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The following provisional family outlines have been established from various sources, including
~ 1840-1930 Indexed Federal US Census images and other genealogical and historical databases from the subscription-based service provided by
~ the indexed images of the 1901 Canadian Census provided by the Library & Archives of Canada and
~ the International Genealogical Index (IGI) available online on the LDS FamilySearch web site
If you have further information about members of any of the families listed below please get in touch with me (Brett Payne) by email.
Elijah Roberts (1876-1964)
Notes for the Roberts family
of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Sanford, Maine
A younger brother of Elijah Roberts
James Harrison ROBERTS b. 18 Mar 1853 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 28 Jan 1947 Sanford, York, Maine m: Fanny/Fannie CROWELL b. 6 Apr 1859 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 17 Mar 1940 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Elijah ROBERTS b. 23 Jul 1876 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. Oct 1964 Massachusetts m: 8 Sep 1904 Sanford, York, Maine Nelly/Nellie/Nell M. JOHNSON b. c.1884 Maine
|- Kenneth ROBERTS b. c.1906 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Barbara ROBERTS b. c.Jan 1909 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Myriam ROBERTS b. c.1912 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Ernest William ROBERTS b. 6 Nov 1878 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 7 Aug 1953 Sanford, York, Maine m: 12 Jul 1905 Sanford, York, Maine Ethel GERRY
|- Emma O. (Ernestine) ROBERTS b. c.1907 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Agatha T. ROBERTS b. c.1908 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Harrison W. ROBERTS b. 7 May 1909 Sanford, York, Maine d. 15 Apr 2000 34479  Ocala, Marion, Florida m: 25 Oct 1933 Madeline/Madelyn S/I DAGGETT b. 29 Apr 1914 Houlton, Aroostook, Maine d. 22 Jan 2003 Kennebunk, York, Maine
|- Helen F. ROBERTS b. 28 Jan 1912 Sanford, York, Maine d. 22 Jan 2003 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Alista ROBERTS b. 1 Aug 1884 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
|- Felton Warren ROBERTS b. 28 Jul 1888 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 22 May 1983 Sanford, York, Maine m: 6 Oct 1923 Sanford, York, Maine Blanche E. HOBBS b. c.1893 Maine
|- Arvid H. ROBERTS b. c.1925 m: 14 Jun 1957 Joan A. PILSBURY b. c.1930
|- Eldred Clair ROBERTS b. 10 Sep 1926 d. 10 Mar 1990 Portland, Maine
|- Felton Warren ROBERTS b. c.Jun 1929 m: 6 Jun 1951 Ruth S. WINCHELL
|- Gordon ROBERTS b. 31 Jul 1892 Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 8 Sep 1979 Sanford, York, Maine m: 19 May 1919 Emily Gladys PRATT b. 18 May 1895 Massachusetts d. Sep 1978 Sanford, York, Maine
|- Granville Douglas ROBERTS b. 8 Aug 1896 Glenwood, Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d. 21 May 1982 Sanford, York, Maine m: 26 Jun 1918 Sanford, York, Maine Bertha G/J STONE b. c.Feb 1898 Waterboro, York, Maine
|- Kerwin D. ROBERTS b. c.1920 Maine
|- Waldron S. ROBERTS b. c.1922 Maine m: 11 Jun 1949 Diane MORTON b. c.1930
|- Blynn A. ROBERTS b. c.Apr 1929 Maine m: 1 Sep 1965 Jean A. PEACE

Notes for the Dalton Family of Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Millard E. DALTON b. 26 Feb 1891 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire d. 4 May 1966 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire m1: 6 Oct 1917 Leslie Belle DAVIS b. c.1900 New Hampshire m2: Grace C. ROCK b. 25 Mar 1904 d. Feb 1979 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
|- Barbara E. DALTON b. c.Jan 1919 New Hampshire d. bef 1930
|- Eva M. DALTON b. c.1922 New Hampshire
Eva M. Dalton

Notes for the Gilpatrick Family of Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

William M. GILPATRICK b. c.1881 New Hampshire m: Alice b. c.1880 England
|- Helen C. GILPATRICK b. c.1906 New Hampshire d. Aug 1985 Florida
|- Gladys M. GILPATRICK b. c.1908 New Hampshire
|- Dorothy G. GILPATRICK b. c.1910 New Hampshire
Helen C. Gilpatrick (1906-1985)

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