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by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
Miscellaneous Photographs

both from my collection and from contributions - and not just from Derbyshire

These photographs are a selection from various collections including my own, and have been used primarily for dating purposes.

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As the collection of images of Derbyshire studio photographs on this site grows, various other images and photographs are making their way into my hands.  Presented below are some of the more interesting ones that I have found useful in one way or another.  This might be as a typical example of the use of a certain type of photographic process, or perhaps for the dating of a particular hairstyle, clothing accessory, studio setting etc.  Most of the photos shown will be linked to from one or other of the Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles, and a reverse link to the relevant Profile will often be provided here too, in case the reader wants to see how the photo has been of use.
  • Cased Ambrotype of Teenage Girl with Ribboned Hat dated c. 1860 - An example of the comparison of sitting style, clothing and hair fashions in young girls of around the same age to date an ambrotype of unknown origin, and a CDV which is more than it seems at first glance.

Example 1: Cased Ambrotype of Teenage Girl with Ribboned Hat dated c. 1860
Image © & collection of Brett Payne
Image © & collection of Brett Payne="">
Unidentified young girl, taken by unknown photographer, Undated but probably taken c. 1858-1862, Location also unknown  Image © & collection of Brett Payne
Format: Cased Sixth-Plate Ambrotype  Size: Case (closed) 64 x 74.5 mm, Picture aperture 42 x 53 mm  Condition: Embossed leatherette surface shows some scuff marks, particularly around catch; the case is detached at hinge, but the catch still in good condition; the inner lining is damaged, perhaps from a "spill" (see image above)
Although I purchased this cased ambrotype from a local (New Zealand) antique shop, there is no indication whatsoever as to its origin.  It seems likely to me that it originated somewhere in England, although I have no real evidence to support this theory.

Image © & collection of David Simkin Notes by David Simkin: I would give a date of around 1860, in a range of 1858 to 1862, for the ambrotype.  The setting is typical, and the hat and the dress worn by the girl is typical of that worn in this period.  A carte de visite portrait from my collection taken by George Ruff of Brighton (at left) around 1862 shows very similar attire.  The cased ambrotype had been superseded by the carte de visite by 1862.

Notes by Brett Payne:  The ambrotype shown above and carte de visite shown at left are very similar in many respects to a carte de visite submitted for inclusion on this site by Margery Whitham (at right).  Compare, for example, the detail in the bodice and waist band.  A more detailed discussion of the subject and a possible date for the photo are included in the profile of Derbyshire photographer W.N. Statham of Matlock Bridge.  As the reputed subject Selina Taylor (1847-1878) was born and grew at Castle Top Farm, near Matlock it seems very likely that the original photo was also taken in Matlock.
  Although this version of the photo was produced c. 1891, I am almost certain that it is a copy of a much earlier photo - possibly an ambrotype - taken between 1858 and 1862, when Selina was in her early teens (perhaps 11 to 14 years old).  According to John Bradley's article reproduced on this site, "Before the Snapshot and the Postcard," the earliest resident commercial photographer in Matlock was John Latham, who arrived around 1862.  However, there were also several earlier visiting artists who worked in Matlock during the summer months catering mainly for the tourist industry, such as J. & A. McMunn, B.W. Botham and the Scales family.
Image © & courtesy of Margery Whitham

The images provided by Brett Payne

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