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I have been able to trace William Brazzell back to Franklin Co, GA in 1798 because of his friend, Joshua Burnett, a Revolutionary War soldier also from Franklin Co GA.

They were friends since about 1800 in Georgia. I believe William named his son after this Joshua. Joshua Burnet's pension papers (dated 1836) say that he and William were 'well acquainted" for 35 years. William Brazel and Joshua Burnett are listed in the Tax Digest of Franklin Co, GA on October 1, 1798. The record is as follows:

1798, Oct 1- Brazel, W'm; Franklin Co, GA- in District #7 in 3rd Division of GA-- owns 200 acres and no house

1798, Oct 1- Burnett, Joshua; Franklin Co, GA- in District #7 in 3rd Div. of GA -- owns 200 acres and 1 house

In the Tax Digest of 1800 for Franklin Co, GA they are listed again. Their names are spelled: William Braswell and Josuah Burnett. The tax record also states that their land borders each other. In the Tax Digest of 1801, Franklin Co, Ga. there are 2 William Brasdel's. One owns 200 acres of land on Broad River and the other owns 100 acres of land on the Middle Fork of Broad River and each record says that this was a land grant to the said Brasdel. On January 10, 1801 William Brasil sells 100 acres to William Wilson. I presume that the 1801 digest with the two Brasdel's that one is our William and the other is probably his father. Perhaps it is our William who decided to move on and who sold his 100 acres to Wm Wilson on January 10.

On October 6, 1801 a William Brazil marries Mary Hall in Rowan Co, NC. Abram Trott was the Bondsman. (NC Marriage Records). I believe this to probably be our William's first wife and the wife of his children. She probably died while they lived in Ohio or about the time they moved to Indiana. However, because of the many William Brasil/Braswell's living in North Carolina and that general vicinity, I cannot prove it to be our William. Hopefully, someday more information will come to light.

William and his family were in Hamilton County, Ohio by 1813 since he was named as administrator of the estate of Daniel Burnet and also the administrator for Charles Stewart's estate. To date, all I have been able to find is the abstracts of these probate records.

In the Circuit Court Records of Greene County, Indiana October 8, 1821, this record lists William Brazeal, Richard Huffman, Nathaniel Daugherty and William Daugherty Jun. in a $500 bond for John Simkins. Read the entire record here.

William purchased land from the US Govt: Oct 15, 1835, Vincennes-- NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of S23, T6N of R5W.-- 40 acres.--- William Brazzell of Green Co, Indiana. Son, Joshua, purchased land on the same day.

Here is a database of various Braswell/Brazel records that may be connected with our Brazzell family.

William was shown in the 1850 census married to Sarah Vaughn. She was born about 1799 in North Carolina and is probably the second or third wife of William Brazzel.

"Divorces Granted by the Indiana General Assembly Prior to 1852, page 20, by Malinda e.e. Newhard" Vaughan, Sarah and Vaughan, Beverly

About 30 years ago, Beverly (male) and Sarah Vaughan married in Tennessee. Then about five years later they moved to Indiana and lived together for some ten years. A large portion of that time Bevery spent in drinking and gambling. The he abandoned Sarah and went to parts unknown. Friends reported that he was dead. Under that belief, Sarah married William Brazzle in Daviess County, November 1, 1849. Upon Beverly's return, Sarah and William separated. She has not cohabited with either Beverly nor William since that time. The marriage of William Brazzle and Sarah Vaughan legalized from the beginning, and the marriage of Beverly Vaughan and Sarah annulled, set aside and void. In force upon passing. Approved Jan. 19, , 1850. (L-1850, p 290)

The marriage license of William and Sarah is as follows:

William Brazil & Sally Vaughn} Marriage license ? June 29, 1841 and afterward? to wit. on the 12th day of July 1841 the following return of said marriage was recorded to wit: On this 29th day of June 1841 I joined together in marriage William Brazil & Sally Vaughn. Given under my hand ?? this 9th of July 1841, Joseph Willson, M.G.G.

. I recently received a copy of a letter written by a family member of Unity Brazzel descendents. It was written sometime in the 1920's and I believe gives proof, even though secondary source proof, that William is the father. The attached list (letter) was sent to Elizabeth Wilkie Gano Wright who died in 1932. It was written between 1926-1932. On the back of the envelope was a notation: "Grandfather Brazzell died when Uncle Tom was 4 days old." They are talking about William Brazzell and Thomas Wilkie.

Following is exactly what the letter says: --------"Mrs. E. Wright's Grandfather- William Brazzel and Grandmother Marry Burnet were married at Bloomfield, Ind. Green county.

Mrs E. Wright's father- Thomas Wilkie born- Dec. 7-1811 and married Unity Brazzel Born Feb 1th. 1816. Marriage date about 1839 or 1840 in Ind. probably at Bloomfield. There were 8 children in this family and Mrs. E. Wright is the only living child. her maid name - Elizabeth Wilkie born May 20, 1843.

Elizabeth Wilkie Born May 20, 1843 Born Ohio. Married Nichlas Gano Dec 8, 1858 at Betheny, Mo Harrison Co. Nicklas Gano died Dec 8. 1868- 4 living children by this marrage.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gano then married William G. Wright July 7, 1872 at Washington, Washington Co, Kansas. William G. Wright died Oct. 9, 1911 at Pleasantville, New Jersey age 88 years 1 mo and 17 day. 3 living children by this marrage.

Margate England. (Wm. Wright born here. Ed. note)

Things I know about the Brazzel's My 3 uncles that faught in the Revolutionary War were Richard, Ben and John Brazzels and were brothers to my Grandfather. My Grand Grandfather Brazzell died during the war."----------

According to the 1850 Indiana Census of Daviess Co, Indiana William was born circa 1780 in Georgia. William died July 1, 1851 in Greene County, Indiana, according to the above information. William and Sarah sold 40 acres of land on July 8, 1846 in Greene County, Indiana then on August 12, 1846 bought 60 acres in Daviess Co, IN from Henry & Mary Shively.

On October 8, 1850, they sold the 60 acres back to Henry Shively if he would "well and truly, maintain and support them" for the term of their natural lives. I have been unable to find any link with the families of Shively's and Brazzell's or a reason why they would have sold land based upon this condition.

William's children are thought to be:

Christian/Christine Brazle was born about 1800 in Georgia. On January 19, 1816 (Indiana State Library Online Marriage Records) she married Richard Huffman in Washington County, Indiana. Her name was spelled Cristian Brayle on the marriage record. Richard Huffman was born about 1799 in Pennsylvania according to census records. According to the 1850 Indiana Mortality Schedule, Christine died in Greene Co, IN in April of 1849 at age 49; cause unknown and record also states she was born in Georgia. Richard was listed in the 1850 Greene Co census with three of the children. Richard Huffman Jr. born 1829 in Indiana; Jane Huffman born 1832 in Indiana; George W. Huffman born 1839 in Indiana. Also living with the family in the 1850 census was Clinton Glenn age 17; Christina Carpenter age 8; and Richard H Carpenter age 3 years. After Christine died, Richard remarried on April 19, 1952 to Rebecca Street Brazzle in Greene Co, Indiana. Rebecca's husband Daniel Brazzle had died about 1851. Richard Huffman was named guardian to Rebecca's two children and also was administrator to Daniel's estate. Richard Huffman died about 1861 in Greene County, Indiana.

Mary "Polly" Brazzell was born about 1803 and died about 1826. She married Philander Vose Hollister and they had one son, John Hollister who was born November 7, 1826 in Greene Co, Indiana. After Mary died, Philander married Precilla Chambers on January 21, 1827(Greene County Marriages Thru 1850, Indiana State Library Online Genealogy). Philander died about 1848; a copy of his will is on this site. A court record was found listing Philander V. Hollister as a Justice of the Peace on February of 1828 in Greene Co, IN. Priscilla Chambers Hollister moved to Harrison County, Missouri about 1855 along with many of the Brazzell, Glenn, Hollister, Wilkie, Carpenter and other families of Greene Co, Indiana. She died August 17, 1869 and is buried in the Magee Cemetery, Dallas Twp, Harrison County, Missouri. According to her tombstone she was 65 years, 11 months, 27 days.

John Hollister, son of Philander Vose and Polly Brazel Hollister, was born November 7, 1826 in Greene Co. Indiana. He died on August 17, 1911 in Cunningham, Kingman Co, Kansas and is buried in the 'Old' Cunningham Cemetery. His Certificate of Death (State of Kansas, Div. of vital Statistics) states that the name of his father is P. Hollister, born New York; name of his mother is P. Brazel, born Virginia. John Hollister married Elizabeth Riley on February 14, 1854; married 2nd to Sarah Eve Meredith on Nov 9, 1856.

Joshua Brazzell (Sr) who was born January 11, 1805. Complete descendent information is on this website.

Jane Brazzell was born about 1810 and according to census records she was born in Ohio. On March 24, 1834 she married Solomon Carpenter (Book C; page 10; Greene Co, Indiana marriages.) Solomon was born circa 1807 in Kentucky and he died July 12, 1898 according to the County Health Office, Greencastle, IN, BookH3, page 28(white, male, age 91) . Their children include: Unetta Carpenter born 1835 in Indiana; Martha Carpenter born 1837 in Indiana; Mary Carpenter born 1838 in Indiana; Philander Carpenter born 1839 in Indiana; Priscilla Carpenter born 1851 in Indiana; William W. Carpenter born 1853 in Indiana.

September 7, 1858, Quit Claim Deed Volume H, Page 263, Harrison Co, Mo-- Solomon and Jane Carpenter sold to son, Philander, 120 acres of land. E1/2 of the SW 1/4 and NW1/4 of SW 1/4 of S12, T64, R29. Land Deed of Solomon and Jane

October 23, 1863, Deed Volume N, Page 350, Harrison Co, Missouri-- Solomon and Philander Carpenter lost their land; the Circuit Court awarded the land to Thornton H. Templeman for debt owed of $64.19. NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of S12, T64, R29.

Unity Brazzell was born about 1816. She married Thomas Wilkie on March 12, 1840 (Book C, Page 85, Greene Co, Indiana Marriages) Thomas was born about 1818 in North Carolina. Children of Thomas and Unity are: Christiana Wilkie born1841; Unity Wilkie born 1842; Elizabeth Wilkie born May 20, 1843 and died on July 9, 1932(On Dec. 8, 1858 in Bethany, Harrison Co, Missouri, she married Wm. Nicholas Gano); Eleanor Wilkie born 1845; Sinia Wilkie born 1847; William Wilkie born 1849; Thomas Wilkie born 1851; Joshua Wilkie born 1855.

Rhoda Brazzell was born July 10, 1818 and died December 20, 1889, (buried in Simpson Chapel Cemetery Taylor twp, Greene Co, IN) according to cemetery records. She married John Benham on February 1, 1835 (Book C, Page 14, Greene Co. Indiana) Children of Rhoda and John are:Mary A. Benham born about 1836; Maria Benham born about 1838; Joel D. Benham born 1839; Jane Benham born 1843; Priscilla Benham born 1844; Malinda Benham born 1846, John L. Benham born about 1840. John Benham's first wife was Maria Alton and they had two children: William born 1831 and James born1833

John Benham/Benam was born March 1, 1802 in Virginia and died August 2, 1852 (will of John Benham) according to his tombstone in Simpson Chapel Cemetery (Taylor Twp, Greene Co, IN (his will)

An interesting story anecdote about Rhoda is posted online at this site. These are remembrances written in 1963:

"He left there and got his first job for pay from Joel Benham. Joel was an old bachelor who owned a large farm and his old maid sister Mary Ann and his old mother Rhoda. Old Aunt Rhoda, as Jona called her raised five children of her own and six orphans, of which Jona was the last. She was a huge woman who took him under her wing and doctored him for wetting the bed and being over tasked. He was 16 and never owned a suit of clothes and never had worn underwear. Joel took him up and got him all new clothes and he said he wouldn't have changed places with a king. He said he swore like a sailor before coming to Joel's and after prayer his first meal there he knew he'd have to med his speech to stay there. Meantime, his brother George was taken in by Riley Stone and kept there. He and Jona could visit. Martha Ellen was an orphan girl taken in by Aunt Rhoda and she married George who lived to be 98 and she died at 94. "