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Calvin5 Brainerd

( Ezra4,   Josiah3,   William2,   Daniel1 )

Photo of Calvin Brainerd

Born:  Sept. 23, 1778,  in Haddam Neck, CT.
Mother:  Jerusha Smith  Born: Feb. 25, 1743-44 ,  daughter of Lieut. David Smith and Dorothy Brainerd
Siblings: Frederic,  Olive,  Dolly,  Ezra,  Lucy,  Israel,  David,  Joseph Spencer,
                Jerusha,  Clarissa
Married: Sarah Brainerd,  Born:  Aug. 13,  1775  Died:  June 8,  1858
                daughter of Nehemiah Brainerd and Sarah Brainerd
On:  Oct. 4,  1799
Noted For:  Religious convictions,  against slavery,  preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church
                     Justice of the peace from 1818 until moving to New York State in 1823
                     Lived in Henrietta, Monroe Co., NY for eight years,  Gates, NY for nearly 20 years,
                     in Kendall, NY  and Chili, NY.

Died:  July 6,  1863

Children:  (all born in Haddam Neck, CT)

i.Ursulab. June 29, 1800
ii.Calistab. Apr. 16 or 26 1802
iii.Claudiusb. Apr. 14, 1804
iv.Juliab. Apr. 12, 1806
v.Sarah Minervab. Mar. 2, 1808
vi.John Calvinb. June 6, 1810
vii.Nehemiahb. Apr. 26, 1812d. Nov. 23, 1818
viii.Cordeliab. May 30, 1814
ix.Lydia Fiskb. June 21, 1816d. May 3 or 31, 1826 in Henrietta, NY
x.Nehemiahb. Oct. 16, 1818

Photos and Documents

From the out-of-copyright The Genealogy Of The Brainerd-Brainard Family In America 1649-1908
By Lucy Abigail Brainard

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