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Apply For My Genealogy Awards

This award is named for my great-grandmother, Ida Mae Austin Brainerd.

Winners of the Ida Mae Genealogy Award

"Hartford" Stanley Families

Bower Family Homestead

Winners of the Homestead Genealogy Award

Templin Family Genealogy

The Brainerd-Brainard Genealogical Excellence Award can not be applied for.
It is presented to sites that I feel go "above and beyond" the personal genealogy site
in imaginative design and information for single surname web pages.
Also, they can't have computer generated music and can't crash my browser!

Winners of the Genealogical Excellence Award

Bower Family Homestead

My McDowell Family...Older Than The Sun

To qualify for one of my awards your page must be entirely devoted to genealogy.

You must show the sources of your information.

You do not need to sign my guest book to qualify, this is not a contest to watch my guest book grow.

Your page can be of your own family or a page helping others in their research.

Your page must be pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. However this award is not for how good your html capabilities are. I don't check HTML coding, only the end result. I am more interested in the research and verification that went into your genealogical work.

I don't present my awards to everyone who applies and if you haven't done independant research (census, birth, death records, etc) to back up the information on your page, or if your page is confusing to me, and not laid out in a logical manner, no award will be presented. I don't give out the awards just to create another link to my page. I also don't give out awards for sites that only contain a GED-COM. I take into consideration the creativity of the site design. I don't give awards to sites that charge other researchers for information.

To apply for Ida Mae's Genealogy Award or The Homestead Genealogy Award, e-mail me with your name, the name of your page, the url of your page and the reason why you feel you deserve this award. Specify which award you are applying for. Use GenAward in the subject line.

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