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Misc. Brazzel Records

William Brazeal, John Simkins, William Daugherty Sr., Nathaniel Daugherty, Richard Hufman, William Daugherty Jr.; Civil Court, Greene County, Indiana.

This record was taken from 'Greene County, Indiana secrets of the Past, Civil Boxes, 1821 to 1834, boxes 1 thru 4' compiled by the Greene County Genealogical Society; page 297

State of Indiana, Green County. Be it remembered that on the 8 day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one, John Simkins, William Daugherty Sr and Nathaniel Daugherty, William Brazeal, Richard Hufman and William Daugherty Jun. came before me one of the Judges of our Circuit Court for the County aforesaid and severally acknowledged themselves to owe to the State of Indiana the sum of Five hundred Dollars each to be levied on their respective goods and chattles lands and tenements to the use of said State if Default be made in the conditions following to wit: the

Condition of this recognizance is such that if above bound John Simkins shall personally appear the next circuit court to be holeden in and for said county on the first day of our next February Term then and there to answer unto Fielding Rakley for the feloniously taking and bringing away Sundry of property from Morgan County and State of Tennessee to this County to wit: two Sorrel horses and one bay and nineteen head of neat cattle of whose property these horses have been found and taken and abide ? judgement of the court and not to depart the county thereof without leave then this recognizance to be vac? and of none effect otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue in law in witness whereof have hereunto set our hands and seals this date.