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The data for these pages were extracted from microfilm and from actual papers located in the Hill Memorial Library at L.S.U. in Baton Rouge. There are many gaps in the time frame but hopefully you'll find the individuals you're looking for. You can search the L.S.U. online index to see what newspapers they have available. The other articles are for the historical significance and to see what people were involved with.

For Probate Records, marriages overall and many other records, I have found the Genealogy Department in the Archives of the Clerk of Court for the Parish of East Baton Rouge to be outstanding. They have multiple indices and provide a search service for only $20 that is very thorough. It is worth your money to request their services. They can be reached by writing to:

Doug Welborn Clerk of Court 19 Judicial District Court P.O. Box 1991 222 St. Louis St. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821 Attn: Genealogy Department

Marriages , 1819-1853 with many gaps

Deaths, 1820-1853 also with gaps

The Death of Meriwether Lewis

The Whigs, Election of 1844

The Mexican War



Miscellaneous Articles

Land Lost to Taxes, 1832 (actual scan of the article)


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