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Blackfordby St. Margaret
Marriages 1630 -- 1701

Date           Forename(s) Surname      Residence              Forename(s)  Surname      Residence
25-Aug   1630  Thomas      RAGGE                               Emmil?       WILLEY?
---several pages missing
25-Nov   1672  Jo.?        GILBERT                             Anne         WALTON
13-Apr   1676  Thomas      MUGGLESTON                          Mary         SMITH
20-Feb   1677  Edward      GILBERT                             Ruth         CONAWAY
---several pages missing
13-Jan   1693  John        BAKER                               Elizabeth    THOMPSON
---several pages missing
21-Sep   1696  James       LINFORD?     Caldwell               Mary         CAPENHURST
27-Oct   1696  John        SUTTON       Castle Donington       Elizabeth    CLARKE
13-Jun   1697  Thomas      WALLIS                              -            -
---page missing for 1698/99
26-Apr   1699  William     MUGGLESTON                          -            -
27-Nov   1699  William     WATHEW                              -            -
23-Apr   1700  John        BROOKES                             Ann          TIMMINS      Smithsby
30-Apr   1700  John        PARKER                              Ann          KING         Widdow
1-May    1700  John        RADFORD      Ashby de la Zouch      Sarah        WALLIS       Ashby de la Zouch
21-Apr   1701  John        LAGOE        Adderstone/Atherston   Elizabeth    LOE          Blackfordby

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