd; Lockwood proprietor of the Baton Rouge Steam Ferry

25 Dec

Augustine N. Booth

Susan A. Reeder

on the 15th at Clinton, Feliciana; Booth formerly of Louisville, KY; Reeder daughter of the late townsman Capt. D.F. Reeder

Issue Date

8 Jan

J.J. Umberhagan

Jane Krumholtz

on the 27th at Sophia Plantation

8 Jan

Henry A. Burton

Mrs. Elizabeth Dalton

on the 30th at New Orleans; Burton of Baton Rouge; Dalton of New Orleans

22 Jan

Frederick Thielmann

Catharine Webb

on the 19th

29 Jan

Thomas E.R. Kelton

Elizabeth E. Trice

on the 26th

19 Feb

Jefferson P. Thomas

Caroline Trager

on the 17th; Thomas grandson of General Philemon Thomas

19 Feb

Robert Foster Taylor

Mrs. Mary G. Alley

on the 16th; Taylor of the Advocate

26 Feb

Henry Carle

Andrea Martha Regillo

on the 17th

4 Mar

William H. Auld

Cecilia Baron

on the 21st in Woodville, MS; Auld of Washington, D.C.; Baron daughter of the late Pierre Baron

11 Mar

Allen Patrick

Elizabeth Lloyd

on the 9th

29 April

Daniel Hicky

Mary E. Towles

on the 24th; Hicky of WBR; Towles of Iberville

29 April

William E. Clark

Elizabeth Eveline Stuart

on the 25th; daughter of James D. Stuart of Baton Rouge; Clark of New Orleans

29 April

Charles Mather

Louisa A. Walsh

on the 26th at the residence of Col. Philip Hicky; Mather of St. James Parish; Walsh of EBR

29 April

Bolling R. Chinn

Frances S. Conrad

on the 27th; Chinn of WBR; Conrad daughter of F.D. Conrad

13 May

Laurence Martinez

Elizabeth Sanchez

on the 10th ; both of Baton Rouge

17 June

Henry Campster

E. Kinner

on the 15th

24 June

Dr. William M. Carper

M.J. Adelia Matthews

on the 6th in Galveston, Texas; Matthews formerly of Baton Rouge

1 July

Conrad Schneider

Elizabeth Fischer

on the 26th

1 July

Rev. Samuel Hawes

Rachel H. Hill

on the 26th at the residence of E. Chambers

8 July

J.A. Jaques

Eliza Simpson

on the 4th; Jaques of New Orleans; Simpson of Baton Rouge

15 July

Nathaniel Bryan

Eliza C. Charette (?)

on the 12th; Copy very light, hard to read;especially bride

15 July

Charles G. Slocum

Elizabeth Jones

on the 13th; daughter of Charles Jones

22 July

Asbury Regar

Caroline P. Hernandez

on the 18th; Regar formerly of Germantown, PA

12 Aug

J.W. Hillen

Lucinda Denham

on the 10th

12 Aug

Ranald McCullum

Mary Harris

on the 10th on Jones' Creek; daughter of Moses Harris

19 Aug

Thomas Alexander

Martha H. French

on the 17th;; Alexander of Concordia parish; French daughter of Dr. C.R. French of Baton Rouge

26 Aug

John Abner Gilmore

Louisa Hubbs

on the 23rd

2 Sept

Thomas E. Johnson

Mary Ann Dickson

on the 24th at the residence of Rowland Thomas, her grandfather

2 Sept

William D. Mann

Sara McKee

on the 3rd; Mann of Putnam County, IL.

9 Sept

Charles Careli Biberon

Susan Amelia Barnard

on the 7th

16 Sept

Charles A. Braud

Carmelite Hernendez

on the 7th

14 Oct

James B. Ferguson, Jr

Elizabeth M. Robertson

on the 25th; daughter of John McNairy Robertson

21 Oct

Isaac Collins

Pamelia C. Slocum

on the 16th

28 Oct

J.G. Odom

Lucinda C. Parrish

on the 23rd

28 Oct

J.C. Charrotte

Mary Ann Parrish

on the 23rd

18 Nov

John A. Dupuherty (?)

Lucy R. Stewart

on the 30th at the residence of Nolan Stewart in WBR; Dupuherty of New Orleans; Stewart of WBR; hard to read edition

18 Nov

Sylvester H. Bogan

Sarah Williams

on the 6th; Bogan of Point Coupee; Williams of EBR

18 Nov

Treville Terriot

Louise Bone

on the 13th

18 Nov

John Shackle (?)

Mary Smith

On the 15th

25 Nov

A.T. Wood

Sarah S. Mallory

on the 14th; wood of New Orleans; Mallory daughter of the late Marcus D. Mallory of Woodbury, Conn.

2 Dec

Anthony A. Peniston

Ellen A. Davis

on the 29th in New Orleans; Davis of New Orleans; Peniston of BR

2 Dec

John J. Nicholson

Mary Ann Blount

on the 4th in New Orleans

9 Dec

Col. William Wallace Smith Bliss

Elizabeth Taylor

on the 5th; Bliss of the U.S. Army; Taylor daughter of Major General Zachary Taylor, President-elect of the United States

16 Dec

Radford Robertson

Dorothea Garnier

on the 11th

16 Dec

Barney Clark

Catharine Kelly

on the 11th

16 Dec

Barnet Williams

Sarah Morgan

on the 14th at the residence of Amasa Read

16 Dec

James N. Hutchinson

Isabel Bulness

on the 14th; had "Mrs. James..." and "Mr. Isabel ...."; corrected in 23 Dec

23 Dec

Ellis Yelvington

Elvira Cooper

on the 21st at the residence of Andrew Cooper

23 Dec

Edward Willis

Mary Elizabeth Oldham

on the 21st

30 Dec

John W. Long

Jane O'Neal

on the 28th

30 Dec

John Seiser

Louisa Roberts

on the 28th at the residence of Major Roberts

Microfilm for 1849 consists of only issues for January 1849
Issue Date

6 Jan

Charles F. Mix

Miss Robilliard

on the 27th Dec; both of Point Coupee'

6 Jan

Louis Lami

Margaret Rodriguez

on the 2nd; Lami of New Orleans

6 Jan

Dr. William R. Norton

Mrs. Mary Ann Cornelius

on the 28th Dec at the residence of Joseph Heard

6 Jan

Elias Riggs

Ophelia Johnson

on the 4th

13 Jan

William A. Thompson

Lavinia D. Newcomb

on the 21st in Greenfield, Mass. at the home of the Honorable R.E. Newcomb; Thompson of Buffalo, NY; Newcomb of Baton Rouge; daughter of Francis D. Newcomb

20 Jan

James Many

Hellen O'Brien

on the 16th

Issue Date

16 Feb

Charles Hubbs

Susan Gilmore

on the 7th at Woodville, MS; both of EBR

30 Mar

Andrew Jackson Black

Caroline Kinner

on the 27th

30 Mar

Clemile Daigle

Carmelite Diaz

on the 26th

6 April

Timothy O'Keath

Mrs. Ann Garrett

on the 2nd

20 April

Francis Huguet

Ann Eliza H. Isett

on the 18th

20 April

A.C. Russ

Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd

on the 12th

27 April

Joseph Mather

Mary S. Peirce

on the 16th at the residence of William J. Minor, Waterloo Plantation in Ascension Parish; Mather of St. James Parish; Peirce daughter of the late Col. C. Peirce

27 April

William H. Harrison

Mrs. Rebecca M. Smith

on the 24th in the Presbyterian Church; Harrison of New Orleans; Smith of EBR

27 April

John D. Good

Fredericka L. Umbehagen

on the 24th

4 May

Oscar Dupuy

Elodie Landry

on the 1st in WBR; Dupuy of Iberville; Landry of WBR

4 May

Edward Cousinard

Nancy Kinner

on the 1st

18 May

Lucien Legendre

Emmelina Commeaux

on the 14th

18 May

Dr. Amzi Martin

Mrs. Elizabeth Aldridge

on the 15th

18 May

Thomas Shelby

Bettie McCallister

on the 7th at Blantonia, Bachelor's Bend, MS; daughter of A. McCallister

8 June

William Lips

Mary Kringle

date not given

22 June

Joseph J. Gutierrez

Clementine Octavia Eliza Ricker

on the 5th; daughter of the Honorable Samuel Ricker of Rickerville, Jefferson parish.

22 June

Samuel F. Brashear

Louisa T. Williams

on the 30th; daughter of Benjamin A. and Ann R. Williams; all of Cypress Bayou

22 June

S. Xavier Mullhaust

Mary Whellby (?)

on the 19th; hard to read

6 July

James Sullivan

Mary Carle

on the 29th

13 July

Lewis E. Carter

Bettie H. Rainey

on the 8th in Clinton, La.; Carter of New Orleans; Rainey of Hinds Co., MS

27 July

Charles Ensert

Theresia Marrs

on the 19th

27 July

James O. Fuqua

Sophia B. Boatner

on the 18th; both of Clinton, La

17 Aug

David B. Moore

Mary White

on the 13th at the residence of Mrs. White; Moore of New Orleans

17 Aug

Emile Beauregard

Julia Ann Sullivan

on the 14th at the residence of Mrs. Sullivan

14 Sept

Daniel C. Briscoe

Virginia Lockwood

on the 10th: Briscoe of New Orleans; Lockwood of Baton Rouge

28 Sept

Lt. Richard C. Drum

Lavinia Maria Morgan

on the 25th; Drum of U.S. Army; Morgan daughter of the Honorable T.G. Morgan

28 Sept

Rufus D. Wilson

Mary Ann Garig

on the 26th at the residence of General Garig

28 Sept

Amede Landry

M. Desiree Landry

on the 26th

12 Oct

W.B. Freligh

Frances P. Webb

on the 16 Sept at Rouse's Point, NY; Webb of New York; Freligh of Baton Rouge

12 Oct

James W. Pratt

Martha A. ? Bee (Bre) ?

on the 14th at Liberty, MS; Bre (Bee) of West Feliciana

19 Oct

M........ Helming

Mary Spoone

on the 10th; hard to read

19 Oct

Paul Pertrand

Mary Ann Robinson

on the 16th

9 Nov

Jame Schoolcraft

Mary Russ

on the 7th at the residence of Elias Russ

30 Nov

Luke Florance (?)

Louisa Lockwood

on the 28th

21 Dec

Frederic Arbour, Jr

Lodoiska Josephine Glaray

on the 10th in New Orleans; Glaray of New Orleans

21 Dec

James W.M. Beale

Malvina J. Monaghan

on the 14th in New Orleans; Monaghan of New Orleans

21 Dec

Samuel S. White

Rescella McFarland

on the 19th at the residence of Samuel Brashears

28 Dec

Lewis Wolfe

Josephine Galhman (?)

on the 25th

Only a limited number of issues exist for this year. Missing are all editions from 8 Feb to 30 Nov, 1851 1851
Issue Date

4 Jan

Joseph M. Halliday

Harriet M. Converse

on the 31st; Halliday of West Feliciana; Converse of Baton Rouge

4 Jan

William H. Sherman

Mary M. Hacket

on the 2nd at the residence of William Stevens

4 Jan

Gianello Giomatta Enrico

Jeanette Le ........ (? creased)

on the 30th

4 Jan

David Irving

Jane McKenzie

on the 31st

4 Jan

Thomas Watson

Mary Irving

on the 31st

4 Jan

George H.R. Bayley

Harriet Lawes

on the 2nd in Plaquemine, Iberville: Bayley is Assistant State Engineer

11 Jan

Joseph Nicholas Gorlinski

Valentine T. Wrotnowski

on the 1st in the Catholic Church by Fr. Gache

18 Jan

Joseph Sarcentto (?)

Mrs. Lavinia Polston

on the 16th

25 Jan

Treville Daigre

Eliza Yates

on the 16th in the Catholic Church

25 Jan

James J. McNabb

Matha Duff

on the 21st; McNabb of Lilvingston Parish

25 Jan

Joseph Norwood

Demarcus Ingram

on the 23rd at the residence of Jacob Zag

13 Dec

George Henderson, Jr

Juliette P. Dunbar

on the 11th in WBR

20 Dec

Alfred Monget

Margaret L. Pyburn

on the 16th

20 Dec

William J. Pierce

Catherine King

on the 17th

20 Dec

James H. Adams

Mary Brooks

on the 18th

Issue Date

3 Jan

H.B. White

Julie French

on the 30th; daughter of Dr. C.R. French

3 Jan

Samuel Matthews

Elizabeth Jane Sharp

on the 1st; Matthews of New Orleans

10 Jan

Daniel Morgan

Mrs. Mary Hooper

on the 21 Dec

10 Jan

Ezra Kelly

Martha Hawsey

on the 24th Dec

10 Jan

Albert M. Neville

Mary Lilly

on the 31st at the residence of Thomas Lilley

10 Jan

Edward Brown

Mary Rose Garig

on the 5th

17 Jan

Henry Hand

Ellen Blythe

on the 15th

7 Feb

Micajah Hend...... (?)

Laura Ann Herrin

on the 29th at the residence of her mother; paper creased across name

14 Feb

R.L. Knox

Hester Ann Burns

on the 8th at the residence of David Penny

13 March

John A. Summerbyre

Mrs. Mary Cooper

on the 10th

27 March

William Thomas

Caroline Odom

on the 25th

3 April

Allan W. Cameron

Virginia Davis

on the 29th at the residence of Philip Winfree, Jr

17 April

Josiah Roberts

Afflise (?) King

on the 14th

8 May

Lewis Zim

Elizabeth Caroline Posey

on the 26th; Zim was editor of the Red River Republican

15 May

George Randolph

Ellen M. Smith

on the 13th; daughter of Alexander Smith

22 May

George A. (?) Fire (Fure)

Mary Louisa Adams

paper creased; editor and proprietor of the Daily Comet; daughter of A. Adams

29 May

Col. Philip Hicky Morgan

Beatrice Leslie Ford

on the 22nd in the Episcopal Church; daughter of John Ford

10 July

A.S. Herron

Mary Tabitha Sannders

on the 29th in Clinton, La.; daughter of the late Judge L. Sannders of Clinton

10 July

Henry E. Maynadia

Julia B. Barker

on the 8th; Maynadia is in the U.S. Army; Barker is daughter of the late Captain Thomas Barker of the U.S. Army

10 July

Edward W. Duplessis

Eliza Ann Henderson

on the 8th (Eliza Ann is daughter of Stephen Henderson)

28 Aug

George C. Vaughn

Nancy J. Evans

on the 6th at Manchac in the Parish of Ascension; youngest daughter of Mrs. Margaret Evans

25 Sept

Shubuel Tenney

D.E. Woodruff

Tenney was principal of Thibodeaux Female Institute

2 Oct

A. (Anthony) Montan, Jr

Sarah Jane Hand

on the 27th in New Orleans; Hand of St. Francisville (Article about wedding)

30 Oct

L. Rose

Sarah Dalsheimer

on the 27th; Rose of New Orleans

6 Nov

John Selser

Mary E. Cane

at the residence of Mrs. Cobb

20 Nov

G.W. Browning

E.W. Collins

on the 4th

27 Nov

Mr. Bellar

Mary Bordes

on the 25th

The only issues for 1853 are for January 1-29th 1853
Issue Date

1 Jan

Vincent Edwards

Elizabeth Johnson

on the 27th; Edwards of Arkansas and formerly of Indiana; Johnson of New Orleans but formerly of Kentucky

1 Jan

J.H. Boatner

Annie E. Young

on the 15th; daughter of Smith Young of Ashley Co., Ark.

22 Jan

Horace B. Vibbert

Eliza Phillips

on the 13th at Bayou Sara

29 Jan

John S. Hendry

Ann Eliza Herrin

on the 13th at the residence of Mrs. Herrin on Manchac

29 Jan

Edwin Montan

Mary Lawry

on the 28th; both of Baton Rouge