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Derbyshire Photographers & Photographic Studios
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
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Many thanks to the following contributors of photographs, images, information and articles.  Without them, this site would merely be a dreary list of names and dates.  With the addition of the photographers' profiles, I have been able to make the site much more useful and interesting.
Please note: Email contact details have been encrypted to render them a little harder for spammers to harvest.

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Contributor Web Site
Lynne Ablard
Sonia Addis-Smith

Bill Addy
Diane Alton-Kaighin

Lesley Anderson

Ann Andrews Matlock & Matlock Bath, Derbyshire
Frederick Appleby
Gail Archer
Nigel Aspdin
Valerie Bailey
Di Bakel
Jean Baloo
Sandy Barrie
Jeri Bass
Eileen Beech
Roy Benford
Charlie Bentley
Roger Beswick

Sally Betts
Jo Bevan
Robin Bishop
Janet Bitton
Pat Blackwell
Hilary Booth
Caroline Boston

Robin Boyce
Boz's Ancestors
Deborah Bowen
John Bradley
Kerrie Brailsford Brailsford Family Forum
Mike Briggs
Stuart Brown
Rachel Brownell

Kimberly Carleton
Roberta Carlson
Patrisia Carrington
Claire Casey
Mike Casselden

Frances Castle
Ceredigion Archives
Steven Chain

Paul Clarke
John Copley
Ron Cosens The Victorian Image Collection & Victorian Photographers & their Studios
Leonie Cousin
David Cox

Brian Coxon

Alan Craxford The Extended Craxford Family Web Site
Brenda Croome
Karen Cross

Culturenet Cymru
Caroline Dean
Derby Local Studies Library Many thanks to Jane James, Trish Kenny, Mark Bowyer & Fiona Nevin
Chris Dewey

Peter Dillon
Clyde Dissington

Frank Dunn

Gail Durbin
Rita Effnert

Paul Ellis

Barbara Ellison
Peter Evans
Adrian Farmer
Ian Ford

Carol Foss

Jeanne Fox

Karen Fraser

John  P.H. Frearson Contact Brett Payne
Mary Fritchley
Helen Frost
Graham Fulford
Kathleen Garner
Pauline Gashinski
Elizabeth Gelhard
Bronwyn & Graeme Gilmour
Brian Goodhead

Angus Graham
Clive Greatorex
Michael Greatorex
Chris Greaves
Brian Greer
Phil Gregory Tideswell Man Blog
Henry Griffiths
Graham Hadfield

George Arthur Hales

Tony Hall
Andre Hallam
Michael Handley
Maxwell Harris
Carolyn Hastings

Carole Haywood

Christine Hibbert
Victorian Photographers of Britain, 1855-1901
Sue Hickinson
Diane Hicklin
Stephanie Hitchcock
Ben Hodgkiss
Bill Horne
Steve Horsley
Dick Hudson
Janine Humphrey

Joy Hungerford

David Hutchings

Debbie Jackson
Martin Jackson
Sally Jackson

Jane James
Rob Jennings Forgotten Faces' Photos at Flickr
Dave Johnson

Michael Jones
June Knowles
David Lamb History of the Holmes Family
Peter Howard Latham
Charlotte Lavin
Maria Lawless
Ian Leith
Richard Leveson
Hilary Linnington
Lies Ligthart
Rosemary Lockie
D. Manani
Nick McFarlane-Watts
Prue McKay
Marilyn McMillan
Fiona McNicol
Cynthia Maddock
Jim Marsh

Dave Mason
Tristan Martin
Family History - Platts, Webster, Woodhouse & Others
Kath Marvill

Geoff Mather

Matlock Local Studies Library
James Morley
Barry Muir

Liz Newberry Chy an Gof Guesthouse, Penzance
Charles Noble
Terry Nolan
Julie Nugent
Ellen Oakley
Peter O'Driscoll
Graham Pare
Brett Payne South Derbyshire Genealogy Pages
Jon Payne
John Palmer
Wirksworth Parish Records 1600-1900
Michael Patterson
John Peacock
Jane Porter
Beatrice Potter
Denis Potter

John Powell
Fran Powles
Cliff Prince
Michael Pritchard
Annette Pugh
Alan Radford
Mike Reeve
Kevin Rhodes
Anthony David Rigby
Graham Robinson

David Roughley
Brenda Rowland
David Rowlands
Tim Ryan
Marcel Safier Marcel's Photographic History & Collecting Web Pages
Trevor Seaman
Robert Silverwood

Virginia Silvester
David Simkin Brighton Photographers 1841-1910
Roy Sims
Derek Smith
Samantha Smith

Terry Smith
Jean Snow
Linda Snyder
Max Solomon

Liz Sparkes
David Sparks

Mike Spencer

Carol Standish
Jane Steer
Valerie Stern
Sue Stewart

Julia Sturgis
Emma Sullivan
Jack Tanis

Kath Tarbatt
Ann Taylor
Dave Taylor

Stacy Taylor
Lynne Tedder
Margaret Thackray
Val Thomas
Peter Thomas-English
Barrie Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Gail Thomson

Nick Tomlinson Project Manager, Picture the Past
Angela Treweek

Robin Turton
Chris Underhill

Carole Vandyk
Roger Vaughan
Victorian & Edwardian Photographs - The Roger Vaughan Picture Library
Alan Walker
Walker family home pages
Ian Ward
Gail Waters
Margery Whitham
Mandy Whitham
Anne Williams

Ken Williams
Ridge Williams
Fiona Wilson

Neil Wilson

David Wood
Liz Woloski
Bill Zeugofsge

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