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Type I (black), simple text, 3 fonts, probably used in the late 1860s and/or early 1870s © Brett Payne

Trade Directory entries

History, Gazetteer & Directory of Devon (1878-79)
- Poole Saml. 4 Somerset pl. Teignm'th

Kelly's Directory of Devon (1889)
- Poole Sl. 2 Somerset pl. We. Teignmouth

Kelly's Directory of Devon & Cornwall (1893)
- Poole Samuel, 2 Somerset pl. Teignmth


Historical Directories from the University of Leicester

Indexed 1871- 1901 Census Images from

1881 Census Transcript & International Genealogical Index (IGI) from the LDS Church's web site FamilySearch

Partial Transcript of the GRO Index from FreeBMD

Photographers in Devon 1842-1939 : a brief directory for photograph collectors, by C.G. Scott, 1985, The PhotoHistorian Supplement No. 101, ISSN 0957-0209


Many thanks to Roger Vaughan for kind contributions of images and information.
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Samuel Poole (c1823-1906) of Teignmouth & Exeter, and
Samuel James Poole (1850-1903) of Putney

Samuel Poole was born at Taunton, Somerset in about 1823.  He married there and worked in his 20s as a house builder.  He and his wife Mary Ann lived in Park Street and had at least six children before moving to 43 Teign Street, Teignmouth in Devon between 1857 and 1859, where they had a further three children by 1868.  Mary Ann Poole died in 1890 and Samuel remarried, in 1895, to a widow Sarah Rossiter.

Samuel POOLE b. c.1823 Taunton SOM d. 1906 Teignmouth DEV m1: Mary Ann b. c.1826 Taunton SOM d. 1890 Teignmouth SOM m2: 1895 Teignmouth DEV Sarah ROSSITER b. c.1842 Compton Martin SOM
|- Helen Jane POOLE b. 1849 Taunton SOM m: 1869 Teignmouth DEV Edward ROBERTS b. c.1849 Truro COR
|- Helen Evelyn ROBERTS b. 1870 Teignmouth DEV
|- Rose Emily ROBERTS b. 1873 Ilminster SOM
|- Edward Vaughan ROBERTS b. 1875 Sunderland DUR
|- Walter Vivian ROBERTS b. 1877 Sunderland DUR
|- Samuel James POOLE b. c.Aug 1850 Taunton SOM d. 1903 Putney LON m: 1872 Teignmouth DEV Ellen Rosina SYMONS b. c.1854 Teignmouth DEV d. 1895 Putney LON
|- Rosina Mary L. POOLE b. 1876 Torquay DEV
|- James Bernard POOLE b. 1877 Putney LON
|- Blanche Adelaide POOLE b. 1878 Putney LON d. 1896 Putney LON
|- Violet Ethel POOLE b. c.1879 Putney LON
|- Kate/Katie Eveline POOLE b. April 1881 Putney LON
|- William POOLE b. c.1852 Taunton SOM
|- Eveline POOLE b. c.1853 Taunton SOM
|- Arthur H. POOLE b. c.1855 Taunton SOM
|- Emily POOLE b. c.1857 Taunton SOM
|- Rosa Mary POOLE b. c.1862 Teignmouth DEV
|- Lilian Beatrice POOLE b. c.1864 Teignmouth DEV
|- Reginald Frank POOLE b. c.1868 Teignmouth DEV m: 1898 Teignmouth Alice SLATER b. c.1872 Burrington DEV

Samuel Poole opened a photographic studio at Teign Street
in West Teignmouth in 1859, and this remained open until at least 1866, after which it moved to 5 Somerset Place (1869), 4 Somerset Place (from 1870), and 2 Somerset Place (from  c.1883 until 1893).  There appear to have been additional premises at 19 Wellington Street in 1890.  However, he also had a studio at 5 East Southernhay, Exeter from 1872; this later became 6 East Southernhay from 1873 to 1876.  Several of the children worked in the studio at one time or another, including Samuel James Poole (1850-1903) and William Poole (c1852-) in 1871, Arthur H. Poole (1855-) in 1881, and Rosa Mary Poole (c1862-) in 1891.

From 1881 onwards the shop also sold music and, when son Reginald Frank Poole (1868-) took over the shop after his father's apparent retirement after 1893, it appears that he ceased the studio photography business and only sold music.  Samuel Poole senior died at West Teignmouth in 1906.

Eldest son Samuel J. Poole initially worked in his father's studio in Teignmouth, where he was at the time of the April 1871 Census, and where he probably received his training.  After marrying Ellen Rosina Symons in 1872, however, he spent a brief period in Torquay, where his eldest daughter was born, before moving to Putney in South London (Surrey).  There he set up a studio at 3 Alexander Terrace (1881), later moving to 116 Upper Richmond Road (1891 and 1901).  He died three years before his father, in 1903.

If you have any further information about the various members of the Poole family and their studios, or if you have any photographs by them, please email me.  I welcome contributions of images to increase the variety of coverage on this site.  If you are able to identify or provide further information of any of the subjects of the photographs shown below, I would also be very keen on hearing from you.

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© Brett Payne

ID #: spoole01
Exeter Album Collection of Brett Payne
Artist: Samuel Poole, Southernhay, Exeter
Negative No. 9408
Size: CDV Mount 64 x 101.5 mm; Photo 59.5 x 93.5 mm

Card Type: Type I (black), simple text, 3 fonts.
Date: Undated, but probably taken c. 1869-1873
Notes: Thin card. Square corners. Lower corner clipped, and trimmed at bottom.  Inscribed "Bessie Harper" on reverse.
Subject: Bessie Harper, probably in her 20s, three-quarter-length seated portrait with letter.

© Roger Vaughan ID #: spoole02
Collection of Roger Vaughan
Artist: Poole, Teignmouth
Negative No. none
Size: Carte de visite

Card Type: Type II (brown), text in 3 fonts on front
Date: Undated, but probably taken c. 1880-1884
Notes: Rounded corners.
Subject: Unidentified woman, probably in her 30s or 40s, three-quarter-length seated portrait with hat/posy.
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