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Other Cain Families

We have accumulated much data and present it here, of the other Cain families in Ohio, Illinois and Kansas. We feel they may be related but we haven't found sources to prove our suppositions. This information is listed so that maybe another researcher may find a link and notify us. We appreciate any help with our research.

Abel J. and Sarah Harris Cain

I have transcribed 2 land deeds of Abel and Sarah Cain onto this website. Scroll down to find them on the webpage-- "Land Deeds" ---Abel's land was in Barefield Twp, Perry County Ohio in Section 18, Township 13-N, and Range 14-W. This land was originally patented by Solomon Sturges in 1835. According to records Solomon purchased 475 parcels of land from the Zanesville land office.

A.J. Cain married Sarah Harris about 29 May 1836 in Franklin Co. Ohio (source: IGI transcribed records Batch # M513351)

1850 Census: Polk Co, Iowa --- Abel J. Kain, age 36, born Ohio; Sarah Kain, age 36, born Kentucky; William Kain, age 13, born Ohio; John Cain, age 11, born Ohio; Sarah J. Kain, age 9, born Ohio; Samuel Kain, age 8 born Ohio; Nancy Kain, age 5, born Ohio; Jacob Kain, age 1 born Iowa.

1860 Census: Clay Co, Kansas; Post Office- Junction City, Kansas; July 17, 1860. -----A.J. Cain, age 47, male, farmer, born Ohio; Sarah age 47, born Kentucky; William age 22, farm hand, born Ohio; Jacob age 10, born Iowa; Emily age 7, born Iowa.

1865 Census: Clay Co, Kansas; Post Office - Clay Center, Kansas; Aug 20, 1865----- A.J. Kane, age 52, male, farmer, value of Real Estate $350, value of Personal Estate, $685, born Ohio, married; Sarah Kane, age 52, housewife, born Kentucky, married; S.J. Kane, age 22, female, domestic, born Ohio, single; Jacob Kane, age 15, male, born Iowa, single; Emily Kane, age 13, female, born Iowa.

1865 Agriculture Schedule, Clay County, Kansas---- A.J. Kane, 24 acres improved land, 130 acres unimproved, 40 acres fenced land, $400 cash value of farm, $100 value of farm implements, 4 horses, 4 milch cows, 6 other cattle, 5 swine, $460 value of livestock, 60 bushels of wheat, 200 bushels Indian corn, 15 bushels Irish potatoes, 200 pounds of butter, 30 tons of hay, 80 gallons of molasses, $223 value of animals slaughtered.

1870 Census: Clay Co. Kansas; Clay Center Township, Gatesville Post Office; July 4th, 1870---- A.J. Cain, age 58, male, white, farmer, value of real estate $3500, born Ohio, father of foreign birth, male citizen of U.S. 21 years and up; Sarah Cain, age 58, female, white, keeping house, born Kentucky; Jacob, age 20, male, white, farm laborer, born Iowa; Emily age 17, female, white, born Iowa; Sarah Collet, age 27, female, white, born Ohio; Emma Collet, age 1, female, white, born Kansas.

1875 Census: Clay Co, Kansas; Five Creeks Township, Post Office Clay Center, March 1 1875---- A.J. Cain, age 62, male, farmer, value of Real Estate $1600, value of personal property $275, born Ohio, to Kansas from Iowa; Sarah Cain, age 62, female, born Kentucky; S.J. Collet, age 30, female, born Ohio; Jacob Cain, age 24, farmer, born Iowa; Emily Cain, age 23, female, born Iowa.

1880 Census: Clay Center twp, Clay Co, Kansas, June 17, 1880, page 34 --- Abel J. Cain, age 67, farmer, born Ohio, father born Ireland, mother born New Jersey; Sarah N Cain, age 67, born KY; Jacob, age 30, son; Emily, age 26, dau; Sarah J. Collett, dau, age 39; Samuel Harris, brother in law, age 65, born KY.

1895 Census: Clay Co, Kansas; Gill Towship, Post Office Wakefield------ Jacob Cain, age 45, male, born Iowa; Sarah Jane Collett, age 53, female, born Ohio.

The record of Abel J. Cain's death is in the Clay Co, Kansas Death Records --- A.G. Cain; age 75 years; white; died 10/20/1887; cause old age; place of death, Clay County.


Obituary: Jacob Cain; The Times, Clay Center, Kansas; Thursday, November 8, 1928 The passing of Jacob Cain removes one of the very earliest residents of Clay county. His parents came to the Kansas prairies when there were very few inhabitants and probably before Clay Center existed. They experienced all the hardships and trials common to the pioneer life. The parents have gone to their reward, also two sisters, Mrs. Nancy Clark and Mrs. jane Collett and two brothers, William Edward and John Cain and with the death of Jacob, only one of the family survives, Emily Louise Cain, who has helped her brother keep the home for a number of years. Jacob Cain, son of A.J. and Sarah Cain was born July 3, 1849 in what is now DesMoines, Iowa and departed this life at his home in Clay county, Kansas November 5, 1928, aged 79 years, 4months and 2 days. When a yound man he came with his parents to Kansas and settled on Cain's Creek in August 1859, later moving to Five Creeks Township. Then later he moved to Clay Center, where he has resided for some years at Eightth and Sherman streets. He was employed on the Union Pacific railroad and worked there for more than 21 years. He leaves to mourn his going one sister, Emily Louise Cain, the following nepahews and nieces, Charles Cain and Harry Clark of Broughton, Mrs. Mabel Weiss of Clay Center, Mrs. Lucy Green of Susanville, Calif., and Mrs Sarah Mall of Kansas City. He joined the I.O.O.F. lodge on August 3 1892 at Wakefield and held his member ship there until death claimed him. He was also a member of the Encampment at Clay Center. Those who knew him will miss his gentle yet earnest fellowship, for he was a man of meek disposition and a friend who loved the friendship of his friends even though he was reserved in his life. Funeral services were held at the Peterson Chapel Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock, being conducted by Rev. F. Ernest Bray, pastor of the First Baptist Church.

John and Alice E. ? Cain

Article from Clay County Illustrated 1901--- " John Cain was born in Ohio in 1846. While he was yet a boy, he removed with his parents to Iowa, where they remained some time. In 1859 he came with his father to Kansas, locating on Cain creek. In 1865 he took as a homestead, eighty acres of section 26, Clay Center township, where he has resided ever since. In 1870 he was married to Miss Alice Arnold. They have four children. During the 60's Mr. Cain served as deputy sheriff under Phil. Rothman, and was a member of the militia. He has been a member of the school board in his district thirty years."

Obituary: Clay Center Times, May 21, 1925

John Cain, one of the earliest settlers in Clay county, passes to his reward Sunday, May 17, after a long and useful life. On Friday, May 8, he suffered a stroke of paralysis and at his advanced age, he had to vitality to overcome it. Coming here when a very small boy, he saw this country develop from almost a wilderness to a well improved thickly populated community. John Cain was born July 25, 1840 in Columbus Ohio and died at Broughton, Kansas, May 17, 1925 at the age of 84 years, 9 months, and 23 days. He moved to Des Moines, Iowa when a small boy, and came to Kansas in August 1859. He was married in 1871 to Alice E Arnold. To this union were born five children: William E Cain, deceased; Charles Cain, of Broughton; Mrs. Will Green who lives in California, Mrs. A.J. Weiss of Topeka, Kansas, and Mrs. E.C. Eglehof who lives in Minnesota. He also leaves three grandchildren, John Cain, Jr. of Broughton, Lucille and Laberta Weiss of Topeka. One brother, Jacob Cain and a sister, Emily Cain live in Clay Center. One sister, Mrs. Jane Collett preceded him in death a few months ago. Mr. Cain was a pioneer of Kansas. In 1867 he took the homestead near Broughton from the government where he has since spent most of his life. His early life was one of hardship and toll and sacrifice common to the pioneers of Kansas, including grasshoppers, hot winds and drought. He served in the Civil War. Neighbors and friends were always welcome visitors in Mr. Cain's home. His children and grandchildren will remember him with fondness. They can truly say; he so lived as to be a blessing to those whose lives he touched. Although hot a member of the church, he loved the church in Broughton, and took a very active interest in its Sunday school, and loved grandson and namesake, John Cain, his neighbors and friends. He and his Jr. always went to Sunday School together. The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon in the Broughton Methodist church, Rev. A.D. Rice officiating. Mr. Cain was buried in Greenwood cemetery at Clay Center. The pal bearers were J.P. Mall, A.C. Tannehill, Ernest Berrier, Fred Martin, John Osborne and Art McMillan, being members of his Sunday school class.

1865 Census Clay Co Kansas, Post Office Clay Center, Kansas; August 17, 1865--- John Cain, age 26, male, farmer, born Ohio, married; Hellen Cain age 35, female, housewife, born NY, married; Walter Evens, age 8, male, born Indiana. (John's first wife was Hellen??)

1870 Census Clay Co, Kansas -- John Cain, age 29, male, white, farmer, value of real estate $1200; value of personal estate $700, born Ohio.

1875 Census Clay Co, Kansas, Clay Center Township, March 1, 1875---- John Cain, age 34, male, white, farming, value of real estate $1000, value of personal estate $200, born Ohio, came to Kansas from Iowa; A.E. Cain, age 21, female, born Mass.; W.E. Cain age 3, male, born Kansas; E.M Cain age 1, born Kansas.

1880 Census Clay Co, Kansas, Clay Center Township, June 18th & 19th, 1880------ John Cain, white, male, age 40, farmer, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born Kentucky; Alice E Cain, white, female, age 26, wife, keeping house, born Mass, mother and father born Mass; William E Cain, white, male, age 8, son, born Kansas; Charles M. Cain, white, male, age 6, son, born Kansas; Lucy O Cain, white, female, age 3, daughter, born Kansas; Emma M Cain, white female, age 1, daughter, born Kansas.

1885 Census Clay Co, Kansas, Clay Center Township----- John Cain, age 45, male, white, married, farmer, born Ohio, to Kansas from Iowa; Alice E Cain, age 31, female, white, married, born Mass; William E Cain, age 13, born Kansas; Charles M Cain, age 10, born Kansas; Lucy O Cain, age 8, born Kansas; Emma M. Cain age 6, born Kansas; Electia T Cain, age 1 born Kansas.

1895 Census Clay Co, Kansas; Clay Center Township, March 1 1895 --- John Cain age 55, male, white, born Ohio, to Kansas from Iowa, farmer; A.E. Cain, age 41, female, born Mass.; Lucy O Cain age 18, born Kansas; Emma M Cain age 16, born Kansas; Electra T Cain, age 11, born Kansas.

1900 Census Clay Co, Kansas, Clay Center Township, Enumeration Dist 6, sheet 9; June 22, 1900----- John Cain, head, white male, born July 1840, age 59, married 30 years, born Ohio, bather born Ohio, mother born Kentucky, occupation farmer, owns the farm and has a mortgage; Charles M. Cain, son, born Mar 1875, age 25, single, born Kansas, farm laborer.

1920 Census Clay Co, Clay Center Township Kansas; Enumeration District 6, sheet 8; March 20 1920------ Charley M Cain, head, owns farm, age 45, married, can read and write, born Kansas, father born Ohio, mother born Mass., farmer; Amy M Cain, wife, age 43, born Kansas; John C. Cain, son, age 5, born Kansas; John Cain, father, age 74, divorced, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born Kentucky, no occupation.

Mahala Cain Anderson & James Young Anderson