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Estate of Jacob Mouler

Husband of

Elizabeth Brandt Mouler Caine


Letters of Administration

In Estate of Jacob Mouler


E. Mouler, Brandt, Springer, Cissna?

Case #1040

Know all men by these presents that we Elizabeth Mouler Ludwick Brandt William Springer and Thomas Cissna (ed. note: not sure of spelling on this name) of the County of Fairfield and State of Ohio. Do answer and acknowledge ? ? and severally indebted unto the Prosec??t of the court of Common Pleas for the County aforesaid and his ? judges or their successors on the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars good and lawful money for the ? ? ? payment of which we bind ourselves our heirs, assigns (executors & allmighty) firmly by their presents Given under our hand and seals this 12th day of April AD 1805. The conditions of the above obligation is such that if the above bounden Elizabeth Mouler do make or cause ? ? ? inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of Jacob Mouler late of the County aforesaid deceased, which have or shall come into her possession or knowledge of or the possession of any other person for her, and make return thereof with clerk of the said Court, in this office within three months from the date thereof. And the same goods and chattels and credits, and all other goods and chattels and credits of the said deceased, at the time of his death which at any time thereafter shall come unto her possession or the possession of any other person for her do will and truly administer according to Law and further do make ? and full account of the administration within twelve months and all the rest and resident of the said goods, chattels and credits which shall be found remaining upon the said administratrix account the same being first examined and approved by the court. She shall deliver and pay to such person?? persons respectively as ? and court persuant to the her intent and meaning of an ? in such way ?. And if it such hereinafter appear that any last will and testament ?made by the said deceased and the executor or executors, executrix or executrixes therein named shall prove the same, agreeable to Law. And request Letters Testamentary thereof of the above bounden Elizabeth Mouler on being by the court required to deliver the said letters of administration. Then this obligation ? be void and of non effect Otherwise to remain in full force and ? in law.

Signed and delivered in Elizabeth Mouler (her mark)

Lodwick Brandt (by ? )

Hugh Doyle William Springer Thos. Cissna

The State of Ohio

Court of Common Pleas,

April term 1805 Fairfield County

To Elizabeth Mowler, Widow of Jacob Mowler. late of the County aforesaid deceased.


Whereas Jacob Mowler late of the county aforesaid deceased. departed this life as is suggested intestate having whilst he lived and at the time of his death ? goods, chattels, rights and credits in the county aforesaid by virtue whereof the power of Administration and full ? of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits ? said deceased and also the bearing examining and allowing the accounts after administration thereof ? unto us the said court And being ? that the said goods, chattels rights and credits, of the said deceased should be well and truly administered. Do therefore trusting in your fidelity and care commit unto you the said Elizabeth, allow her full power to administer the goods, chattels, rights and credits after said deceased which to him whilst he lived and at the time of his death did? And to pay all debts in which the said deceased stood bound so far as his goods, chattels, rights and credits will extend according to the true value thereof and the same have valued and appraised by John McMean, William Ewing and Ludwick Bousey And a true and perfect inventory to make of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased and exhibit the same unto the office of the said court in three months from this date also render to the said Court a true and plain account of your administration in twelve months from the date hereof. And we doley these presents ordain, constitute and appoint you the said Elizabeth Mowler administrix of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said Jacob Mowler aforesaid deceased.

Witness the Honor.. Robert G. Slaughter, President of the said Court at Lancaster in the county of Fairfield this twelfth day of April AD 1805.

Attest: Hugh Boyle C.C.C.D. Recorded in Book W. page 9

Fairfield County, Feby 15th 1805

The appraisment Bill of the Estate of Jacob Moler Decd.

One sorrel horse 65.00 one pair nippers .25
1 yoke of Oxen & Yoke 40.00 one pair horse shoes .25
one waggon & Trough 80.00 Two pair ? 1.00
One set of ? 11.10 3 Chissels 3.00
1 Large & 1 Small Clovis? 2.00 1 ? .16
1 Jack or hand screw 4.00 2 Augers of Inch & 1/2 Inch 1.25
One ? .25 2 Augers 1 Inch & 2 Inchs 1.30
One Collar ? chains & back band 3.50 one ? 1.25
2 New blind bridles 3.00 One Washing Tub 1.25
One old D. .90 One Dutch oven & hooks 2.00
One ? Chain & Collar 1.50 ? .25
One Holter Chain & D 1.50 100 lb. Salted Pork 4.00
One Silver Watch 20.00 76 lb. Salted Beef 2.28
One Waggon Whip .50 1 Pot & hooks 1.75
One rifle gun horn & Moler 16.00 1 small ? & ? 1.00
One Large Shovel 1.00 1 Skillet 1.00
One New ? 2.00 1 Iron Skillet .75
One Old D. 1.50 1 skimmer fork & ? 1.00
One Log Chain 4.00 1 Meat Vessel 1.00
One fire shovel 1.00 1 tin bucket coffey pot and funnel 1.50
One small Ax 1.00 One ? Hammer 1.00
One Oil Hone 1.50 6 tin cups .56
2 Iron squares 1.50 One tin bucket 1.00
2 Drawing knives 2.00 1 Quart & 14 spoons .75
2 Hand saws 3.00 1 tin cannister .25
One Broad Ax 3.00 1 tin pan .35
One Board Ax 2.00 One pewter bason 1.00
One Hoop ? .20 1 pewter dish & 6 plates 3.00
One small Frow .50 a Quantity Queensware 1.00
1 Hammer & Cooper Adz 1.00 1 Coffy Mill .75
One Sweeping Brush .50 1 Chaff? Feather cover & boulster s coverlid & sheet 8.00
One ? .50 1 Cross Cut saw 8.00
One Reel .75 2 Sickles 1.00
Some Upper Leather part of Calf skin 2.00 1 Mill saw file .25
9 1/4 lb. ? Leather 2.30 1 Curry Comb .30
One Spinning Wheel 1.75 6 Knives & 5 forks .75
One Waggon Cloth 4.50 1 Powderhorn 1.00
1 Double Coverlid 4.00 Bank Note to Amt of 30.00
1 Feather bed pillows boulster wt 25lb. 12.50 Silver to the amt of 58.60
? 2.50 One Cent .1
2 Jackets 6 pair trousers 3 shirts & 1 coat 9.00 A receipt of Saml. Kratzer's mentioning his receiving money from Elizabeth Moler amt of 100.00
1 pair of wool sheers .50
2 pair trousers .25
1 pair shoes 1.00
1 pair of D .80
1 Chaff bed Tick .50
1 Large bel & Collar 1.50
2 bags ? 1.50
1 bag with Dryed Apples 1.50
4 bags with Plain ~ ~ 2.00
1 bell steel trap & Old Iron 2.00
2 Merseill Jackets & One D. of Silk & 1 D. of Casmer 12.00
3 Jackets & 1 pair trowsers 2.50
2 pair nankeen overalls 2.00
1 shirt & 4 pair stockings 5.00
7 shirts & 1 pair trowsers 6.00
1 coat 8.00
1 fur hat & 1 D. Wool 3.50
2 trunks 6.00
2 small ? 9.75

John Ewing , John W. Meen- apprs

State of Ohio Fairfield County

Before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County appeared the above named John Ewing and John W. Meen, appraisers of the estate of Jacob Moler, decd. and being sworn as the law directs in such cases. That the above is a true inventory as well as an appraisement ? of the Estate of said Jacob Moler as far as has been presented to them. In witness whereof I hereunto put my hand and seal this 15th day of July in the year of our Lord, 1805.

Estate of Jacob Moler Decd

WB 1 - 98, Fairfield County, Ohio

Dec 16, 1806

The amt of sale --------------------------------------$325.18

The amt of property retained by widow -------------- 153.70

Cash on hands --------------------------------------- 188.61

Contra -----------------------------------------------$667.49

Paid Doctor Wm. Kerr for attendance on Decd-------- 20.00

Paid Adam Giger for Whiskey at Vandue---------------- 3.18

Paid John Ewing & John M Meen as appraisors ----------2.00

Paid Hugh Boyle ?? for letters administration -------------2.25

Paid Attorys fees -----------------------------------------2.00

Widows share or thirds of nett amt ----------------------212.68

The amt due the administratrix by six per cent,

an allowance made by court------------------------------ 35.50

The amt due the Heirs paid the

Guardians as per recpt. ---------------------------------389.88

--------------------------------------------------------$ 667.49

As Witness my hand this 16th day of Dec. 1806

Elizabeth C. Moler (her mark)

Signed in presence of us } Geo. Coffenberg, David Ewing