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Transcript of Ann Fosterís letter to her eldest son, William Dinham


I am sending you twenty pounds which I hope you will receive safely.I have been trying to come and see you but I have been prevented.I hope I shall soon be able for I want to see you and your little children very much.I have not been very well for some time and only just returned to England.I could not write to you.I did not stay in any place long enough.I shall be in Brighton till next Thursday (?) then I am going to London but I cannot tell you how long I shall remain there, you must not say to anyone that I am in England or speak of me.I have written to my father but did not tell him where I am.You must not tell him or her [1] anything of me.I sent him five pounds.You must send and tell me if he gets it all safe.

Wishing you and your whife (sic) a merry Christmas and a happy new year from your loving mother.


[1] This probably refers to Ann's stepmother, her father's second wife, Hannah.

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