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What intrigued me most about our Brazzle family was the family stories that my great great Grandpa Joshua Brazzle (Jr.) had lived to be 104 years old! That is what started me on this great hobby of genealogy! Actually when I finally did a little research I found out that Grandpa was about 89 years old when he died. I am still not sure that my Grandmother believed this fact about her Grandpa Brazzle!

I recently received a copy of a family letter dating to the 1920's that states William Brazzel is the father of Joshua Brazzell (Sr.). A copy of this letter is posted on William's page. This is the only proof that I have to date that William is the father of Joshua and the other children in Greene Co., Indiana. This letter was written only about 75 years after William died so I am reasonably certain that the information is correct.

The Brazzle name has been spelled a variety of ways throughout the years, so don't let spelling stop you from looking around at our site. Some of the many spellings I have seen of our family name include: Brazzell, Brazil, Brassel, Brassle, Brasle, Braggel, Brayle, Bazzle, Braziele, Brasdle, Braswell. This site contains mostly information from our researching (since 1974) on Joshua Brazzle and his family. I will, as time permits, present here Brazzel records that I have accumulated during my research but have not been proved to be in the family line. I have attempted to document all facts with the sources that I have found, but if I have missed any please email me and I will recheck my information.

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