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The Canadian "Emma Gees"
A History of the Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Lt.-Col. C.S. Grafton

Transcribed by Dwight G. Mercer

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Amiens held an aura of poetic justice, for the spearhead which the Canadians had driven through Germany's last hopes was to raise those of the Allies incalcuably.

According to Gen. Sir Arthur Currie's report, the Canadian Corps and their auxiliaries had fought against 15 German divisions, and of these ten were directly engaged and thoroughly defeated. Five other divisions fighting astride our flanks with Australians and French were only partially engaged. The Corps had captured 9,131 prisoners, 190 large guns and thousands of machine guns and trench mortars. The area recaptured was over 67 square miles and represented a maximum penetration in the 14 days of fighting of over fourteen miles.

The Canadian thrust had opened the way for the unfolding of more of Foch's plans. On August 21st the British 3rd Army made a large-scale attack north of the Somme and on August 24th opened up their bid to regain Bapaume.

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