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BRADNER, Robert Edward

  • Born: 7 Feb 1909, Montreal, Montreal County, Quebec, Canada
  • Christened: 15 Feb 1909, Montreal, Montreal County, Quebec, Canada
  • Died: 8 Jun 1913, Montreal, Montreal County, Quebec, Canada aged 4
  • Buried: 11 Jun 1913, Montreal, Montreal County, Quebec, Canada

Headline from the Montreal Star- Monday June 9 Th 1913 read "Robert Edward Bradner 4 year old son of Joseph Bradner crushed by automobile"

Toddling across the grass on Lafontaine Park four year old Robert Edward Bradner whose parents lived at 941 Saint Denis Street met death in the form of an automobile accident on the cinder roadside on the Park at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Twenty minutes later the little fellow breathed his last.

Seeing him toddle across the road, A.Delorme of 478 Sherbrooke Street who was driving the auto tried to stop but could not. The boy was so confused that he stepped back and then stepped forward in alarm just in time to be caught under the vehicle. His chest was crushed and there was no hope for him from the start. Little Robert had been having a delightful time playing in the park up to the time of the accident. He was accompanied by his brother Joseph whose guidance he was seeing many strange sights.

A Shetland pony which ate from his hand and the children attention was held until a cameraman came along and photographed the animal. becoming interrupted he stepped behind the cameraman onto the cinder path and stood watching intently until a rumbling sound a few feet away awoke him to the danger.

After the accident Mr. Delorme picked the light burden from the road and placed him in his car. Then he called J Finley of 121 Wellington Street and A Pauley of 109 Drolet Street, both eye witnesses. He sped to the boys home.

Doctors Lachapelle and Lovett worked over the small tot for a while but in vain and the boy died twenty minutes after the accident. The story told by the lad's brother and Mr Delorme are alike.

Joseph Bradner Jr. stated the automobile was was going slowly but did not sound the horn and that the driver Mr.Delorme made an effort to stop quickly but could not. Mr. Delorme said he did not see the boy until he was right upon him and then he tried to stop. He was not going more than 4 MPH ant the time of the accident.

On the other hand the stricken father allowing for the efforts of the drive and his attentive action afterwards could not understand why the automobile used the cinder road when the street was immediately by.

"Children can not play on the road" he said " because it is not safe so we send them to the park and they are not safe", "The children must have somewhere to play, they can not be kept in the house all day"