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May 10, 2010

Jackson, James, Hayes
and Wilkinson Families of England

by Neil A. Boyer

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            This website focuses on the ancestors and descendants of William Jackson (1879-1944) and Sarah Wilkinson Jackson (1879-1942), who were born in England in 1879 and traveled to America with their two children in 1923 and 1924.  The research goes backward to the first ancestors in England who can be identified -- in the families of Jackson, James, Hayes and Wilkinson, and travels forward to the present day, in particular descendants living in America. There are these sections:

This part looks at the ancestors of William Jackson (1879-1944), going back to George Jackson (born about 1793 in Cumberland) and continuing with his children in the area near Cockermouth, in particular Bridekirk.  This includes Edward Jackson (1813-1857), who married Agnes James (1814-1889), first child of Francis James (1793-1865) and Ann Casson James (1794-1871+), of Cumberland.  A son of Edward and Agnes James Jackson, also called Edward Jackson (1847-1910), moved from Cumberland to St. Helen's in Lancashire and married Mary Barton. One of their children was Thomas Jackson (1877-1947), whose daughter Edna Jackson (1906-1995) was granted the O.B.E. for her work in health care during World War II.  Another child of Edward and Mary Barton Jackson was William Jackson (1879-1944), who married Sarah Wilkinson (1879-1942) and moved to America.

This part looks at the family of Francis James (1793-1865) and Ann Casson James, of Cumberland, who lived near Bridekirk. Their daughter Agnes James (1814-1889) married Edward Jackson (1813-1857), and they lived at Bridekirk. After Edward died, Agnes lived in Cockermouth. A son of Francis James, named Francis James Jr. (1816-1884), apparently was quite wealthy. He lived in various places around Bridekirk, including Blindcrake, Deanscales and Ulpha. Extensive wills have been located on Francis James, both father and son. Other children of Francis Senior included Mary James Dodd, Eleanor James Sumpton, and Ferdinand Casson James (who had 13 children).

A special note, with photographs, is provided on Bridekirk and its church.

William Wilkinson, born in Leigh about 1820, had a son John Wilkinson (1856-1919) who was a supervising engineer at the cotton mill in Pennington, Leigh. John was married to Ellen Hayes (1853-1943), daughter of Peers Hayes (1828-1909). A daughter of John and Ellen Wilkinson was Sarah Wilkinson (1879-1942), who married William Jackson (1879-1944) and moved to America in 1924. Other Wilkinson family members remained in Leigh and many were active in the Pennington Mill as well as in Pennington Church.

William Hey, the earliest identified ancestor of a very large Hayes family, was baptized in Leigh in 1634. He had a son Ellis Hey (1658-1705), a great-grandson Ellis Hayes (1728-1760), who lived in Lowton, and a great-great-great-grandson Ellis Hayes (1784-1869). This last Ellis Hayes married Ellen Bent, and they had nine children, including Samuel Hayes (1821-1898), who married Mary Ann Lowe, and Peers Hayes (1828-1909), who married Anne Hatton. One of the ten children of Peers Hayes was Ellen Hayes (1853-1943), who married John Wilkinson (1856-1919), of Leigh. Their daughter Sarah Wilkinson (1879-1942) married William Jackson (1879-1944), and they moved to America in 1923 and 1924.

This part looks at William Jackson (1879-1944) and Sarah Wilkinson Jackson (1879-1942), their work and livelihood in England, and their decision to move to America.  It provides details on their four children -- Ada Jackson and Eleanor Jackson, who died young; Annie Jackson (1912-2006), who married L. Arthur Boyer and lived in Easton, Pennsylvania; and John E. Jackson (1923-2000), who grew up in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, served with the Navy in World War II, married Dorothy (Dee) Rostron, had four daughters, and lived in California and Washington State.  

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About the Author

Neil A. Boyer was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1938.  He grew up in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, then graduated from Wilson High School in Easton, Moravian College in Bethlehem, and New York University School of Law.  He was a teacher and lawyer in the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers to go to Ethiopia in 1962.  Upon his return, he worked for the Peace Corps in Washington and then spent nearly 40 years with the Department of State, representing the United States at meetings of the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Universal Postal Union.  He retired from government in 2003 and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. For more information on Neil Boyer, go here. 

Neil Boyer is the author of The Boyers of Easton, a 319-page book, published in 1987, with more than 300 photographs, focusing on his grandfather, Lewis Elmer Boyer (1869-1948), of Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. That book traced the Boyer family backward from Lew Boyer to his ancestors, as far as Johann Friedrich Boyer (1718-1804), who sailed to America from Rotterdam aboard the Nancy in 1752.  The book also went forward to Lew Boyer’s children and their children.  This paper grew out of an effort to bring the Boyer book (including the Jackson chapters) up to date, drawing on new information and the growing potential of the internet for genealogical research.

Neil Boyer's lineage in the Jackson family is as follows:

George Jackson (b.1793?) / Francis James (1793-1865)
Edward Jackson (1813-1857) and Agnes James  (1814-1889)
Edward Jackson (1847-1910) and Mary Barton  (1854-1933)
William Jackson (1879-1944) and Sarah Wilkinson (1879-1942)
Annie Jackson (1912-2006) and L. Arthur Boyer (1909-1985)
Neil Arthur Boyer (b. 1938).

Corrections to this material and supplemental information are welcome. 
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