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Local Governmental Leaders


This page will identify governmental leaders from various time periods. This includes the "Town Magistrate", members of the Council, the Ranger, Sheriff and like positions.



Charles Tessier

Parish Judge, Notary Public Probate Judge for East Baton Rouge

signed just about every legal document for years

John Buehler

Sheriff and Collector of Taxes in East Baton Rouge

worked with courts, conducted sales of property, slaves, etc. at court's direction.

F. Menard

Cashier, Bank of Louisiana in Baton Rouge

John Simpson

Deputy Sheriff of East Baton Rouge and Jailor

assisted sheriff and placed notices of slaves being held in jail in newspaper so that owners could come claim them

Louis Sheppers

Clerk for Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen were like a county council

W.R. Willis


like modern day police force

W. Blake

Iberville Parish jailor

Raphael Legendre

Treasurer and collector for Town of Baton Rouge

Hugh Alexander


John Dutton

Parish Judge in Iberville

Bernard Peyrounin

Attorney serving several parishes

Louis Favrot

West Baton Rouge Parish Judge

A. Williams

Sheriff of West Baton Rouge Parish

George Curtis

Constable in Baton Rouge (19 May 1827)

Francis Gardere

Notary Public in Baton Rouge, also State Treasurer

Reelected in Dec 1828 for 2nd term

Alexander Rogers

Ranger in St. Helena, June 1827

Rangers were responsible for keeping track of runaway horses, cattle, etc. but not slaves. Quite often editors of papers because they placed notices in about how to claim their animals.

Stephen Henderson, Jr

Ranger in East Baton Rouge, 1827

Stephen Henderson, Jr

Postmaster replacing Hugh Alexander in 4 Oct 1828 in Baton Rouge

W.R. Willis

Elected Town Magistrate in April 1829 (Baton Rouge)

Police Jury of West Baton Rouge--Police Jury's ran the parish but didn't pass ordinances like the Selectmen. Selectmen also acted primarily just for the town. Sheriff and jailor reported to Police Jury. They were also in charge of runaways, the roads, the Ranger, etc.

Police Jury for West Baton Rouge for 2/16/1827 included:

Louis Favrot-president; J.E. Babin; J. Landry; L. Rappelet; P. Lafiton; E. Peltier; D.P. Swindler;A.R. Sherburne 
Election ticket for Police Jury in East Baton Rouge for election on 2 April 1827. They were to elect one Town Magistrate and Four Selectmen. Those running for office included the following: For Town Magistrate: J.P. Michel; F. Herault; R.R. Tankersly; E.T. Hall; B.T. Beauregard For Selectman: J.T. MacNeill; E.R. James; Christoval Acosta; William Gil; Christian Nordan; John Simpson; Seth Ally; John Genoise; John Fisherman; Timothy Pigwhistle

Results of Election for Baton Rouge Town Magistrate and Selectmen. (In 7 April, 1827 Issue)

For Mayor: B.T. Beauregard (68 votes); F.Herault (37); Michel (17) (incumbent); E.T. Hall (11)
For Selectmen: Acosta (69); John Simpson (69); Wm. Gil (55); Nordan (51); Sloan (41); Huguet (40); MacNeill (35); E.R. James (34); W. Reynaud (23); Hubbs (18)
"Acts of the Police Jury of East Baton Rouge"-June 16, 1827 Appointments: Superintendent of Depot: John Whitten, Sr. and Stephen Henderson, Jr.; In charge of management of Depot for runaway slaves in East Baton Rouge P arish Administrators of the public school board: District 1: Charles Hobbs; District 2: John Kennard, Sr.; District 3: William Bryan; District 4: John Devenport; District 5: William Winfree Trustees of the Baton Rouge Academy: Charles Hobbs, John Kennard, W. Bryan, John Devenport, Wm. Winfree Constables: John Smith, John Lakin, Philip Jacobs Commissioners of Elections: (at Plains) John Q. Talbot, J.P., Joseph Young, John Bogan (at Sandy Creek) John Whitten, J.P., James M. Elam, Major Hugh Montgomery (at Baton Rouge) Wm. Jennison, Jr., Wm. Grivot signed: Stephen Henderson, Clerk

"Police Jury of West Baton Rouge--June 16, 1827

President-Louis Favrot
J.B. Guedry, Victor Hebert, John B. Lebauve, Mathurin (?) Lejeune, L. Rappelet, P. Lafiton, E. Peltier, John Nolan, Thomas Chinn
D. Granger--appointed inspector of roads and levees for the 2nd ward
Manuel Landry, J.P. Laguier, J. Deveall, W. Joyce, A. Sherburne are appointed administrators of the public schools

Sale of Land

Caroline Vidal sold 2,781 arpents (acres) in several tracts of land in EBR parish, ad dated 4 Aug, 1827

On Sept 8, 1827, Mayor B.T. Beauregard responded to rumor of Yellow fever spreading throughout parish.

He posted a messaage stating that there was no yellow fever in the town at the time according to all the doctors noted:
Ed. Macomb, Ass't surgeon, U.S.Army, David C. Hatch, A. Latham, Wm. Williams, Wm.R. Scott, C.R. French, Maillard, A. Gil

Police Jury of EBR- 15 Sept 1827

John Buhler, James M. Elam, Benjamin Bryan--Assessors
John Buhler-Collector and Treasure (this was a new position that replaced the old "Treasurer" role)
Stephen Henderson-ranger
James Newsom-constable

Appeared 19 Jan 1828: Clark Woodruff of St. Francisville appointed to judge of 8th District and Col. John Devenport appointed Brigadier General in place of General Townsend who resigned

Appeared 2 Feb 1828: Francis Gardere resigns as representative from EBR to state legislature to serve as State Treasurer: special election slated for 4 Feb to fill his seat

Appeared 9 Feb 1828: Mr. Anthony Gras was appointed Justice of the Peace for WBR

Appeared in 8 Mar 1828: Candidates for Baton Rouge Elections For Mayor: William Grivot, William R. Willis, Francis Herault For Selectmen: John T. MacNeill, Leon Bonnecaze, Samuel Skolfield, John P. Michel, M. Brannagan, Samuel Watts, E.R. James, Charles Hubbs, P. Gentin, William Gil Appeared in 12 april 1828: Election Results For Mayor: William Grivot For Selectmen: Skolfield, Bonnecaze, Hubbs, and Michael Brannagan
Appeared in 29 May 1830 edition CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC The conduct of my wife, Ann Daigre is such that it is impossible for me to live with her. I therefore forewarn any person from crediting her on my account. May 19 PAUL DAIGRE, JR.

Appeared in 19 June 1830:  POLICE JURY
Monday, 7th June 1830

At a meeting of the Police Jury holden in and for the town and parish of East Baton Rouge, on this day being the first Monday of said month, the following members were present:

Stephen Henderson, jr., President
Ward No. 1  Andrew Shields
2.  S. Henderson
3.  John Seay
4.  Wm. Noble
5.  James Johnston
6.  Charles Kleinpeter
7.  R.H. Burnett
8.  F. Duplantier
9.  J. Devenport
10. Vincent Carr
11. John Bartell
12. Wm. Bryan
George Henry, Clerk
Charles J. Cannon, Constable

On motion, a committee composed of Messrs. Wm Bryan and W. Noble was appointed to examine the accounts of paupers and to report tomorrow.
Resolved:  That the account for painting and furnishing materials for the fireproof building presented by Judge C. Tessier, be allowed for the amount of $62.19.
The Jury then proceeded to elect Overseers and Inspectors of Roads for the different districts, numbered as follows:
District No. 1,  John N. Duncan
2.  Louis Daigle
3.  John Trager and Charles Kleinpeter
4.  Samuel Harbour
5.  W. Bryan (The hands of Mrs. Williams to work on Road No. 5)
6.  Vincent Carr
7.  Wm. Cain
8.  Michael Watson and Bayley Chaney
9.  Norton Foster
10. Constantius Pierce
11. Wm Noble
12. John Hampton for Springfield road, John Kennard for Baton Rouge road
13. Truemus Dewhee
14. J.M. Williams
15. Cr. Mitchell, east end, and P. Walker, west end
16. Wm. Brashears
17. J.P. Rollins
18. Wm. Davis
19. Wm. Tucker
20. C.Y. Kemble
21. John Lowden
The petition presented respecting Road No. 15 was rejected.
James Manting is apointed Overseer for the Cypress Bayou Road in the 3rd Ward
23. Michael Chambers
24. Henry WEbb, the hands of Wm Webb, Widow Harleson, Anthony Web and R. H. Burnett are to work on the road leading from James S. Willis to Hugh Denham's plantation.
On motion resolved that Messrs p.A. Walker, Dr. Scott, John King, Col. E. Powers, George Garig, and Wm. Bryan, be appointed as commissioners to inspect the whole extent of the 
road running through J. Williams' land on Road District No. 22, and to decide whether the same should be discontinued or not, and if the same should be discontinued, to assess 
the damages that the owner of said land, if they think that any damage has been sustained.

Then the Jury adjourned until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.


Tuesday, 8th June 1830
The Jury met agreeable to adjournment.
Stephen Henderson, Jr., President
George Henry, Clerk
Joseph Berry, Constable
Ward No. 1.  Andrew Shields
2.  S. Henderson
3.  J. Seay
4.  Wm. Noble
5.  J. Johnston
6. Charles Kleinpeter
7.  R.H. Burnett
8.  F. Duplantier
9.  J. Devenport
10. Vincent Carr
11. J. Bartell
12. Wm. Bryan
A resolution was presented respecting the repairs on the levee on the Bayou Gracie, which was rejected.
Ordered, That the road leading by J. Gilmore's to Wm. Allen's on the Comite, be no longer considered a public road, and that the hands heretofore employed on said road, 
do work on the main road to the Comite, agreeably to law.
Resolved, That the Overseers of Public Roads by authorized to use any timber within the distance of one hundred and fifty yards of any public road, for the use of the same,
without unnecessary waste, and that Road No. 5, be opened sixty feet wide.
A report was made by the commissioners for the stopping of the Bayou Manchac, which was adopted.
Resolved, That J.C. Stannard deliver up to Mr. J. Johnston, Marean Lislet's Disgest belonging to the 5th Ward, he having removed therefrom.
The accounts of Dr. Hough for medical attendance on Williams, is rejected; and also the account for medical attendance on the negro man shot by Mr. Bird, and the account for
medical attention on H. M'Dugald is postponed for further consideration.
The account of Francis Nephler for mending floor over head of the debtor's room in the jail and furnishing spikes & planks for the same, is allowed for three dollars.
The account of B. Bryan, presented , is hereby postponed for further examination.
The account presented for criminal fees is allowed for the sum of sixteen dollars to Francis Herault, J.P.
Mr. Johnston Eccles is hereby appointed constable on his giving the necessary security required by law.
The petition presented by James S. Willis and sundry other persons, respecting the road that runs through petitioners land, is hereby adopted.
The petition presented by Joseph Heard respecting the road running through the land of said Heard is hereby adopted by the said petitioner making the road at his own expense.
The committee to whom was referred the accounts of John Gordon, marked No. 1, Powell and Bradford, No.2 and J.B. Babin No. 3 and 4, beg leave to report that they have
examined the same and are of the opinion that the account No. 1 should not be paid by the parish; No. 2 should be allowed; No. 3 rejected for want of form and eveidence that 
the overseer has done his duty; No. 4 rejected in conformity to a special order of the Jury.  Wm. Bryan, A. Shields, Wm. Noble
After balloting for Assessors, John Buhler, Augustin Duplantier and Wm. Noble were duly elected.
The following persons were appointed by the Jury as Administrators of Public Schools:
1st School District,  John Reid
2.  John Hampton
3.  P.A. Walker
4.  Josiah Barker
5.  J.M. Elam
Be resolved, That the commissioners appointed to superintend the levee and bridge over Montesano bayou have the privilege of extending a further length of time to the order
taker of his securities on condition that additional security be given to the satisfaction of the commissioners.
Resolved, That the boundary line between the 6th and 12th Wards, shall hereafter run on from Baton Rouge on the east bank of low ground or swamp until the same strikes the
creek at or near Col. John Botts and follow the same as now described.
An account of Benjamin Bryan for putting on locks for jail, making nails and putting on, amounting to eleven dollars is hereby allowed.
The following persons were appointed by the Jury Trustees for the Baton Rouge Academy:  Charles Hubbs, Hugh Alexander, C.F. French, Samuel I. Isett, M. Branagan
The following persons were appointed commissioners to review the Road No. 2 leading from A. Waddle's to Baton Rouge:  Wm. Gayle, John Gayle, Col. John Bills, Abel Waddle,
Wm. Thomas, J.M. Williams
It is ordered by the Jury, that Andrew Shields and Fergus  Duplantier be appointed a committee to inspect the minutes of the present session, which is ordered to be recorded
in the Record of the Police Jury.  
Then the Jury adjourned sine die.  (signed)  Stephen Henderson, Jr.  President of the Police Jury; attest, Geo. Henry, Clk; a true extract from the original minutes. Geo. Henry
Clerk of the Police Jury

Appeared in 3 July 1830 edition:


Monday, June 11, 1830

Be it ordained by the Board of Selectmen, That from and after the publication of this ordinance, all dogs found running at large within the limits of the Corporation, without a leather or marked collar, at least one and a half inches in width, with the initials of the owners name thereon, shall be shot by the Police Officer. And all dogs found running at large with or without a collar, on Mondays and Thursdays in each and every week shall be shot by the Police Officer, for which services he shall be entitled to charge and receive twenty five cents per head. All laws contrary to the above are hereby appealed. By order of the Board, SAMUEL I. ISETT, Clk.

Appeared in the 17 Sept. 1831 edition:

Police Jury -- East Baton Rouge:

At a meeting of the Police Jury of the parish of East Baton Rouge, held at the Court House in the town of Baton Rouge, on the 5th day of September 831, being the first Monday of said month, the following members were present, William Bryan, President of the Jury; Ward No. 1, (absent); 2. H. Lanoue; 3. C. Peirce; 4. (absent); 5. James Johnstone; 6. Jno. Devenport; 10. V. Carr; 11. (absent); 12. Wm. Bryan, President. A. H. Legendre, Clerk

On motion, the Jury ballotted for Constable, and on counting the votes, Mr. Cannon having obtained the majority was declared duly elected.

The following letter was read to the Jury: Baton Rouge, 1st Sept 1831, Sir--my presence being called out of the parish, I have the honor to tender my resignation as member of the Policy Jury of Baton Rouge, for the first ward. I am, very respectfully, J. B. Colla

On motion, resolved, that two commissioners be appointed to examine the roof of the fireproof building in which are kept the offices of the Parish Judge, and Clerk of Courts, and have the said repaired, and draw on the Parish Treasurer for the requisite amount to pay therefore: Said resolution having been adopted, the Hon. Ch. Tessier and C. Peirce wre appointed commissioners.

On motion, resolved that the Parish Judge be authorized to have the lightning rod, affixed to the court house, made longer, if necessary, and the dirction changed to the south side, and to draw on the Parish Treasurer, for the requisite amount to pay therefor.

Mr. Peirce offered the following resolution which was adopted: Resolved, that the Sheriff be authorized to contract for the sash doors, and two sash windows for the Court House, and to have the interior of the Court room painted while, and to draw on the Parish Treasurer for the requisite amount to pay therefor.

On motion, Messrs. R. H. Burnett, J. Johnstone, and H. Lanoue, were appointed a committee to examine the Treasurere's accounts, and report thereon tomorrow.

On motion, the Jury adjourned till tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.

TUESDAY, September 6, 1831

The Jury met agreeably to adjournment and the following members attended: Wm Bryan, President; John Devenport; H. Lanoue, G. Duplantier, James Johnstone; John Hartell; C. Kleinpeter,: C. Peirce; V. Carr; R. H. Burnett. A. H. Legendre, Clerk; Ch. Cannon, Constable

The following accounts were reported by the chairman of the committee of accounts, as correct and approved by the Jury:

1. An account in favor of Benjamin Bryan for keeping and feeding in jail, Joseph Sybert, during the term of 104 days at 37 1/2 cents per day;

2. An account in favor of Benj. Bryan for keeping and feeding in Jail, Joseph Julhan, during the term of 30 days at 25 cents per day

3. An account in favor of Thomas G. Morgan for professional services in the suit against John Simpson and his securities, on contract and bond.

4. An account in favor of Wm. B. Scott for medical attendance on pauper Welsh, for 15 days.

5. An account in favor of John Bartell for bonding and lodging the Guard which accompanied the negro man, Zach, to the place of execution.

6. An account in favor of John Buhler for making the tax roll for the year 1830

7. An account in favor of John Buhler for holding elections in July 1828, November 1828 and July 1830,

8. An account in favor of John Buhler for extra services in executing the negro man Zack.

Total $389.50

The following letters were then read to the Jury:

To the honorable the Police Jury of the Parish of East Baton Rouge

Whereas, at the last session of your honorable Jury, you appointed us the undersigned, as commissioners to examine and receive the Port Hicky road, agreeably to the contract entered into by James Johnstone, we have, therefore, to report that after riding over and examining the road, and comparing it to the contract, we find that the two miles as contracted for, are finished even better than the contract called for, and moreover, that the road is all ditched from the parish line to Port Hicky, which is a distance of about four and one-fourth miles, which we believe was done by said Johnstone at his own individual expense: consequently we have the received the same. (Signed) Peter P. bousky, Henry Carroll, Commissioners

Sept 2, 1831;To the Honorable Police Jury in and for the Parish of East Baton Rouge

The petition of Eloi Martinez represents that owing to some misunderstanding between Mr. F. Duplantier and Mr. Judah Barker, or from some other cause, there is not a road of sufficient width, leading from the point on the levee, between the lands of the above named gentlemen, to Sharp's old place on the Highlands: Your petitioner therefore prays your honorable body to take the condition of the road aforesaid, into consideration, and ordain the needful in the premises. (signed) Eloi Martinez

Whereupon, it is ordered that John Kleinpeter, Sen., Andrew Kleinpeter, John H. Kleinpeter, Jno. Randolph, Gilbert Daigre, Dr. A.E. McConnell, and P. Provenchen, be a jury to examine the road mentioned in the letter of Mr. Martinez, to make such change as the law requires, and report the same to the Jury at their next meeting.

The committee to whom was referred the petition of Robert Boyd, praying that the Jury would increase the appropriation made for hte Montessano Bridge, and extend the time for completing the same, reported as follows:

"The committee to whom was referred the petition of Robert Boyd, respectfully report--that they have taken the same into careful consideration, and think that it is expedient to allow the said Boyd, the sum of four hundred dollars, in addition to the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, which he was to received from the parish on completing the causeway and Bridge at Montesano Bayou; and that the commissioners be authorized to give to said Boyd, a warrant on the parish treasury for the sum of five hundred dollars now due, and that he be allowed such further time to complete the said works as the Jury may think proper. That the said Robert Boyd shall execute a bond in favor of the Parish Judge, with good and sufficient securities, himself in the sum of one thousand dollars, and teh securities in the sum of five hundred dollars each, commissioned for the faithful completion of said works."

On motion, for the adoption of said report, the yeas and nays were ordered, when it appeared that Mssrs. Bryan, Devenport, Duplantier, Lanoue and Peirce had voted in the affirmative, 5 yeas,; and that Messrs. Bartell, Burnett, Carr, Johnstone, and Kleinpeter, had voted in the negative, 5 nays; no decision having been given, Mr. Peirce moved that said report be attended by striking out the words "four hundred" and inserting in lieu thereof the words "three hundred", which motion having prevailed, on motion, said report was adopted, as amended.

The committee appointed to settle the accounts of the Treasurer of the Parish, certify that we have examined the Treasurer's accounts and vouchers, from No. 1 to No. 166 inclusive, and beg leave to report that we find them all properly audited agreeably to law--that the amount received by the Treasurer is two thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars sixty-three and three-fourths cents: and the amount paid by him is two thousand nine hundred and nineteen dollars and twnety five and three-fourths cents, showing a balance due the treasury of one hundred and nineteen dollars and fifty-nine cents. (signed) James Johnston, Chairman

Sept 6, 1831

On motion, resolved that three commissioners be named to survey the work to be made on the bridge laid on the Bayou Gracie, which has been injured by the late storm, and report at the next seession of the Jury, with an estimate of the amount which, in their opinion, it will be necessary to appropriate for the same.

Whereupon, the President appointed Messrs. C. Peirce, C. Luppe, and W. Thornton to be the commissioners as per foregoing resolution.

On motion, resolved that T.C. Blount be appointed Overseer for the Road District No. 17--Road No. 10, leading from the seven mile post to Jone's old field, in place of G. F. Rawlings, about to leave the parish.

The committee appointed at the last session to demand and receive from John Buhler, Esq. the books, papers and funds in his possession, belonging to the parish, respectfully represent that they have performed said duty, and present them to the Police Jury. (signed) C. Peirce, Chairman

On motion, ordered, that the above books and papers be referred to a committee, to report thereon tomorrow. Whereupon the President appointed Messrs. Lanoue and Peirce to constitute said committee.

On balloting for Jail lPhysicians, it appeared, on counting the votes, that Dr. Thomas Norvell had received 6 votes and Dr. D.C. Hatch, 3 votes; whereupon Dr. Norvell was declared duly elected Jail Physician for the ensuing year.

The Jury then proceeded to ballot for Parish Treasurer and Collector, when counting the votes, it appeared that John Buhler was duly elected.

On motion, ordered, that John Devenport, Essq. be excused from attending for the remainder of the session.

In consequence of a letter received from Hugh Alexander, it was ordered that the Clerk draw a warrant on the parish treasury in his favor, and which shall be considered privileged, for the sum of one hundred and nineteen dollars and fifty nine cents with interest at the rate of ten per centum per annum until paid; and also a warrant in favor of Abel Waddill, for the sum of seven dollars, twenty six and one half cents, it being the balance due to him on settlement between him, as collector, and the Jury.

On motion, the Jury then adjourned till tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.

WEDNESDAY, Sept 7, 1831

The Jury met agreeably to adjournment, and the following members present: Wm. Bryan, President; Messrs. H. Lanoue, G. Duplantier, James Johnstone, C. Peirce, C. Kleinpeter, V. Carr, and John Bartell. A. H. Legendre, Clerk; Ch. Cannon, Constable.

The committee who were appointed to examine the accounts of John Buhler, late treasurer and Collector, on amount of balance due by him for the taxes of 1829 and the Jury Fund Tax, as well as arrearage taxes collected by him since his settlement with the parish on the first day of September 1830, beg leave to make the following report:

The balances due by the late Treasurer and Collector, on the first of September 1830, appears to be one thousand nine hundred forty three dollars thirteen and one fourth cents. The Jury Fund taxes collected since that period, as per statement herein assessed, amounts to the sum of eight hundred and twenty dollars. The arrearage taxes, formerly returned, for the years 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828 and 1829, amount to the sum of two hundred and two dollars and sixty-five cents, making an aggregate of two thousand nine hundred and sixty five dolars seventy eight and one-fourth cents. The late Treasurer and Collector has paid, pas per vouchers numbered from one to seventy -two inclusive, which we have examined and found correct, the sum of two thousand three hundred and sixty five dollars forty four and three-fifths cents. The amount of his commissions on collections is seenty-six dollars and sixty nine cents. Leaving a balance due from him of five hundred twnety three dollars sity four and one-half cents; which we hae received in his check, accompanying this report, all of which is respectfully submitted. (signed) C. Peirce, Chairman

Whereupon, the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, that the president of the Police Jury be authorized to deliver to John Buhler, Treasurer and Collector, the vouchers, check for five hundred twenty three dollars sixty four and one half cents, etc. which have been passed this day and found correct.

On motion, resolved, that the present Treasurer and Collector be, and he is hereby authorized to call on all former "treasurers" for such accounts and vouchers, as may be in their possessions, and exhibit them to the Police Jury at their next session.

The committee to whom was submitted the petition of Wm. Winfree, Esq. relative to the different ferries in this parish, made their report, by the following resolutions:

Resolved, that every person having charge of a public ferry in this parish, shall keep posted up, in a conspicuous place on each shore of the respective streams, over which ferries may be established, a board with the rate of tolls written or engraved thereon.

Resolved, that in contravention of, or non-compliance, witheither of these resolutions, by any person keeping a public ferry, or for either one of them, or in contravention of, or non-compliance with any other resolution of the Police Jury, in relation to ferries, he she, or they shall on conviction before any justice of the peace of this parish, pay a fine of ten dollars for each offense, one half to use of the parish, and the other half to the informer. This resolution to be in force from and after the thirtieth day of September, 1831.

Resolved, that it is the duty of the Clerk of the Police Jury, to send a copy of the foregoing resolutions to each public ferryman of this parish.

On motion, resolved, that from passage of this resolution, the Treasurer of the parish shall consider the warrants of the Clerk and Constable of the Police Jury, as privileged, and he is hereby authorized to pay the same out of any funds in his hands.

On motion, resoled, that James Johnstone have leave to withdraw his petition and account, presented to this Jury on Monday last--the same having been rejected; the Clerk to take a copy to be kept by him as a voucher.

The committee to whom was referred the position of John Bartell, Esq. relative to the repairs necessary to be done on the road leading to St. Helena, made the following report: The committee to whom was referred the petition of John Bartell, Esq. respectfully report, that three commissioners should be appointed and authorized to sell out to the lowest bidder, the four bridges on Sandy Creek, and its branches, and also the bridge on the main road across Draughan's Creek. The purchasers to give bond with good and sufficient surety in whatever sum the said commissioners may think proper. The said bridges to be completed on or before the 26th day of September 1831. The cost not to exceed the sum of nine hundred and eighty-five dollars. The sale to take place at the residence of John Bartell, Esq. (signed) C. Peirce, Chairman

Whereupon, the President appointed messrs. John Bartell, Norris Foster, and D.J.J. Moss commissioners.

On motion, resolved , that seventy-five dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated, to be applied to the purpose of building a bridge across Jones' Creek, on Road No. 10, under the direction of three commissioners to be appointed by the Jury for that purpose: and that they be authorized to draw on the Parish Treasurer for the amount, provided the said bridge be completed on or before the 1st day of December, 1831.

The president then appointed John Ferguson, William Bryan, and Dr. Wm. B. Scott to be the commissioners contemplated by the foregoing resolution.

A motion for the reconsideration of the resolution relative to Bayou Gracie, having prevailed, said resolution was amended , so as to read as follows:

Resolved, that the commissioner already named to surey the works to be done on the bridge laid over Bayou Gracie, be authorized to draw on the Parish Treasurer for a sum not exceeding fifty dollars.

The amount of taxes to be levied for the current year, is five thousand dollars.

On a motion, that the sum of fifty cents be assessed on each slave, the yeas and nays were ordered, when it appeared that Messrs. Bryan,Carr, Duplantier and Kleinpeter had voted in the affirmative, 4 yeas, --and that Messrs. Bartel, Johnstone, Lanoue and Peirce had voted in the nagative, 4 nays.

Mr. Peirce moved to amend the former motion by striking out "fifty cents" and inserting in lieu thereof, "seventy-five cents", as the amount to be assessed on each slave, which motion having prevailed, the yeas and nays were ordered on the former motion, as amended, when it appeared that Messrs. Bryan, Duplantier, and Kleinpeter had voted in the negative, 3 nays. Consequently the amount to be assessed on each slave is seventy-five cents; and the balance of the five thousand dollars to be assessed on land.

Mr. Johnstone offered the following resolutions: Resolved, that the sum of three hundred dollars be appropriated to assist the building bridges over the two Sandy Creeks, in the 20th Road District and that two commissioners be appointed to let the contracts, and draw on the Parish Treasurer, when finished, say on or before the 1st day of December, 1831.

On motion, for the adoption of the foregoing resolution, the yeas and nays were ordered; when it appeared that Messrs. Bartell, Bryan Carr, Duplantier, Kleinpeter, and Peirce had voted in the negative, 6 nays--and that Messrs. Johnstone and Lanoue had voted in the affirmative, 2 years. Said resolution was consequently rejected.

The following letter was then read to the Jury: To the President and Members of the Police Jury. Gentlemen--I now beg leave to tender my resignation as a member of the Police Jury in the parish of East Baton Rouge. (signed) James Johnston, Sept 7, 1831.

On motion, James T. West was appointed overseer in the place of David II who was unable to attend from indisgestion (?).

On motion, the Jury then adjourned till the first Monday in January, 1832. (signed) Wm. Bryan, President; attest, A. H. Legendre, Clerk

Appeared in 17 March 1832

We learn that L. Sheppers, Esq. has been appointed Cashier of the Branch of the City Bank which is to be located at this place

The following ticket is recommended to the voters of Baton Rouge
For Town Magistrate--JOHN REID
For Selectmen--D. Barbee, A. Matta, And. Shields, F. Arbour

The following ticket will be supported at the ensuing elections for municipal officers.
For Town Magistrate-JOHN REID
For Treas. & Coll.--SAMUEL I. ISETT
For Selectmen-- D. Barbee, C. Acosta, And. Shields, Sm. Reynaud

The following ticket will receive the support of a large number of the freeholders of this town at the ensuing election for muncipal officers.
For Town Magistrate--JOHN REID
For Treas. & Collector--S.I. ISETT
For Selectmen--S. Skolfield, D. Barbee, Wm. Reynaud, J. Phillips

We are authorized to announce L. H. Bryan a candidate for Police Officer at the ensuing election.

Appeared in 16 June 1832

POLICE JURY, Monday, June 4th 1832: The Police Jury in and for the Parish of East Baton Rouge, met this day--the following members being present: Ward No. 1, Stephen Henderson , Jr.; 2, H. Lonouse; 3, C. Peirce; 4 Wm. Noble; 5 John Bogan; 6 J.B. Kleinpeter; 7 R.H. Burnett; 8 Guy Duplantier; 9 J.J. Neilson; 10 J. Newsom; 11 John Bartell; 12 Wm Bryan. S. Henderson Jr. President, E.C. Powers, Constable. On motion, Guy Duplantaier took the Chair during the balloting for President--on counting the votes, S. Henderson, Jr. was declared duly elected.

Appeared in 16 June 1832

POLICE JURY, Parish of West Baton Rouge, 4th June 1832: At a meeting of the Police Jury of West Baton Rouge held pursuant to law, on Monday 4th June 1832, the following members were present: Messrs. Eli Landry, Valentine Hebert, James Hutches, S.F. Babin, Jn. Bte. Labauve, Jn. Bte. Longuepee, Ls. Aillet, Wm Joyce. On motion, the members proceeded to the election of their president, when Mr. Wm Joyce was unanimously elected. Valmont Hebert was elected Clerk of the Police Jury


Appeared in 23 March 1833:  Municipal Election, 1st Monday of April
For Town Magistrate:  Wm. R. Willis, Sr.; Andrew Matta
For Treasurer and Collector:  Samuel I. Isett
For Town Constable: Joseph Monget
For Selectmen:  Jas. M. Brunot, C. Acosta, B. Peyronnin, Wm. Gil, A. Thieriot, B. Bryan, L. Bonnecaze, D.D. Avery, W.H. Young

Appeared in 6 April 1833: Election The following is the results of the election for mayor, selectmen, etc. held in this town on Monday last. Mayor--W.R. Willis, 61 voltes *; A. Matta , 52 votes Selectmen--B. Bryan, 64 *; A. Theriot, 61 *; W.H. Young, 60 *; C. Acosta, 56 *; F.M. Brunot, 53; F. Arbour, 45; D.D. Avery, 35; B. Peyronnin, 33; Wm. Gil, 26; L. Bonnecaze, 24 Constable-Joseph Monget, 34 *
Appeared in 15 June 1833 edition: Members of the Police Jury were: Ward, No. 1 H. Lanoue; Ward 2-A. Matta; Ward 3-John Saey; Ward 6-J.B. Kleinpeter; Ward 7- R.H. Burnett; Ward 8--P. Hicky; Ward 9-- J.J. Neilson; 10-J. Newsom; 11--J. Bartel; 12-- Wm Bryan; E.C. Powers, Constable; P. Hicky was duly elected President Road Inspectors listed by the Police Jury included: District No. 1, James Mather 2. Gilbert Daigre 3. Andrew Kleinpeter 4. John Foreman 5. Abraham Lobdell and W. Bryan 6. W. Allen 7. John Ker 8. Samuel Hughs & John Sulery 9. A.G. Drager 10. Nathaniel Gurlice 11. Eli Nobles 12. Thos Lilley, Route to Baton Rouge George Lilley, Route to Springfield 13. John Gilmore 14. John Anderson, east part John Bills, west part 15. George Garig and James Stokes 16. Wm Brasheres 17. Thomas Norton 18. B.S. Willis 19. Francis Kleinpeter 20. Wm. Johnston 21. Joseph Young 22. Leonard Noble 23. Samuel Watson 24. Joseph Heard

25. Green B. White

Appeared in 14 April 1840 Edition:

The Municipal Elections--On Monday last the 6th inst, the election for a Mayor, a Treasurer and Collector and four Selectmen, was held at this place and the following persons were duly elected.

James Cooper, Mayor --Samuel Skolfield, Treasurer and Collector ---B.F. Harney, A. Mongret, James Alley, A.G. Mangrum, Selectmmen.

Mr. Cooper was the former Mayor and during the past term, performed the duties of his office with industry and capacity. His fellow citizens have shown their approbation of his conduct by re-electing him, in expectation that he will continue to deserve their favour and confidence.

It is particularly expected that the elected guardians of the town, will adopt some measures to put a stop to the aggressions of the hogs which infest our streets.

Appeared in 9 May 1846
Parish of East Baton Rouge
An election for six members of the Police Jury to be held on Monday the 11th of May, 1846, to represent the following wards.
5 Ward, at Thomas Devall, presided by John Bogan and Henry Carl
6 Ward, at Jas. C. Dawson, superintended by Jas. C. Dawson and Wm. H. Gayle
6 Ward, at John Davenport's, presided by Josiah Barker, P.J.
10 Ward, at William Martin's, presided by John F. McCaa, J.P.
11 Ward, at John Bartel's, superintenden by John Bartel and Michael Watson
12 Ward, at the Rev. John H. Vancourt, superintended by A. Adams and D. Pats
Baton Rouge, May 2nd