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Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
John T. Whitham (1864-1949)

of Glossop

John Thomas Whitham operated a studio in the High Street, Glossop around the turn of the century (1899-1901) but it is not clear how long-lived it was.

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John Thomas Whitham was born at 18 Victoria Street, Doncaster, Yorkshire in 1864, and trained as a compositer in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in his teens.  After his marriage to Alice Letitia Dixey (1862-) at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in 1884, he worked as a reporter in Faversham (Kent) and Wakefield (Yorkshire), before moving to Glossop (Derbyshire) c. 1890.  He continued working as a reporter/journalist in Glossop from 1891 to 1895.  By 1899, however, he was running a newsagents shop and working as a photographer.  He appears to have suceeded T.S. Shaw at 12 High Street West (Adamson, 1997), but also had premises at 60 High Street West until at least 1901.  In the following year he moved to 87 High Street West, and was working as a letter press printer.

From Nov 1905 to Nov 1906, John Whitham was "Worshipful Master of Devonshire Lodge, Freemasons," refelected in the freemasons' logo which he used as part of his card design.  John T. Whitham died in 1949, and his obituary in the Glossop Chronicle & Advertiser stated that he was a former director of Glossop Printers, one time publishers of the Glossop Chronicle, and appeared to "specialise in recording unusual events such as floods, great snows and blizzards but also covered public functions - remembered locally as he continued to use his half-plate stand camera and tripod even after new technology had been introduced." (Courtesy of Mandy Whitham)
Image © & courtesy of Mandy Whitham

Image © & collection of Brett Payne
Unidentified young woman
by John T. Whitham of High Street West, Glossop
Undated, but probably taken in the mid-1890s

Format: Cabinet Card
Size: Mount 109 x 166 mm Photo 102 x 146.5 mm

Image © & collection of Brett Payne


Image © & collection of Brett Payne

Images and information provided by Mandy Whitham & Brett Payne 
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