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September 15, 2011



The Family of
Ruth Marian Boyer Matchette
of Easton, Pennsylvania


      The seventh child, and only daughter, of Lew and Henrietta Boyer, Ruth Marian Boyer,  was born on February 12, 1913, in Easton, Pennsylvania.   Previous sections discuss Ruth's parents, Lewis and Henrietta Boyer, and other Boyer ancestors.  Parallel to this section are parts dealing with Ruth's six brothers.  See also a Photo Gallery of the Boyers of Easton. This section contains the following parts:

The Boyers of Easton
Photo Gallery of the Boyers of Easton
The Boyers of Orwigsburg
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Ruth Boyer's History

            The seventh and last child of Lew and Henrietta Boyer, Ruth Marian Boyer, was born on February 12, 1913, in Easton, Pennsylvania.  She was born at home on Lincoln Street in South Easton.  After producing six boys, Lew and Het, it is reported, couldn't agree on a name for the first daughter.  One day Lew came home from work and Het opened up his lunch pail to get it ready for the next day.  Inside was a little note:  "The girl's name will be Ruth Marian Boyer."  The family liked to recall "the day Ruth's name came home in a lunch pail."  The local newspaper reported that Ruth was baptized at home. 

            The boys in this family were sometimes a little rough, as six boys will be.  This led Ruth, the only girl, to learn how to "take her part," as she put it, and she continued doing that all her life.  Ruth graduated from Wilson High School in 1932 and worked as a clerk at the William Laubach department store in downtown Easton.  She also attended Churchman’s Business College in Easton for two years.

Ruth with cat, 1925 Ruth at Laurel Dam, 1929 Ruth on Faux Harp, 1930 Ruth and her Mother, 1930
Ruth with cat in 1925, swimming at Laurel Dam in 1929, and clowning with home-made harp and with mother, 1930

            In 1937, Ruth married James Douglas Matchette at Calvary Methodist Church in Easton.  Shirley Boyer, Elwood's daughter, who lived with Ruth and her parents on Ferry Street (and was like a sister to the younger Boyer children), was the maid of honor.  The wedding was performed by Ruth's brother Walter and the Rev. I. S. Seitz, the church pastor.  Nieces Jean and Mildred Boyer were flower girls, and Ruth's brother Ralph sang.  Lew Boyer gave away the bride.

Wilson High School Grad, 1931 Jim Matchette, 1933 Jim and Ruth in Ocean Grove, 1936 Ocean Grove, 1936
Ruth, Wilson High School Grad, 1931 Jim Matchette, 1933 Ruth Boyer and Jim Matchette in Ocean Grove, NJ, 1936

            Among Jim's recollections about life with the Boyers was the delivery to Ruth, by her brother Elwood, of a large angora goat as a gift, on June 23, 1937, three days before her wedding to Jim.  The goat was tied to a post near the garage at 1900 Ferry Street, and the neighborhood kids fed the goat with tin cans.  Late on Friday night, after the wedding rehearsal, Jim and his brother Richard drove to the alley behind the house, which was all dark, quietly loaded the goat into Jim's dad's car and took it to a friend in South Easton.  Then it turned out that Elwood had only borrowed the goat and, fearing it had been stolen, planned to pay the owner.  Ruth and Jim returned from their wedding trip, told the truth, and the goat was returned.

Lew Waits for the Bride, 1937 Henrietta at the Wedding, 1937 Ruth in Wedding Gown, 1937
Leaving Calvary Church, 1937
Wedding Day 1937: Father of
the bride, Lew Boyer, left,
with Art and Anna Boyer.
Henrietta Boyer, mother of the bride Ruth on Ferry Street, ready to go to church Newlyweds leaving
Calvary Methodist Church

            In October 1972, Ruth’s brother Walter tried to initiate a monthly newsletter among the seven siblings.  His first missive, in fact, was addressed to Ruth and copied to the others.  It began: 
So, my little sister, my only sister, the sister that was always teased by her brothers, the sister that is loved and deserves better treatment; feels that she is being slighted.  I wish that she did not feel that way, for we do not intend that she should feel that way.  Don’t be hurt, my little sister.  You still belong to us and we still belong to you.
        The cause of the problem in 1972 is not known, nor whether the problem was real.  However, it must be noted that throughout her life Ruth complained that her six brothers had had their picture taken together at the wedding of Elwood’s daughter Barbara in 1961, and that Ruth, who was very nearby, wasn’t invited to join in.  This excellent picture by the wedding photographer always offended her. 

The Boyer Brothers, 1961
The Problem Picture, 1961: The Boyer brothers, but not their sister Ruth. From left, Art, Ralph, Elwood, Dave, Jack and Walter Boyer.

         In any event, she was not offended by the letter.  Her own epistle in February 1973 said “It seems I can’t get my hubby out of Norristown to visit relations – because this is his job, many weeks six and seven days a week.  If I had a car of my own, I surely would see my brothers more often.”  She also wrote that her daughters and their families were expected on February 17 to help her celebrate “a big birthday (Six O.).  I can’t believe it.  After all, I guess we all aren’t getting any younger.”  Nevertheless, she reported that she and Jim bowled every week.  “His average 169, mine 130 – we both enjoy this sport very much.” The following month Ruth convened a covered dish dinner for all of the family at her home in Norristown.  Walter wrote in April 1973 that “gratitude still lingers on.  Ruth and Jim are the gracious folk to whom we owe great thanks for one of the most enjoyable get-togethers that the Boyers have shared in many a moon . . . we need more moons.”

            Jim Matchette had been born on October 29, 1908, in Hokendauqua, Pennsylvania, the son of Richard K. Matchette and Mabel Louise Gower.  At the time of his marriage to Ruth, he had just graduated from Lafayette College and was pastor of the Richmond and Raubsville Methodist Episcopal Churches.  He and Ruth lived first with her parents on Ferry Street, and then Jim entered Drew Theological Seminary, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Divinity degree.   He recorded his church appointments in Pennsylvania in this manner:  

    *              June 1933          Parryville and Slatedale
    *              October 1935     Richmond and Raubsville
    *              June 1940          Harriman, Bristol
    *              June 1941          Girardville and Mahanoy Plane
    *              June 1944          Searles, Pottstown
    *              January 1949     Christ (Windsor Street), Reading
    *              June 1953          Wesley (Wharton), Philadelphia
    *              June 1959          Lehman, Hatboro
    *              June 1968          Haws Avenue, Norristown. 

            Ruth was a very active and supportive minister's wife through all of his service in towns in eastern Pennsylvania.  At the same time, she raised three daughters and kept her lively sense of humor.  As fun-loving as the rest of the Boyer family, Ruth decided at Christmas 1985, at the age of 72, to have her ears pierced.  Two sons-in-law held her in place, while the third one performed the task.  She was very proud.

Elwood, Dave, and Ruth's Families Dave and Ruth, 1991
Part of the Boyer Clan, at Dave's house, 1958. Front: Jim, Linda, and Ruth Matchette, Barbara Boyer and Mildred Boyer. Rear, Sandra Matchette, Dot Boyer, Nancy Boyer, Beverly Matchette, Enid and Elwood Boyer, David Boyer Ruth Matchette and youngest brother, Dave Boyer, 1991

            Ruth and Jim owned a property in Ocean City, New Jersey, near the boardwalk, and this was used on occasion for summertime family gatherings.  Strollers on the boardwalk undoubtedly were amused by the crazy family with look-alike balding men dressed in weird costumes riding bicycles.  After Jim's retirement on December 31, 1974, they purchased a permanent home in Ocean City.  But even in retirement, Jim served nine years (1976-85) as a supply pastor at Trinity Methodist Church in Margate, New Jersey.

Matchette Family, 1958 Mame's Birthday, 1959
The Matchettes, Christmas 1958: Beverly,
Sandra, Ruth, Jim and Linda.
On the 90th birthday of Ruth's Aunt Mame Waltman, 1958: Jim, Mame and Ruth in front. Beverly, Sandra and Linda in the rear.

            In early 1985, Jim retired again.  Later they moved to the Wesley Homestead, at 805 East 8th Avenue in Ocean City, one of nine retirement homes operated by the United Methodist Homes of New Jersey.  Still later they moved to the Cornwall Methodist Home, in Cornwall, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

Ruth and Jim, 1984 Ruth, 1989 Jim, 1997
Ruth and Jim in 1984, Ruth in 1989, and Jim in 1997

            At Cornwall, Ruth suffered a series of illnesses and hospitalizations.  She died at 6 a.m. on April 24, 1997, at the age of 84, in the Cornwall Health Center.  Jim asked that contributions be provided not for flowers but for the Cornwall Benevolent Fund.  Ruth was buried on April 28, 1997, in Quentin Cemetery in Cornwall.  She and Jim had been married 59 years.  Jim continued living at Cornwall.  He had been an original member of the Cornwall Manor Board of Directors, in 1949, and served for 22 years.  In his later years, he suffered from a form of skin cancer.  He died in the morning of January 6, 2003, in Cornwall Manor.  He was 94.  Burial was in Quentin Cemetery.  A bench on one of the paths of Cornwall Manor has been placed by the family in memory of Ruth and Jim. (Ruth's niece, Jean Boyer Stokes and her husband, Robert Stokes, another retired Methodist clergyman, were living at Cornwall Manor in  2010.)     


The Girls in 1954 Matchettes on Bikes, 1960
Beverly, Sandra and Linda in 1954 On the boardwalk in Ocean City, 1960:
Sandra, Ruth, Bart Thompson, Beverly, Jim and Linda

Beverly on the Beach, 1958 Sandra on the Beach, 1958 Linda on the Beach, 1958
Matchettes on the beach, 1958: Beverly, Sandra and Linda

Children of Ruth and Jim Matchette

             Ruth and Jim had three children:  Beverly Ann Matchette, born in 1941; Sandra Ruth Matchette, born in 1944; and Linda Louise Matchette, born in 1948.

            1.  Beverly Ann Matchette, first child of Ruth and Jim was born on November 8, 1941, in Ashland, Pennsylvania.  She was a magna cum laude graduate of West Chester State College, in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  She taught health and physical education in the Manalapan- Englishtown, New Jersey, Regional School District, and was a soccer coach in the Manalapan Recreation Program.   In 1985, in addition to teaching and coaching, she began a business called Accent Monogram, creating monograms for sportswear and bath accessories.  She was also a Girl Scout leader.

Beverly, 1943 Beverly, Sandra, 1944 Beverly, 1956
Beverly Matchette in 1943, in 1944 with Sandra, and in 1956

            Beverly married Robert Barclay (Bart) Thompson on June 22, 1963.   They were married by her father at Lehman Memorial Methodist Church in Hatboro.  Bart had been born on August 9, 1939, in Philadelphia.  Bart was involved in the textile business in New York City.  He worked as a textile designer at various times for J. P. Stevens, Frank Ix & Sons, Glen Raven Mills, and Graniteville Co, where he was administrator of the sales division of sportswear.  Bart was also a New Jersey licensed high school football official, and he officiated at games throughout the state for more than 20 years.  He and Beverly both coached recreation soccer teams for boys and girls, until their own children outgrew the teams.

Bev and Bart on the Beach, 1960 Bev and Bart are Engaged, 1960 Bev and Bart with Tristin and Todd
Bart and Beverly on the beach in 1960,
and engaged later that year
With Tristin and Todd in 1969

            Beverly and Bart had three children:  Tristin Ruth Thompson, born in 1966; Todd Barclay Thompson, born in 1969; and Tige Douglas Thompson, born in 1970.  The family lived in Englishtown, New Jersey, and spent summer months at their house in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Bicentennial, 1976 Beverly in 1989 Bart, 1989
Thompsons ready for the Bicentennial, 1976 Bev and Bart in 1989

            About 1989, Beverly was diagnosed as suffering from leukemia.  She spent much time at the M. D. Anderson Hospital-Lutheran Pavilion in Houston, Texas.  She would go for extended stays every three months, and received, among other things, a bone marrow transplant.  She was at the hospital for the last eight months of 1993, and died there in Houston at 8 a.m. on December 31, 1993, at the age of 52.  As her sister Linda wrote at the time, "she was a good soldier and fought hard for her life.  She never had a negative thought or complained about the treatment or her illness." 

            Because Beverly was so well-liked in the local school district, the Englishtown schools closed early on January 7, 1994, to permit students to attend her funeral.  The Superintendent of Schools said that "many students and parents will remember Mrs. Thompson as a caring and spirited teacher.  She was a friend and colleague to so many people that it would not be possible to conduct a regular school program, because so many staff will be attending the service."  Beverly had taught in the school district for more than 15 years.  Memorial services were held in Old Tennent Presbyterian Church, in Englishtown.  Following Beverly's death, Bart moved to Hightstown, New Jersey, where he continued his work as a textile designer.  He retired in 2001 and was living part-time in Florida and part-time in Ocean City.  


Children of Beverly and Bart Thompson

            A.  Tristin Ruth Thompson, the first child of Beverly and Bart, was born on September 17, 1966, in Englewood, New Jersey.  She graduated from Manalapan High School in 1984 and then majored in biology at the University of Delaware.  She also played soccer and tennis.  Tristin graduated in 1988 and then studied to become a chiropractor.  

Brian Spencer, 2002 Tristin, 2000 Tristin with Linda, 2002
Brian Spencer 2002 Tristin Thompson, 2000 Wedding Day, 2002: Tristin with her aunt, Linda Matchette Haskins

Tristin's Wedding, 2002
Tristin Thompson's wedding day 2002: Ed and her aunt Linda Haskins,
her brother Tige, Stacy, Marsha, Tristin, her father Bart, Jen, and her brother Todd

            According to the 2005 website of the Healing Hands Chiropractic Center, in Hebron, Kentucky, Dr. Tristin Ruth Thompson did post-graduate work to master the adjusting art of chiropractic through the Life Chiropractic College, in Marietta, Georgia. She graduated in June 1992.  She continued her studies in fibromyalgia, sports medicine, scoliosis management, muscle and soft tissue damage, as well as back injury prevention, through various post-graduate educational symposiums. 

            Tristin started her clinical practice in Hebron in February of 1993.  In 2002, she married Brian Spencer, also a chiropractor, on Marco Island in Florida, where Tristin’s brothers lived.  In 2008, Tristin and Brian lived in Lakeside Park, Kentucky, not far from Cincinnati, Ohio. 


            B.  Todd Barclay Thompson, the second child of Beverly and Bart Thompson, was born on March 12, 1969, in Neptune, New Jersey.  Todd was a co-captain of the wrestling team at Manalapan High School and worked summers at the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City.  He graduated from Manalapan High School in 1987 and then studied culinary arts at Johnson and Wales College in Providence, Rhode Island.  In 1994, he was a chef, living on Marco Island, Florida.  Then in 1997, he became second chef (sous-chef) at a Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 2007, he was Executive Chef for Star World Hotels and Resorts at the West Atlanta Hotel, Perimeter Center West. At the end of the year, he became Executive Chef at the J. W. Marriott Hotel Buckhead on Lenox Road in Atlanta.

Todd Thompson and Jen, 2002 Todd and Jen, 2002
Todd and Jennifer Gruber Thompson in 2002

            In early 2005, Todd had his own website for As You Like It, a catering service that provided “delicious, nutritious, affordably priced, home-cooked meals.”  The site said that:

Chef Todd Thompson has been cooking professionally for over 15 years for a variety of specialty caterers and trendy restaurants. He also held Sous Chef and Executive Chef positions with the highly regarded Marriott® Hotels, Resorts and Suites, and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts®.

Chef Todd received his professional training at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he specialized and graduated with degrees in the Culinary and Pastry Arts. Since graduation, Chef Todd pursued additional training in food handling and sanitation and currently holds the ServSafe® Certification from the International Food Safety CouncilSM. Chef Todd is excited to bring his experiences and creativity to your table.

Jen and Tyler Thompson, 2007 Tyler Thompson, 2007 Todd and Tyler Thompson, 2007
Jen and Todd Thompson with Tyler, 2007

         On October 5, 2002, Todd married Jennifer Marie Gruber, and in 2007 they were living in Smyrna, Georgia. Jenn was an attorney for Turner Broadcasting Systems, at the CNN Center in Atlanta.  Their son, Tyler Everett Thompson, was born in Atlanta on June 5, 2007.

            C.  Tige Douglas Thompson, the third child of Beverly and Bart Thompson, was born in Neptune, New Jersey, on April 24, 1970.  Tige attended Manalapan High School and, like his brother, was a wrestler.  In late 1986, at the age of 16, he was injured in an automobile accident and hospitalized nine weeks with leg injuries, followed by seven weeks in a body cast.  He later graduated from Manalapan High School and, in 1992, from the University of Arizona.  

Tige and Stacy, 2002 Tige Thompson, 2007 Tige and Stacy Thompson, 2007
Tige and Staci in 2002 . . .  . . . and in 2007

            In 1993, Tige moved to Marco Island, Florida, to join his brother, Todd.  Tige joined the sheriff’s office for Collier County, including Naples, Florida, and in 2004 he was a deputy sheriff with the rank of sergeant, in charge of tracking sex offenders.  In 2007, he was a police officer with the Marco Island Police Department.   He also sold real estate on Marco Island as an agent with Coldwell Banker and was head wrestling coach for nearby Lely High School.  He was also a certified personal trainer.

            On April 30, 2005, Tige married  Staci Leah Mullen, who had been born on July 26, 1975, in Naples, Florida.  In 2007, Staci was assistant director of education services for Eden Family Services.  Eden is a New Jersey-based center for autism, providing life skills education for infants, children and adults with autism.  Tige and Staci had a eleven-year-old Siberian Husky named "Dakota."


             2.  Sandra Ruth Matchette, second child of Ruth and Jim Matchette, was born on February 16, 1944, in Ashland, Pennslvania.  

Sandra, 14, in 1958 Sandra, 16, in 1960 Linda and Sandra with Anna Boyer, 1965
Sandra, 14, in 1958, and age 16 in 1960 With Linda, left, and their aunt, Anna Boyer, 1965

On October 16, 1965, she married Carl Wesley Campman.  They were married by Sandra's father at Lehman Memorial Methodist Church, in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, where Jim was the minister.  Carl had been born on August 6, 1943, in Abington, Pennsylvania, and he was a printer.   Sandra and Carl had one child, Robert Wesley Campman, born in 1975.  The family lived in Warminster, Pennsylvania in 2008.  

Sandra and Carl, 1965 Carl and Sandra at their Wedding, 1966
Carl and Sandra Campman in 1965

Jim Matchette with daughers Linda and Sandra, 2000 Sandra, Carl and Bob Campman with Jim, 2001 Linda Haskins and Sandra Campman, 2010
Linda Haskins and Sandra Campman
with their father, Jim Matchette, 2000
Carl, Sandra and Bob Campman
with Jim Matchette, 2001
Matchette sisters: Linda Haskins and Sandra Campman, 2010

            Robert Wesley Campman, son of Sandra and Carl Campman, was born on March 1, 1975, in Abington, Pennsylvania.  He received a degree in elementary education from Temple in January 1999 and began teaching third grade in an elementary school of Abington.  In 2005, he was teaching fifth grade in the Hatboro-Horsham School District.  He lived in Warminster, at 1184 Cambridge Road, close to Sandra and Carl.  On August 13, 2005, Bob was married to Rebecca I. (Becky) Abel, a social worker at Abington Hospital.  Bob and Becky had two sons. Ethan Wesley Campman, was born on October 15, 2008. Jonah Abel Campman was born on August 15, 2011.

Jim Matchette with Bob and Tristin, 2000 Campmans - Bob, Becky, Ethan - 2009 Becky Campman, 2010
Jim Matchette with grandchildren
Bob Campman and Tristin Thompson, 2000
Bob, Becky and Ethan Campman, 2009 Becky Campman, 2010

Bob, Becky and Ethan Campman 2010 Campman Family, 2010
Bob, Becky and Ethan Campman, 2010 Matchette Descendants, 2010.
Back row: Carl and Sandra
Campman, Ed and Linda Haskins.  
Front, Bob, Ethan and Becky Campman


            3.  Linda Louise Matchette, third child of Ruth and Jim Matchette, was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, on September 19, 1948.  Linda studied to become a hair stylist.  She married Thomas Edward Mohr on April 4, 1970.  Tom had been born in Easton on January 12, 1945.  Tom and Linda had met at the wedding of Ann Lee Boyer, who was Linda’s cousin and Tom’s neighbor.  Tom and Linda were divorced in 1974.

Linda, age 4, in 1952 Linda in 1963 Linda in Ann Lee Boyer's Wedding, 1969
Linda Matchette, age 4 in 1952, age 14 in 1963,
and in the wedding of her cousin, Ann Lee Boyer, in 1969

            On July 31, 1977, Linda married Edward Jacob Haskins.  They were married by Linda's father at Trinity Methodist Church in Margate, New Jersey.  Ed had been born on November 25, 1944, in Easton, the son of Arnold Edward Haskins and Ellen Esther Kimenhous.  Ed had gone to Easton High School and then Empire Beauty School.  He worked for the Glenby Company for four years before opening his own beauty salons.  He ran one in Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, for 15 years, and opened his main salon in Bethlehem in 1968. 

Linda in 1971 Linda Haskins in 2002 Ed Haskins, 2002
Linda in 1971 and in 2002 Ed Haskins in 2002

            Linda joined him in his business in 1977, a full-service shop known as “Golden Scissors,” including tanning, massage, reflexology and podotherapy. Their shop also offered a line of clothing and jewelry.  The shop was located at 3320 Easton Road, between Bethlehem and Easton.  Ed retired from the business in 2000, while Linda was continuing to operate “Golden Scissors” in 2005.  Ed began working with “Infoguard,” a company started by his brother, Robert A. Haskins.  Infoguard handles data management and secured destruction of documents, including shredding and archiving of records.  Robert’s company was based in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and operated in Delaware, Maryland, southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia areas.

            In their spare time, Linda and Ed also bred and raised Labrador Retrievers and showed them in field trials licensed by the American Kennel Club. Linda also ran seminars in dog training which were advertised nationwide, and Linda and Ed traveled across the country judging AKC-licensed retriever field trials.

Linda and Ed Haskins, 2001 Linda and Ed Haskins, 2002 Ed and Linda Haskins, 2010
Ed and Linda Haskins in 2001, 2002 and 2010

            In 1990, a major display in the Easton Express discussed the beautiful new house that Linda and Ed were building near Coopersburg, in northern Bucks County.  The open-beam house stimulated the headline "Beaming Over Their New Home: Couple Built it Their Way."  The article began, “Linda Haskins goes to shake hands and realizes that she has a fist full of nails.  “Oops,” she apologizes, opening her fingers.  “I guess this is one of the hazards of supervising the building of your own home.”  In 1995, after Ed's mother moved in with them, they sold the house in order to minimize travel between home and work.  In 2006, they lived above their shop in Bethlehem.

Linda and Jim Matchette, 1997 Linda and Jim Matchette, 1998
Linda Haskins with her father, Jim Matchette, in 1997 and 1998

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