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Appeared in 21 January 1832 Edition


CROCKETT--The last anecdote told of the worthy col. runs thus: He happend once to be travelling in a steamboat, (where the deponent spith not) when discovering the vessel went too slow for his calculations, he ordered the boat ashore, took it up under his arm, and trudged off through the woods, at the rate of ten knots an hour. It is said he was so well pleased with this performance, that he grinned the bark off three large trees in succession.


Appeared in 23 March 1833 Edition


"Davy Crocket" has issued his "Procklmashun," stating that if the tariff be not reduced before the fourth of March next, he will go down East and "drink upp thur rivurs, ete up thur steem-boats, passingers, fyre would and awl, which will be distressin: and weal blo up thur towns, rattel thur tin shops, tern over thur facktorris, stomp down thur rale-roads, and shak thur Younion from thee centur too the circumfurence."