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BRYANT, Bartlett

  • Born: 17 Mar 1787, Enfield, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA
  • Marriage: COLBY, Lydia on 22 Nov 1811
  • Died: 7 Sep 1876, Lyme, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA aged 89
  • Buried: Sep 1876, Canaan, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA


Bartlett was involved in the following property transactions:

His first recorded purchase was on May 4 1807 when for $150 he purchased 60 acres from Jonathan Freeman ESQ. The deed was written "Brient" and may have been the reason why John Bryant had to swear that the above transaction took place in 1812 after the death of Freeman.

Bartlett purchases for $200. sixty acres called lot 37 from Benjamin hatch Aug 17 1813. Both men are residents of Hanover.

On April 14 1832 Barlett purchased 120 acres from Nathaniel Currier in the township of Hanover. One was called lot 38

Bartlett Bought more property from Lewis Clapp of Lyme. A small parcel of 22 Acres in Hanover on Oct 7 1834

Bartlett this time sold 200 acres to John Bartlett Nov 21 1837 This was Bartlett's original Homestead.

On Sept 21 1839 Joseph Willis sold Bartlett large tracts of land for $1400. he purchased two 50 acres tracts near Canaan another 80 acres from three different parcels near by 170 acres in Hanover. Andrew and Bartlett both acted as witness in the sale Lot numbers were 44. 57 and 58

There is a deed that shows Jonathan Stark and Eldridge G. Stone selling 1/3 acre in Hanover to Bartlett on Sept 14 1841 for $10

Bartlett purchased from Elbridge G.Stone Oct 18 1841 a small parcel of land. Acreage is not shown on transaction however it was the same property that was owned by Andrew and Mary Bartlett and sold by the in 1829 to someone else.

Bartlett Jr. received the sum of $150 from his father Bartlett Sr and agreed to relinquish any interest in his father's estate after his death.

The Stark Family were living with Bartlett in 1850 as per census. they were Jona probably son of Elisha born1818 N.H., Elisha Born 1778, Betsey Hastings Stark Born 1785 husband of Elisha,Hezekiah born 1774 and wife Nancy (leCount) born 1790

On July 17 1852 Bartlett purchased part of lot 44 from his son Rowell for $400.

Bartlett and Lydia sold a tract of land to James A. Little on April 15 1856 for $260. This property was previously owned by Lydia Colby Lydia Bryant's mother deceased at the time of sale

Bartlett sold 280 acres on May 22 1858 to son Rowell C Bryant for $3000, This is the same property he purchased in 1839 from J.Willis. At the same time He sold Rowell back the 60 acres Rowell had sold his father 1852. Bartlett also sold Rowell the 25 Acres he purchased in 1841 from Elbridge Stone and lastly one third of an acre sold to Barlett in 1841 by Jonathan Stark and Elbriodge Stone.Bartlett was selling his second homestead to his son at this poin and likely lived with him.

Bartlett gave Rowell and Lucy a mortgage of $2000 for the purchase land and buildings bought from H.H.Withington Apr 13 1860. On Feb 26 1862 Barlett relinquished collateral to the deed on the receipt of $600.

On Apr 1864 Bartlett purchased 67 Rods from Elisha P. & Susan Kinne all of Hanover for $300. The property had buildings and was located near Hanover Center He sold this property to Sarah Woodward Mar 14 1866.

Bartlett married Lydia COLBY, daughter of Rowell COLBY and Lydia PETTENGRILL, on 22 Nov 1811. (Lydia COLBY was born on 22 Jul 1790, died on 29 Apr 1859 in Tunis, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA and was buried in 1859 in Canaan, Grafton County, New Hampshire, USA.)