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The Shallcross Album
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The only clearly identifiable individual in the album is George Byrom Shallcross, seen in the image at right.  Since the caption gives the date on which the portrait was taken (28 September 1865), as well as his age (one year & nine months), his approximate date of birth is easy to establish (about December 1863). FreeBMD shows a birth registration for George Byron Shallcross in the first quarter of 1864, which appears to correspond well with this estimation.  The 1871 Census shows "George B. Shallcross" aged seven and living with his parents, John D. & Jane Shallcross, five siblings and four servants at 27 Derby Lane, West Derby.  Further investigation using FreeBMD, indexed census records on the subscription service, and the online version of the International Genealogical Index (IGI) at, shows that John Davies Shallcross (1830-1893) was a ship owner from a wealthy Liverpool family.  He married Jane Brimelow (1830-) at Deane, near Bolton, in 1860 and they had two sons and five daughters (see Shallcross family outline).

George B. Shallcross grew up in the West Derby-Liverpool area, and attended Rossall School, near Fleetwood, Thornton-in-Fylde, where he matriculated in 1881.  He studied for the clergy, and was Rector of East Harptree in Somerset from 1900 until his death in 1917.  He married Ethel Laura Kemble (1873-) in 1902, and they had at least one son, John Kemble Shallcross, born in 1907 (Source).
George Byrom Shallcross © 2006 Brett Payne
?Portrait of Jane Brimelow nee Horrocks © 2006 Brett Payne His mother Jane Brimelow was born in 1830 at Rumworth, near Bolton, daughter of a cotton spinner John Brimelow and his wife Sarah (see Brimelow family outline).  This provides a link to the second identified portrait in the album, merely captioned "Mrs Brimelow" on the reverse (image shown at left).  Since the photo was probably taken in the late 1860s, and the woman appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s, it seems likely that it was an aunt of George B. Shallcross.  Jane Brimelow had two sisters, Mary (b. 1816) and Elizabeth (b. 1818), but neither are ever likely to have been called Mrs Brimelow.  At least three of Jane's brothers married, and the woman was probably the wife of one of them.

William Brimelow (1824-) married Betsy Woolner (1828-) at Bury in 1846.  William worked as an agent and ship's clerk in Bolton and Everton, and they had two sons and a daughter.
Thomas Brimelow (1825-) married Sarah Hall (c.1822-) at Bolton in 1851.  Thomas was a grocer, tea dealer, and later a wine, spirit & porter dealer, in Bolton.  They had a son and a daughter.
Edward Brimelow (1828-) married Jane Horrocks (1836-1884) at Barton-in-Irwell in 1863 and they lived in Rumworth, where he worked as a banker's clerk.  They appear to have had no children.

Jane Brimelow née Horrocks is, in my view, the most likely candidate for the "Mrs Brimelow" shown in the photo, as she would have been in her early 30s, whereas her two sisters-in-law Betsy Brimelow née Woolner
and Sarah Brimelow née Hall would have been in their early and mid- to late 40s respectively.  That Edward maintained contact with his sister Jane's family is clear from the 1891 census entry showing Edward's niece - and Jane's daughter - Florence Amelia Shallcross (1862-) living with Edward, by then widowed, in Rumworth.
?Portrait of Edward Brimelow © 2006 Brett Payne The distribution of photograph dates (see graph on previous page) suggests that the album was first used in about 1864.  That Edward Brimelow and Jane Horrocks were married in 1863, as well as the initials "E.B." on the cover, suggest to me that the album may have been a present to Edward at or soon after his wedding.  If this is the case, then perhaps the first carte de visite in the album (detail at right), mounted permanently and in a different manner from any of the others, is a portrait of Edward himself, taken at around that time.  He would then have been aged 34, which seems about right for the man shown in this photograph.  These days it would be regarded as rather odd for Edward to refer to his wife as "Mrs Brimelow," even in a photograph caption, but in mid-Victorian times it was perhaps not unusual.

Comparison of facial features suggests that another photo (right) is also of Edward Brimelow, probably a few years later.
?Portrait of Edward Brimelow © 2006 Brett Payne
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