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Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
Frederick W. Robinson (1824-1894) & Susanna E. Robinson

of Stamford & Long Eaton

After operating a studio in Stamford for some years, Frederick W. and Susanna E. Robinson set up premises in Long Eaton, Derbyshire in the mid- to late 1880s.  They moved back to Stamford in the early 1890s.

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Frederick William Robinson was born in 1824 at Stamford in Lincolnshire, one of at least eight children of Thomas Wilkinson Robinson and Jane Brumhead.  He married Sophia Palmer Wignore at Driffield, East Yorkshire in 1850 and had several children before Sophia died in the early 1870s.  He then remarried Susanna Elizabeth Barnes (born at Bow Bells, London c. 1852) early in 1874.  Susanna bore him another two sons.

An 1876 trade directory shows Frederick W. Robinson working as a "painter & photographer", with premises in St. Martin street, Stamford St. Martin, Lincolnshire.  By April 1881, Frederick and Susan were living at 21 High Street "Photographer's Shop", Stamford Baron St. Martin; he described himself as a photographer, and she as a photographer's assistant.  Between then and October 1882, when an advertisement appeared in the Long Eaton Advertiser, they moved to Long Eaton in Derbyshire, where they set up in premises at 3 Regent Street.  The advertisement and the 1887 and 1891 Kelly's trade directories show "Susannah Elizabeth Robinson" as proprietor of the studio, although the census of April 1891 describes both of them as photographers.  Adamson (1997) states that Mr. F.W. Robinson was mainly a sign-writer, decorater and picture framer, but also dealt with the outdoor photography.  They were living at 13 Prince Street in Long Eaton.

Frederick Robinson died at Stamford in late 1894.  However, Susanna operated the studio in Long Eaton until 1893, when she moved to 29 Lavender Street, Nottingham (Adamson, 1897).   This studio appears to have been open in 1893-1895 and again in 1906-1907 (Heathcote & Heathcote, n.d.).

Image © & courtesy of John Bradley Unidentified cleric
by S.E. Robinson of Long Eaton
Format: Carte-de-visite

Image © & courtesy of John Bradley

It is interesting that the front and reverse of this photo have different photographer's names - the front is blind stamped with "F.W. Robinson," the back with, "S.E. Robinson."

Image © & courtesy of John Bradley
Image © & courtesy of John Bradley

Images kindly provided by John Bradley
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