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Social Security Death Index

SURNAMEFirstBirth dateDeath dateSocial Security NumberIssue YearState of IssueLast Residence
BARBEROFelix12 Oct 1908Feb 1985471-14-6855unknownMinnesotaMinneapolis, Anoka MN
FIECKEMarvin06 Oct 1935Apr 1987474-36-6563unknownMinnesotaWinsted, McLeod MN
GRACZYKLeocadia2 Dec 191314 Jul 1990475-40-7671unknownMinnesotaMN
GRACZYKPeter4 Nov 1905Jun 1985476-26-0037unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN
MALLAKBertha H20 Dec 191614 Feb 1996470-18-6199unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN
MALLAKDominic24 Mar 1912July 1969474-42-0782unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN
MALLAKFrank26 Oct 190219 Mar 1996472-16-4710unknownMinnesotaCarver County MN
MALLAKJoe15 Feb 1886Mar 1976469-42-5176unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN
MALLAKJoseph22 Aug 1906Nov 1976472-44-3089unknownMinnesotaWinsted MN
MALLAKMartin7 Nov 1886May 1965475-09-0862unknownMinnesotaMN
MALLAKMary13 Jun 1887Feb 1969469-54-2715unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN
POKORNOWSKIClara15 Jun 1909May 1987473-32-5947unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake MN
RICHTERAnastasia M28 Jan 191516 Oct 2000475-03-6707unknownMinnesotaMpls, Hennepin MN
ROSEClarence9 Feb 1913Nov 1994471-14-3096unknownMinnesotaSilver Lake, McLeod MN


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