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Thomas Keenan and Letitia Davis

(The Keenan name has been written with a variety of spellings such as: Kennon, Kinnon, Kenin, Kenon, Keaan, Keanan, Kennin, and Keenon.)

Thomas Keenan was born August 4, 1798 and died August 20, 1866 according to his tombstone in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Crawford County, Illinois. He was born in Pennsylvania according to the 1850 census records and was in Perry County, Ohio as early as 1819 when he married Catharine Swats. Thomas and his family moved to Muskingum County, Ohio about 1849 or 1850; then back to Perry County and then moved on to Crawford County, Illinois between 1860 and 1862 (they are in the Perry Co 1860 census but daughter Isabelle's marriage took place in Crawford Co.Ilinois in Mar. 1862). In the 1820 census records of Ohio there are only three Keenan's in Perry County: Thos. Kennon, Reading twp, page 10; Edward Kennon, Reading twp, page 11; William Kenan, Jackson twp, page 20. In neighboring Licking County, Ohio there was: William Kennan in Union twp page 13; John Kenan in Burlington twp, page 44. We are in the process of researching these Keenan's in hopes of finding the parents of our Thomas. If you have any information about these, we would love to hear from you. Just email us!

Thomas' first marriage was to Catharine Swats on November 4, 1819 in Perry County, Ohio.

Children of Thomas and Catharine are:

Andrew Keenan born November 12, 1820 in Perry Co, Ohio and died March 3, 1897 in Crawford Co, Illinois. He married Mary Snider May 30, 1841 in Perry Co, Ohio. Their children are: William D., Sarah Olive, Mary Jane, Thomas, Frank, Emily C, and Elizabeth.

Roswell Keenan born about 1822 in Ohio. He married Catharine A. Keyes on December 14, 1845 in Perry Co, Ohio. Their children are: William, Albert, Catherine.

Thomas' second wife was Letitia Davis. Letitia was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania and she married Thomas on April 15, 1827 in Perry Co, Ohio. The marriage record reads as follows: "I do hereby certify that I solemnized the Marriage of Thomas Keenan and Letty Davis on the 15th day of April 1827. George Gardner, M.G."

Children of Thomas and Letitia are:

Sarah A. Keenan born September 13, 1828 in Ohio and died November 26, 1889 probably in Sullivan County, Indiana. She married Lewis Cain in Perry Co. Ohio and after he died she married Edward Ransford in Crawford Co, Illinois.

Rachel Keenan born about 1829 in Somerset, Perry Co, Ohio. She married Alvah J. Ellis on June 1, 1857 in Perry Co, Ohio.

Mary Catharine Keenan born about 1831 and married William Gettis on November 24, 1859 in Perry Co, Ohio.

James Keenan born September 3, 1833 in Somerset, Perry Co, Ohio and died August 3, 1914 in Annapolis, Crawford Co, Illinois. He married Elizabeth Bolinger on September 4, 1859 in Crawford Co, Illinois. Their children are: Arthur Franklin Keenan, Earnest R., Clara Elnora, Roswell, Cora, Speed P, Nellie E, Myrtle, and Oscar P. Keenan

Isabelle Keenan born December 20, 1841 in Somerset, Perry Co, Ohio and died January 19, 1925 in Crawford Co, Illinois. She married David C. Keller on March 2, 1862 in Crawford Co, Illinois.

Emily Keenan born about 1845 and died about 1874. She married William Cromwell Price on September 7, 1862 in Perry Co, Ohio. Their children are: William Price, Ottis Price, Sterling Price, Effie J. Price.

Lloyd Keenan born about 1849

Thomas Keenan Will-- Will Bk 2, page 154. I Thomas Kennon of the County of Crawford in the State of Illinois do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid. Second, I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Letticea Kennon in liew of her dower the plantation on which we now reside situate in the County of Crawford and State of Illinois and known and described as follows to wit The north east quarter of the south east quarter of Section Twenty two in township eight north of Range thirteen west containing forty acres more or less to dispose of the same as she my chose (during her natural life--these preceeding four words were crossed out- ed.note) and all the livestock horses cattle sheep and hogs by me nowend and kept thereon also all the household furniture and other items not particularly named and otherwise disposed of in this will to dispose of the same as she may chose (during her natural life as aforesaid) (these 6 words were crossed out- Ed. note) She having first disposing of a sufficent thereof to pay my debts as aforesaid. And lastly I hereby consititute and appoint my said wife Letticia Kennon to be the executor for this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have herunto set my and and seal this 6th day of August 1866. Thomas Kennon (his mark) Signed published and declared by the above named Thomas Kennon as and for this last will and testament in presence of us who at his request have signed as witnesses to the same. James Hamilton and Loyd ??.

Thomas Keenan Estate Papers-- Box #44, File #24-- Crawford Co, ILL Probate Court Summons, Crawford County Court. Lettitia Keenan Executrix of the estate of Thomas Keenan deceased, vs. Andrew Keenan, Et al, State of Illinois, County of Crawford. I have duly served the within by reading the same to the within named James Keenan, Elisabeth Keenan, Sarah Ransford, Edmond Ransford, Isabelle Keller, David Keller, Arminda Baker, Marion Baker, Belinda Lincoln, William Price, Otis Price, Sterling Price, Effa J Price and the within named Andrew Keenan, Mary Keenan Roswell Keenan, Eliza Keenan. Lloid Keenan, Rachil Ellis, Alex J. Ellis not found in my county. This 25th day of May 1882. John M. Highsmith, Sherrif; by DB Cherry deputy.

Petition for the Sale of Real Estate to Pay Debts. State of Illinois, Crawford County. Of the June Term, A.D. 18?? Crawford county Court. To the Hon. Franklin Babb Judge of said court. Your petitioner Letitia Keenan executrix of the estate of Thomas Keenan late of said county. That the said Thomas Keenan departed this life at his residence on or about the 21st day of August A.D. 1866. That your petitioner now on the 14th day of February A.D. 1882 duly appointed by the County Court of said Crawford County Executrix of the Estate of Thomas Keenan aforesaid. That there has come into her hands as executrix as aforesaid personal assets of said estate of the nominal value of one hundred and ninety six and 50/100 dollars. That claims have been allowed against said estate amounting to the sum of nine hundred and seventy nine and 68/100 dollars of which said amt - eight hundred and fifty seven dollars is due the widow in liew award as allowed her by the ? of said estate. That the said decedent left him surviving Lettitia Keenan his widow, and the following named persons his only heirs at law, viz. Andrew Keenan, James Keenan, Catherine Gettis, Sarah Ransford, Isabelle Keller, Arminta Baker, William Price, Ottis Price, Sterling Price, Effie J. Price (the last four of which are minors) and Balinda Lincoln, all of Crawford County ILL. Rachel Ellis, Roswell Keenan Loyd Keenan. That William S. Gettis is in the actual occupancy of said above described premises. Your petitioner therfore prays your honor to order and decree that your petitioner as Executrix as aforesaid shall sell said real estate or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the balance of the claims against said estate and your petitioner futher pray that said Andrew Keenan and Mary Keenan his wife, of ? ?, ILL; James Keenan and Elizabeth Keenan his wife, Sarah Ransford and Edward Ransford her husband, Isabelle Keller and David Keller her husband, Catherine Gettis and William L Gettis her husband , Arminda Baker and Marion Baker her husband, Belinda Lincoln William Price Ottis Price Sterling Price Effa J. Price all of Crwford Cty ILL; Rachel Ellis and Alva J. her husband of Columbus Ohio and Roswell Keenan and Eliza Keenan his wife of Summersett Ohio and Loyd Keenan may be made defendants herein and may be required to answer this petition. Lettitia Keenan, her mark, Executrix. April 17, 1882

Perry County, Ohio Land Deeds: Volume Y, page 718- Thomas and Letica Keenin sell a lot of ground in Somerset, Ohio to Andrew Keenin. March 11, 1856.

Volume T, page 586- Thomas and Letica Keenan in the county of Muskingum, State of Ohio sell to John C. Poppe, lot number 18 of the town of Somerset, Ohio. January 3, 1850

Thomas Keenan census records:

1820 Census, Perry Co, Ohio, Reading twp; page 10- 2 males age 16-26; 1 female under 10; 2 females age 16-26; 1 female age 26-45. 1 person in household is engaged in agriculture.

1830 Census, Perry Co, Ohio, town of Somerset; pg 429--Thomas age 30-40, 1 male 5-10 years of age, 1 male 10-15, 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30.

1840 Census, Perry Co, Ohio, page 35 - Thomas Kennann age 40-50; 1 male age 5-10; 2 females under 5; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 20-30.

1850 Census, Muskingum Co, OH, Falls twp; page 102-- Thomas, age 59; farmer, value Real Estate $400, born PA, cannot read or write; Leticia age 42; James age 17 Farmer born Ohio; Rachel age 14, born Ohio, in school during year; Catharine age 11, born Ohio, in school during the year; Isabel age 9, born Ohio, in school during year; Emily age 2 born Ohio; Loyd Keenan age 2 born Ohio. Also in household is John Linkin (unsure of spelling) age 22, cabinetmaker, born Ohio; Malinda Linkin age 22, born Ohio.

1860 Census, Perry Co., Somerset, Ohio, page 24-- Thomas age 60, laborer, Real Estate value $550, Value Personal Estate, $260; born PA; Letitia age 57, born PA; Isabella age 18 born Ohio, married within year; Lloyd age 11, born Ohio, in school during year.

Thomas and Edward Keenan Tax Records of Perry County, Ohio

Year Last Name First Name TWP or Town Desc. # of Acres Value # of Horses Value of Horses # of Cattle Value of Cattle
1830 Keenan Edward Reading       2 $80 2 $16
1831 Keenan Edward Reading       2 $80 2 $16
1832 Keenan Edward Reading       2 $80 2 $16
1833 Keenan Edward Reading 16-16-20- SW 40 acres $86 2 $80 2 $16
1834 Keenan Edward Reading           1 $8
1835 Keenan Edward Somerset Lot 60 whole $475        
1836 Keenan Edward Somerset Lot 60 whole $475     1 $8
1837 Keenan Edward Somerset Lot 60 whole $475        
1838 Keenan Edward Somerset Lot 60 whole $475        
1838 Keenan Edward Reading 16-16-9 5 acres $33        
1830 Keenan Thomas Somerset Lot 152-153 whole $40     3 $24
1831 Keenan Thomas Reading           3 $24
1832 Keenan Thomas Reading           3 $24
1833 Keenan Thomas Reading           3 $24
1834 Keenan Thomas Somerset Lot 152- 153 whole $40     1 $8
1835 Keenan Thomas Somerset Lot 152-153-154 whole $84        
1836 Keenan Thomas Somerset Lot 152-153-154 whole $84     3 $24
1837 Keenan Thomas Somerset 152-153-154 whole $94        
1838 Keenan Thomas Somerset 152-153-154 whole $94        

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