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Social Security Death Index

SURNAMEFirstBirth dateDeath dateSocial Security NumberIssue YearState of IssueLast Residence
ARMSTRONGAllen21 Dec 1894Jul 1963476-22-4565 unknownMinnesotaMinnesota
ARMSTRONGHarold26 Jan 1911Jan 1977470-10-3237unknownMinnesotaFairmont, Martin MN
ARMSTRONGValetta23 Jun 1899Aug 1972473-28-4729 unknownMinnesotaAlhambra, Los Angeles, CA
BAKENAnn16 Dec 191714 Dec 1992558-14-1720unknownCaliforniaPortland, Multnomah, OR
BAKENRoy01 Oct 1902Jul 1975542-09-1805unknownOregonLongview, Cowlitz, WA
BASSETTRobert L.17 Aug 194620 Aug 1991470-50-8400 unknownMinnesotanone specified
CATLINDonald D.05 Mar 191107 Oct 1987536-36-7234unknownWashingtonTonasket, Okanogan, WA
CATLINHarvey H.03 Oct 191926 Dec 1990533-16-4549unknownWashingtonLongview, Cowlitz, WA
CATLINOliver B.03 Oct 188617 May 1974708-07-1638unknownRailroadVirginia
CLAEYSJulius09 Mar 191423 May 1994475-34-1753unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin MN
COREYHamden11 Dec 1892Apr 1970470-03-6957unknownMinnesotaHouston, Houston, Minnesota
Ridgeway, Houston, Minnesota
COREYJames12 Aug 1898Jun 1971472-14-9072unknownMinnesotaHouston, Houston, Minnesota
Ridgeway, Houston, Minnesota
COREYJoseph29 Jan 1891Jun 1975469-42-0328unknownMinnesota Houston, Houston, Minnesota
Ridgeway, Houston, Minnesota
COREYMary04 Jul 1893 Jun 1984 470-76-9156 unknownMinnesotaHouston, Houston, Minnesota
Ridgeway, Houston, Minnesota
COULSONJoseph L.18 Feb 192419 Dec 1999474-12-3613 unknownMinnesotaHouston, Houston, Minnesota
DALTONBradley20 Aug 191315 Jul 1992468-05-7440 unknownMinnesotaHopkins, Hennepin, Minnesota
DALTONJohn29 Dec 191028 Jul 1995477-09-6038 unknownMinnesotaSavage, Scott, Minnesota
FIRMANMina01 Apr 1895Feb 1984533-14-2458unknownWashingtonChelan, Chelan, WA
FIRMANVernon23 Jun 1890Aug 1971533-12-4116unknownWashingtonChelan, Chelan, WA
FITZPearl08 Nov 1885Feb 1975476-50-7566unknownMinnesotaFairmont, Martin, MN
HALBASCHOuida D.12 May 190917 Jan 2002473-18-7224 unknownMinnesotaYuma, Yuma, Arizona
HYNESClaude10 May 1903 Feb 1970473-42-4961 unknownMinnesotaWinnebago, Faribault, Minnesota
HYNESIowa E.11 Sep 190506 Dec 1991470-76-2054 unknownMinnesotanone specified
ILIFFBessie E.06 Aug 192119 Mar 1998475-18-6643unknownMinnesotaWinnebago, Faribault, MN
ILIFFFrank R.24 May 192004 Dec 1990476-28-5907unknownMinnesotaWinnebago, Faribault, MN
JOHNSONArne11 Nov 1903Jun 1966471-42-1353unknownMinnesotaTrimont, Martin, MN
LIENBernard16 Mar 1889Jan 1966474-40-0474unknownMinnesotaMinnesota
LIENConstance26 Dec 191603 Sep 1996471-01-5530unknownMinnesotaSun City, Maricopa, AZ
LIENRaymond J.02 Feb 191919 May 1999471-01-7441unknownMinnesotaSun City, Maricopa, AZ
MALMANGERA. L.09 Jul 1924Feb 1989477-12-1259unknownMinnesotaWinnebago, Faribault MN
MALMANGERChester25 Mar 1911Apr 1979469-07-0717unknownMinnesotaSaint Paul, Ramsey, MN
MALMANGERClara09 Oct 1895Jun 1975480-80-4554unknownIowaGrand Mound, Clinton, Iowa
MALMANGERHans06 Mar 1878Jun 1968474-40-1575unknownMinnesotaWinnebago, Faribault MN
MALMANGERHarold15 Nov 191118 Jul 1996472-38-02141953MinnesotaLakeville, Dakota MN
MALMANGERJanice04 Mar 192205 May 1998474-18-1700unknownMinnesotaFalcon Heights, Ramsey, Minnesota
Lauderdale, Ramsey, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota
MALMANGERClara09 Oct 1895Jun 1975480-80-4554unknownIowaGrand Mound, Clinton, Iowa
MALMANGERLeonard26 Oct 191309 Dec 1991483-03-7174Before 1951IowaMankato, Blue Earth MN
MALMANGERMarie16 Sep 1893Aug 1969472-16-9954none specifiedMinnesotaTruman, Martin, MN
MALMANGERMarvin10 Sep 191519 Jun 2000265-12-1830Before 1951FloridaMankato, Blue Earth MN
MALMANGERMaxine25 Sep 193223 Mar 2002468-40-51351954MinnesotaMankato, Blue Earth
MALMANGEROscar08 Mar 190029 Aug 1992480-05-38391954IowaClinton, Clinton, IA
MALMANGERRaymond13 Mar 1895Apr 1969485-24-1998unknownIowaGrand Mound, Clinton, IA
MAYBERRYThomas03 Aug 1895Jul 1971536-03-9224unknownWashingtonTonasket, Okanogan, WA
MOODYLyman16 Jun 1917Nov 1952570-01-5748unknownCalifornianone specified
MUHLEGlendon25 Jun 1906 May 1986 477-32-1230 unknownMinnesotaHouston, Houston, Minnesota
Ridgeway, Houston, Minnesota
OLSONTrena15 Jan 1887Nov 1973479-30-5471unknownIowaDavenport, Scott, IA
ROGERSLogan19 Jun 1904Dec 1975 477-01-0696 unknownMinnesotaMcGregor Aitkin MN
SHEPPARDJoyce02 Apr 193026 Mar 1998469-32-4641unknownMinnesotaMartin, MN
SHOENBeatrice01 Feb 1903Jul 1973 475-48-3130unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin, MN
SHOENCecil26 Apr 1900Jun 1985471-42-2927unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin MN
SHOENEsmond25 Jun 190509 Dec 1988 475-48-3132unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin, MN
SHOENRussell24 Dec 190106 Jul 1988473-44-1343unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin MN
SHOENSadie25 Jan 191209 May 1966469-64-4226unknownMinnesotaTruman, Martin MN
TAUEREvelyn M.02 Dec 191211 Jul 1999476-12-5249unknownMinnesotaSaint Paul, Ramsey, MN
TOWNSilas13 Sep 1887Sep 1969535-01-7729unknownWashingtonKelso, Cowlitz, WA
ZOELLMERWilliam F.02 Oct 192015 Jul 1993470-18-2132unknownMinnesotaGrand Rapids, Kent, MI


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