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The Louis DuBois Collection
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Image © 2005 Brett Payne All Rights Reserved This selection of photographs was collected in the 1960s by Louis DuBois of Hampton - a keen amateur photographer himself - and has been very kindly donated by two of his daughters, the "certifiable sisters" (their own choice of nickname, not mine!).  I am very grateful to them for the opportunity to use the photographs in this manner, and hope that visitors to the site will find them of interest, whether for dating their own old family photographs, studying fashions of the day, or to learn about the work of particular photographers.  If, by some chance, you are able to identify one of the subjects of the photos presented here, please get in touch with me by email.  The background of this page has been designed using scans from one of the photograph covers.
Image © 2005 Brett Payne All Rights Reserved
Image © 2005 Brett Payne All Rights Reserved The images include portraits of men, women, children and groups from a variety of named and unnamed U.S. photographers and studios.  They appear to be mainly from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, although there are a few from further afield.  Apart from a single tin type, the majority were taken in the 1890s and early 1900s, until perhaps the late 1920s.  Only a few of the subjects are identified and, from what I can tell, the collection appears to have been assembled from several different sources.  If you are able to shed any light on the subjects of any of the photos included, I would be very keen to hear from you.  Any contributions will, of course, be fully acknowledged.
Image © 2005 Brett Payne All Rights Reserved
All images and information on these pages are © 2005 Brett Payne All Rights Reserved