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Brazzle Family

Death Records

Joshua Brazzle; State of Nebraska, Bureau of Health, Div. of Vital Statistics Certificate of Death- B-1913

Place of Death: Jefferson County, City of Fairbury. Date of Death- Febr 15, 1931

Full Name: Mr. Joshua Brazzle; Residence- Fairbury, Nebr.

Sex- M; Race- W; Widowed

Date of Birth- Jan 1 1827; Age 104 years, 1 months, 14 days; Birthplace- Bloomfield, ILL

Informant- Mr H.B. Fielder, Fairbury, Ne

Burial- Barnes, Ks; Feb 16, 31; Undertaker, Richardson Co, Fairbury, Ne

The principal cause of death- Cerebral Hemorrhage; Contributory causes- Arteris-Schorsis; What test confirmed diagnosis- xray; Is there an autopsy? No.

Rachel Brazzel; Office of County Clerk of Washington County, Washington, Ks; Book C, page 81

Name of Deceased: Rachel Brazzel

Age:43 Sex:F Color:W Married: yes

Cause of Death: Peritonites

Occupation: Farmer--- Nativity: A---------Place of Death: Hollenberg

Duration of Disease: 5 days-----Complication: uterus & vagina---Duration of Complication: 5 days

Date of Death: 11-30-91

Fathers name: none listed----- Mother's maiden name: None listed

Return made by: J.G. Smith --Address, Hanover---- Date of Return: 12-3-91

"Delivered of 12# child thru ? uterus Nov.27, 91.-- child dead, entirely out of uterus with the abdominal viscera rupture probably occurred morning of Nov 25, 91. Placenta remained in womb until after delivery of child. (J.G.S.) Physician J.G. Smith, Hanover."

Un-named Child of Joshua & Rachel Brazzle; Record of Vital Statistics, Washington Co., Washington, Ks; Book B

Child, no name, 15th Child

Born: Nov. 30, 1891-- Place of Birth: Hollenberg, Kans.

Not Born Alive, sufficient labor.

Mother: Rachel Brazzle, age 43; Father Joseph Brazzle

Sampson Brazzell; Missouri State Board of Health, Certificate of Death; 337-5472- file number 30273

Full Name- Sampson Brazzell

Sex- Male; Color-White; Single, Married, Widowed- Married

Date of Birth- Sept 20, 1833; Age- 85 years, 2 months, 7 days

Occupation of Deceased- Farmer

Birthplace- Indiana

Name of Father- Unknown; Birthplace of Father- Unknown; Maiden Name of Mother-Unknown Bveninson; Birthplace of Mother- Unknown

Informant- E.O. Jones, Eagleville, Mo; Filed Nov 29, 1918 W.S. McCollum, Registrar

Date of Death- Nov. 27, 1918

I hereby certify that I attended deceased, that I last saw him dead Nov 27, 1918, and that death occurred, on the date stated above at about 11:30 am. The cause of death was as follows: found ded at Hay Sack. He has spells of Heart trouble several years..

Signed: E.O. Jones; C.H. Robertson, M.D. Nov. 28, 1918, (Address) Eagleville

Place of Burial- Allen; Date of Burial- Nov. 29, 1918; Undertaker- C.E. Anderson, Eagleville

Catharine Cook Brazzell; Missouri State Board of Health, Certificate of Death; 337-5472- file number 880.

Place of Death- Harrison County, Union Township

Sex- Female; Color-White; Single/M/Widow/Divorced- Widow; Wife of: Sampson Brazzell

Date of birth- Nov. 15, 1838; age-84 years, 1 month, 20 days.

Occupation- Farmer's wife; Birthplace- Indiana

Name of Father- Phillip Cook; Birthplace of Father- (ed.note: unable to decipher the birthplace); Maiden name of Mother- unknown; Birthplace of Mother- Unknown

Informant- Mary H Brazzell

Date of Death- January 5, 1923; Cause of death- Apoplexy; S.D. See, M.D. Jan 6, 1923. Eagleville, Mo.

Place of Burial- Allen Cemetery; Date of Burial- January 6, 1923; Undertaker- Frank Cramer, Eagleville Mo.